Co written by Kelsey and Felicia

There was this new kid on the bus and he wouldn't stop annoying me with his staring and his trying to flirt with me. I would have been so glad when I would finally get away from him. But, his bus stop turned out to be my bus stop. So when we got off I ran to my house at lest it is Friday and I don't have ho dill with him till Monday or that's what I hoped. I spent most of my time ether in my room, in the pool, or at my friend that lives next door or at least that's what I wonted to do. My mom yelled for me that I need to work in the front yard. So I changed in to my short shorts and a tank and also garbed my ipod. While I mowed the yard I saw this really hot and sexy guy getting in to Ferrari 575M. I thought to my self "I really like that car." When he set down in the set of the car he looked over at me with a smile. I smiled back then looked down and then hard the car pull out of there driveway and drives toward my house. But, all of a sudden he stops right in front of my house. He had the top or the car down and he was leaning over the passenger set. "Hi my name is Erin and you are." I told him my name is Kylen. I'm sorry if my brother got on your nerves today, he said. Its ok, its not the first time it's happen but all by different boys how wont to act like the can get any girls they won't. But, I bet you could get any girl you won't. You'd properly bet right, as he was saying that it looked like he was looking me over. Well I was heading to town to see what ya'll have around here but I was wondering if you'd like to show me around if you're finished here. That made me blush and I hoped he didn't see me blush. So I said sure just let me go change in to something better suited for going out. He said I can wait after suiting his car off and getting out.

Once I was inside I ran to my room with my mom and my sister Scotty yelling after me "what's going on." I changed in to my blue mini skirt and blue designer tank also my blue heels right before I left my room I looked out to make sure he was still there and he was. He was just leaning up against his car waiting for me. As I was heading down stars both my mom and my sister stopped me and asked why I was in such a hurry. I told them that I was just about to heed out with someone and I didnt give them anymore information. I just walked out of the house to were he was standing and he opened the car door for me and I got in. Well he was walking around to his side I saw my mom and sister looking out the window at us with there mouths open. When he got in the car he said "you look very hot" of course I blushed and said thanks. When he started the car I got a text from my sister that said "he is really hot" so I texted her back saying I know and it made me smile. Would you like to get something to eat before or after we drive around? Sure, I know this place that has the best food around here and it's just around that corner its name is Grace café. Do you know the owners? he asked. Yah, It's owned by my family and it's named after me and my sister. Then I bet it dose have the best food around.

We stopped out side the café and he told me to hold on a sec He got out of the car and came around to my side of the car to open the door for me. Right as he got close to my side some of the jocks and cheerleaders from my school were coming out of the café but, stopped when they saw Erin opening the door for me. Before I stepped out of the car I herd one of them ask who do you think is in the car. I put both of my feet out of the car then garbed his hand to pull be up. They all gasped when they saw it was me getting out of the car and that made him get the hint to show that he likes me in front of them. That's what I guessed when he kissed my cheek and held my hand as we passed them. I whispered in his ear saying thank you for that and he answered by kissing me on the cheek again. We went in and I saw that my mom called and told all the employees that we would probly stop in to eat. We kept are hands together as I led the way to a both in the back. We set across from each other and I let him ask the questions about me. First he asked how long have you lived here. While my grandparents were both born here and so were my mom but she decided to go to collage and that's where she met my dad. Who you would see around here a lot and I bet he's some were around here. We lived all over the place in till my grandpa got sick last year so about I guess a year and a half. I felt embarrassed that all I couldn't stop talking about my self.

I'm sorry that all I'm doing is talking about my self and he smiled at me and said its ok I like to listing to you talk. You probly noticed that I'm not the most popular around here. Yea I noticed that. He said with a role of his eyes. Well that's mainly my fraternal twin sister Scotty's fault when we got here she go into this huge fight with the head cheerleader Samantha about me and well the Samantha spent a two weeks in the hospital. She also had to get a nose job because Scotty shattered the cartilage in her nose. Wow that's all I can say wow. Yea Scotty has some anger issues; the funny thing is she got away with everything even though it was off of school property. How the hell did she manage that? No one was around until the ambulance got there and she got hit first even though it was a sissy slap. I'd like to meet her. He said with a smirk on his face. You said the fight was about you, why. She was trying to spread rumors that I was pregnant and Scotty took on protective mode. Protective mode? Well Scotty is protective of everyone she is close to but not herself she could care less if she gets hurt. Why is that? Well when we moved here 2 years ago she got together with this guy named mike Newton, who cheated on her with Samantha. I cussed out the Samantha and that's how the rumors started. He moved about a year and a half ago he lived in your house. He's also the reason Scotty has trust issues. We had just finished eating when he said he'd be right back he had to go the bathroom. Wail he was gone the prep squad came up to me and basically demanded to know who he was. I told them to back off and leave us alone. One of them said uh oh we better back off before she sticks the dog on us. She's not a dog leave her out of this. He came out of the bathroom and told them to leave me alone. She said something under her breath and walked of with her prep squad. He asked me are you ready to go for a drive. Yah lets get out of here. We drove around for a little bit then we headed back to my house so he could meet Scotty.