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Ash stared at the sky, feeling empty and bored as usual. He couldn't stand Circle Daybreak. Not only were there a million pairs of soulmates running around but because but because he missed his Mary-Lynette. He felt so alone, so empty. He suddenly, sighed theatrically as the couple Thea and Eric kissed. When the two saw Ash looking, they blushed.

"Sorry Ash," Eric apologized, genuinely.

Ash waved a hand, dismissively. He understood of course. If Mary-Lynette was here, they would have been kissing too. Ash went back to staring at the bright stars.

My Mary-Lynette has to be watching that. Ash smiled to himself. We will be together again my love.

He was hypnotized by the beauty of the stars. He remember the first day he stepped foot in Thierry's mansion.


Ash rang the doorbell, nervously waiting his doom. He knew that the members would not accept him, but he had to do this for Mary-Lynette. Suddenly, the door opened and Lupe allowed him in, silently. Ash was nervous about another thing too. After all, he was a rogue vampire now. Ash Redfern was on the top of Hunter Redfern's list, no doubt. So what if Thierry, a Night Lord, was setting a trap for him and all the soulmates?

"This way," Lupe directed. "Thierry is out at this moment but he has been expecting you to come."

Ash wasn't even the least bit surprised. It was this time of the year again. His Old Soul soulmate was somewhere in the world, endangered from Maya. Also, Thierry always had this uncanny thing to know what all the Redferns were up to. Still, Thierry could always turn Hana or something into a vampire and be with her, not caring about all the other soulmate.

God, I'm getting paranoid. This is Thierry I'm talking about. The one that always drinks donated blood.

Lupe led him to a large room. He stepped in and saw a bunch of humans, witches, and vampires. He only recognized Poppy, James, Thea, and….Quinn.

"Ash Redfern," Thea acknowledged, suspiciously.

"Ash," James hissed, menacingly.

"Hello my two loving cousins-"

"Save it. You're here to attack us aren't you?! You probably have an army right outside don't you?! Stand back, Rashel," Quinn snarled, positioning to attack.

Ash threw back his head and laughed. Quinn had a soulmate. What were the chances? No wonder his sisters and Mary-Lynette were safe. Ash stopped laughing immediately. But not for long. The Night World was bound to discover them soon.

"You are so smart Quinn," Ash grinned, as everyone in the room shifter, ready to attack Ash. "Of course I would gather up an army to attack Circle Daybreak, in Thierry mansion. Of course I would just prance in this room, unarmed, with Lupe right next to me. Yeah, I would attack everyone right now when I'm outnumbered."

"Just tell us why you're here, Ash," Poppy sighed, amused by his sarcasm.

So Ash told everyone about Rowan, Jade, Aunt Opal, Mary-Lynette, Mark, and even Jeremy. He finished his story. Some relaxed but others still were on guard.

"You don't expect me to believe that do you?" Quinn grunted, as Ash raised an eyebrow. "You killed your own aunt, and you specifically told me that no humans were involved."

"There's this thing called lying. You were ruthless against humans, once upon a time. If I didn't lie you would've killed Mary-Lynette and my sisters. Don't pretend like you wouldn't. We both have a lot to make up," Ash snapped, and he looked over at James who was still emanating hatred at him. "I'm sorry I tried to rip you and Poppy apart. I didn't take this whole soulmate thing seriously. And Poppy. I really wasn't going to turn you in. I never said I would, now did I?"

"I knew it! You were dragging me right to James, now that you mentioned it," Poppy recalled.

Ash chuckled, taking a seat next to Thea Harman. Quinn looked at Ash, not in a glaring way anymore, but Ash knew it would take a while for the two to get along. Quinn took Rashel's hand and led her to the other side of the room, explaining everything about Ash to her. James, on the other hand, looked confused.

"Did you really kill Aunt Opal?" Thea asked, and Ash was sick of that question.

"Nope. Jeremy did. Jeez. I've changed okay. I thought you people would understand that!" Ash huffed, angrily.

"Chill, Ash. Let me introduce you to my soulmate-Eric Ross. Over there is Gillian and David. Gillian's a lost witch-well not anymore- but she's your cousin too-" Ash flashed Gillian a smile, as she hesitantly smiled back "And you seem to know the rest except Rashel the former Cat."

Ash stared at Rashel. So she was the Cat the Night World was so afraid of. She looked and sounded surprisingly right for Quinn.

"I still have a bad feeling about all this Ash. No offense but you do have a lot to make up for, and I'm sure we'll meet Mary-Lynette soon," James sighed, tired of holding a grudge against Ash.

Ash looked at James and grinned.

"You would know, o great prophet."

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