Mary-Lynette stared at the dragon in fascinated horror. She barely noticed Hunter Redfern and his daughter, Lily Redfern. Was she Ash's sister? Or a distant relative? They both looked so different yet still beautiful. Mary-Lynette always thought that dragons were fake, but this one looked gruesome and bloodthirsty in a way. Mary-Lynette suddenly believed Ash when he said that he would slay a dragon for her. Jade, Rowan, and Kestrel stood in front of Mark and Mary-Lynette protecting them. The dragon was black with black lightning cracking around it. Mary-Lynette saw three horns on its head. It roared a shrill roar that Mark and Mary-Lynette had to cover their ears to drown out the shrill sound. Suddenly, Kestrel flashed behind Mary-Lynette and carried her off.

"Kestrel! NO! Take me back! Mark, Jade, and Rowan are-"

"They'll be fine Mary-Lynette. We need to focus on your safety. I promised Ash that," Kestrel muttered, as she raced along the road.

Mary-Lynette had to cry. She would go to Ash, but her siblings were in trouble. It didn't seem fair for her to escape, and they face the consequence.

They better be alright. Mary-Lynette wept to herself, and Kestrel didn't look too happy either.

Kestrel and Mary-Lynette then saw a car in the distance. It belonged to Bunny, who was a rich, pretty, and normal girl. Mary-Lynette groaned, while Kestrel rushed to the car. Bunny was inside the gas station, and her keys were in the ignition already.

"No, Kestrel. We are NOT jacking a car, especially Bunny's. Kestrel! I'm putting my foot down!" Mary-Lynette yelled, but Kestrel ignored her.

"It's like she wants her Lexus to get stolen. The door's not even locked," Kestrel mumbled to herself.

Kestrel dumped a squirming Mary-Lynette into the shotgun seat, as she rushed to the driver's seat. Kestrel drove and Mary-Lynette was sulking in the shotgun seat.

They have to be okay. Please let them be okay.

Rowan's POV

Rowan stood frozen, as Kestrel took a squirming Mary-Lynette away. Jade and Mark held hands, preparing themselves for whatever it was to come.

"Rowan. Jade. Who is this vermin?" Hunter Redfern asked, as Jade gulped.

"He's my soulmate, daddy," Jade winced, as Hunter Redfern looked at Lily.

"He's vermin. Food. Now step aside or else we'll have to kill you too," Lily warned.

Rowan always hated Lily. She was pure evil. When they were little, she made sure that she was Hunter Redfern's favorite. She would always bully Rowan's sisters. Kestrel was the only one brave enough to stand up to her. Now, Lily was going to do the unthinkable. She has stooped so low. Lily would kill Jade's soulmate and maybe Rowan and Jade themselves. Rowan remembered studying about dragons when she was little with a snoring Ash, and a bored Jade in the library. The only way to kill a dragon was to slice off its horns. Not that many dragons can breathe fire either. Rowan then saw a kitchen knife lying on the table.

"No I will not step aside. He's my soulmate and you will not touch him!" Jade snarled, springing at Lily. "Die, you BITCH!"

Jade swiped at Lily's cheek, as they both landed out the window, breaking sharp shards of glass.

"Jade!" Mark shouted, rushing towards Jade, but Hunter Redfern jumped from the dragon stopping him dead in his tracks.

Rowan ran towards Mark, but the dragon blocked her way. It roared a piercing roar, that even Hunter Redfern himself protested against. Rowan ducked for the knife and lurched at the dragon. She stabbed the knife hard on its head, as it swayed her from side to side. She yanked the knife to slice against its horns, holding on to its back tightly. It screeched and roared in agony.

Mark knew some martial arts move, since Kestrel suggested he take it to defend himself. He was trained by Kestrel too. Hunter Redfern's teeth extended as he sprang at Mark, lightning speed. Hunter Redfern landed on top of Mark, but Mark kicked him back and punched Redfern on the face. The blow got Redfern staggering out of balance, as Mark took his baseball bat and clobbered Redfern on the head. Hunter Redfern was down but not for long.

"Nice, Mark!" Rowan grinned, as she neatly flipped backwards off the dragon.

The dragon Rowan fought suddenly diminished, as it turned to a human figure, lying unconscious on the floor. Mark took a wooden stake that he tore from the leg of a chair and stalked towards Redfern. Rowan walked up to the human form of the dragon and was about to finish the last horn, but a crash interrupted both of them as a figure walked into the room....

Jade's POV

Lily was hissing, as Jade landed on top of her in the garden. Lily held her hand to the wound on her cheek, and she was extremely angered by Jade. Jade didn't even have a weapon with her. Lily was lethal, but Jade could not allow her to hurt Mark.

"Get off me, you piece of trash! How dare you disgrace the name of-"

"STFU," Jade snorted, as she kicked Lily straight up in the air.

Lily flew up, landing neatly on the top of the roof. Jade followed her up, but Lily grabbed her throat and squeezed. Jade choked, whimpering as Lily's evil eyes looked triumphant. Lily only tightened her grip everytime Jade tried to squirm away. Lily's hands then twisted, as Jade cried out inaudibly. Her neck was dislocated.

"Now listen dear. I really hate destroying blood-relatives but you have been a real annoying pest, Jade dear. First you run off falling for vermin and now you try to kill me. Well, I don't think your sisters would like it very much if I kill you. They might come after me you know, which is exactly what I want. Now, see this beautiful wooden dagger? I am going to use it to stab you straight in the heart. I'm sure daddy already killed your soulmate anyways-"

"D-Don' e-ever shut up?!" Jade managed to gasp, as she kicked Lily right in the abdomen.

Jade forced Lily to drop the dagger, as Jade caught it. She would've killed Lily, without a doubt if Lily hadn't dodged back to the living room. Jade followed and what she saw shocked her. Hunter Redfern was unconscious as Mark was about to drive a wooden stake into his heart.

"Not on my watch you filthy rat," Lily hissed, as she knocked Mark out of the way.

"Mark!" Jade cried out, as she caught Mark.

The two of them landed safely on the sofa. The dragon soon regained consciousness as it snarled at Rowan. Lily glared at it.

"Take us home, Azhdeha," Lily ordered, and the dragon willingly obliged.

It gave one last glare at Rowan and phased into a dragon once more. It screeched as Lily carried Hunter Redfern on its back. It flew off, breaking the roof. Suddenly, neighbors began to run towards the house. Mark held Jade in his arms and Rowan stared at the two of them.

"Let's catch up with Kestrel. She told us to meet her near the end of Briar Creek. We will have to travel to Thierry's mansion from there," Rowan explained, and Jade nodded.

The three left their house in Briar Creek and traveled to Kestrel and Mary-Lynette, leaving everything behind.

Mary-Lynette's POV

Kestrel was out of the car, pacing along the road near the end of town. Mary-Lynette had lost hope once she saw the dragon fly away from the sky above with Lily and Hunter Redern. Lily had given Kestrel an evil smirk, as she flew away. Mary-Lynette was so scared that she wanted to run back. However, that was impossible since Kestrel was there. Mary-Lynette rolled down her window and looked at Kestrel.

"Hunter Redfern flew off. Let's head back and see how the others are doing. Please, Kestrel?" Mary-Lynette begged, pleadingly.

Kestrel stopped pacing abruptly and stared off in the distance. Mary-Lynette looked back from the shotgun seat and saw Mark, Rowan, and Jade running towards them.

"What did I tell ya?" Kestrel smirked, as Mary-Lynette got out of the car.

She ran towards them and tackled each of them into a hug. The laughter and joy was only for a couple of seconds, as everyone got into the stolen car. Mark was the driver, since Kestrel didn't have a license.

"So where are we heading?" Mark asked, as Kestrel grinned.

"Thierry's mansion is in Las Vegas. So our first stop is San Francisco," Rowan smiled, and Mark drove away.

Ash's POV

Ash had a long week so far. First Rashel spoke to him for the first time since he got there, and Hannah Snow, Theirry's soulmate had come to seek Thierry. Ash talked to her a couple of times, and he liked her because she reminded him of Mary-Lynette's personality. Then, all of a sudden, when Thierry did come home, Hannah was gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Va-moosh! Then, of course everyone found out that Maya kidnapped her so only Quinn and Rashel got to go and watch the action as Thierry heroically saves Hannah. And here was the strange thing. Hannah was the one that killed Maya after all those years of Maya killing her. Ash found that very interesting and hilarious. He never even met Maya, so who was he to judge if she was evil or not?

"Ash? What are you thinking of now?" Quinn, from out of nowhere, asked.

"Uh...Why would you care?" Ash questioned, confused.

"Okay. Look...I've been a jerk ever since you got here and I'm sor-...I'm sor-," Quinn sighed, wincing.

Ash looked at Rashel who was glaring at Quinn from the other side of the room.

"You're what?" Ash grinned, as Quinn scowled.

"I'm sorry. I know that you're not an enemy, but you can't blame me for suspecting," Quinn apologized, as Ash cocked an eyebrow.

"You're forgiven but if I came before you did, I would've done the same, so heh. Yeah....Now what?" Ash asked, looking at Quinn.

"Urr...I don't know. A game of chess like old times?" Quinn grinned, as Ash laughed.

The two of them were immersed in a game of chess. Rashel was smiling and talking to Thea. Ash noticed that Thea could get along with anyone in Circle Daybreak. Rashel was a loner when she first joined Circle Daybreak, but now Thea and Rashel were practically best friends. After thirty minutes of Quinn trapping Ash, Ash slipped his queen back and Quinn didn't even notice for he just captured Ash's knight. Ash then positioned his queen.

"Checkmate," Ash grinned, and Quinn stared, dumfounded.

Then Quinn just looked at Ash incredibly. Ash was drinkinga bottle of Coke, and he shrugged.

"You cheated," Quinn accused, not angrily but surprised.

"Now, Quinn. Don't be a poor sport," Ash chastised, as Quinn snorted.

"Some things just never change do they?" Quinn smirked, as Ash grinned.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Lupe stood in front of a girl and Ash was struck shocked. Blaise Harman.

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