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Meaningful Words

It had been awhile since any had mentioned his name. It had been awhile since anyone had seen him. It had been awhile since Mia had laughed or gone out on dates. It had been awhile since V rode in a race. It had been awhile since Letty had had a full night's sleep.

Today was the day; it was the first time Letty was going to see Dom since he was sentenced to years behind the bars. She hadn't gone with the guys and their assumptions. She couldn't face going with the crying fest of Mia's grandmother and Mia. Her parents hadn't really liked the idea of her going either, but she had finally just decided to do it. She had skipped school, not told anyone, and gotten on to the bus for a long ride to the jail.

When Letty arrived she could tell Dom was surprised. He looked different, though, she had heard from Vince that he had shaved his head within the first two months, but he hadn't mentioned how worn he looked. He, also, had bruised knuckles and a huge gash that disappeared from sight underneath his orange jumpsuit.

"Hey Dom…"

"Letty what are you doing here?" he asked, he wasn't upset, just curious it seemed.

"I thought I should come, I've been writing and…" she started saying.

"You said you had no one to come with and your parents wouldn't let you. You didn't come by yourself right?" he asked worriedly.

"Don't lose sleep over this, D. I won't get in trouble with my parents or anything," she placated him while looking into his concerned brown eyes. "I took a bus and don't have to be home till late."

"Still Letty! You have to be careful; I mean if Mia did…" but he didn't get far with this argument…

"First off, I'm not Mia and you know that! I can take care of myself." Taking a deep breath she continued, "Besides, I didn't come here to fight… the thing is I'm worried."

"About what?" he asked, "It's not Nana Vera and Mia, right?!" he seemed so uneasy and powerless. Letty knew that he was used to being able to take of everyone and he didn't like being unintentionally left out of everyone's business.

"No, no…"

"Then Vince, is it his dad, did V go off on him again?!"

"No, just calm down, Dom," and once again Letty took a deep breath. This wasn't going even close to how she had rehearsed it in her head over and over again since she had decided to hell with her parents and planned this little trip here.

" I'm worried about this," she replied as she pulled out a letter she has received last week from Dominic.

"You came all the way here over something I wrote to you? I mean seriously…"

"Don't you seriously say you didn't mean every word of this," she said waving the paper in front of the bullet proof glass, while holding the receiver of the phone in between the crook of her elbow and side of her face. "And if it's that bad dude, we should get you some help, maybe talk to your lawyer."

"Please, that court appointed piece of shit didn't care what happened to me, besides it's not that bad, the prison shrink prescribed some pills and get to sleep most nights especially since my roommate got moved."

Letty's spine shuddered at the simple way he described the awful conditions of his current life with a smile, a grim smile, but a smile none the less on his face.

"Dom, seriously I can tell you were shaking when you wrote this," she said, once again shoving his letter into the glass, "I wish you would stop being such a tough guy…"

"A tough guy?!? Letty I'm in prison on assault with a deadly weapon for an indefinable amount of time and you think all I'm being is a tough guy. I'm surviving…"

"I get it Dom, I may have never been in prison, but my dad was. I've seen this before. The only difference is that now I'm older and now I'm a friend and not family. You've never had to put up a front for me before, why now?"

"Because I don't what anyone to worry," Dom replied.

"Yah, and your little act just warranted me doing exactly that; I've been through this before, let me help so you turn out like the Dominic Torento that we all know and love and not some jerk that doesn't even ask how I'm doing in a letter…"

"Wait that is why…?"

"One of the many, mostly I wanted to see you," and with that both their faces were a light in a way they hadn't been since Dom got arrested.

"Hey Letty," Dom said looking at her sweetly.

"Yes Dom."

"How are you doing, today?"

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