Rin held onto the small infant tight, She sat on the two headed dragon and cuddle with the small creature. Her Lord walking ahead of her. If she had been watching she would have seen her Lord look back ever so often. Sesshomaru was on high alert because that small creature in the little girls arms was none other than his fist born son. But this child was different, he was a pure product of his father, he had no mother only the womb of a woman sheltered him for 7 months. Lord Sesshomaru had no mate, nor did he need one, nor was any woman worthy of bearing him a son, so he created his son of his own blood. The woman who carried his son died at child birth, died for child who was not even hers, only his. She was to take care of the infant in till that time Sesshomaru thought the child could make it without the use of a woman.

But alas the blasted demon woman had died, leaving him with the child...

So now he was on a trail to find a woman to watch over his son, protect his son, care for his son in till the time he is able to stand strong next to it's father.

He was out to find the miko.

The group was once again sitting down eating ramen. They had another looooong day of shard searching, things were going good. Miroku stopped flirting with other women, his hand only found it's way to Sango's behind. Naraku and other demons had not been seen in days, which gave the group a break from fighting. Kagome had most of the jewel, beside what Naraku and Kouga had, and oh yeah, Kouga has not been around to claim Kagome as his woman! The only odd and unsettling thing that has happened is Kikyo joining them. She was quite most of the time, but Kagome could feel the thick air between Inuyasha and Kikyo, it was a little weird. They were all eating, all but Kikyo, who then cut her eyes to the forest, Inuyasha stood up and put his hand on his sword. Kagome could feel it to.

"Whats that" Inuyasha whispered, there was something else. Kagome stood up and placed her hand on Inuyasha's arm "Yeah I feel it to, what is it?"

"A child of pure blood, what a foolish demon" Kikyo said with her cold dead voice. They waited and sure enough Sesshomaru came into site, along with Jaken, Rin, Ah-Un and a bundle of something in the little girls arms. He came close to them and for the first time Inuyasha didn't make a remark or try to jump at him. Sesshomaru didn't looked at anyone but Kagome, but his eye's didn't stay to her for to long. He brushed his claw fingers into his hair, as if something had dared touch it.


Kagome's back got strait and she looked at him, not into his eye's thought, she just watched as he pulled his hair through his finger's "Uh, yes Sesshomaru"

"Your powers have grown have they not"

"Um, yeah why?"

"Yeah whats this about Sesshomaru" Inuyasha snapped,

Sesshomaru cut his eyes to his brother "Nothing that concerns you half breed"

"Rin" Sesshomaru called her name like he always did and the girl came forward holding something in her arms. Rin stopped next to Sesshomaru. "I shall intrust it to you miko" He said while watching Rin walked to Kagome.

Kagome looked around before walking up to Rin and kneeling down, Kagome slowly undid the blankets and gasp at the site before her, her hand covering her mouth. "A child made of pure blood, how foolish of you Lord Sesshomaru" Kikyo said with a look of pure sickness, her eye's on the baby.

"Sesshomaru what are you doing with a baby" Kagome asked taking the small baby in her arms and standing up, she looked at it, not knowing what to do, smile, be scared? "It is my son" Her eyes snapped to him and she stopped all movements "what!" Kagome said in a quick raspy whisper, eye's wide, looking dead at the cold demon Lord before her,

He met her eye's, and for the first time ever, they really looked at each other.