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I know the reason I got myself into this situation, it was our fault but I could say that I regretted it.

But I have to say it was completely worth it to have him by my side. I wouldnt give up when it got hard, because what would that prove.

That I didnt love him?

Well I do, even to know I havent known him for long. Neither my parents nor his would ever tear us apart, because true love cant be broken.

It can be questioned

But broken it cannot be



I looked into the mirror and saw my red strapless floor gown. Tonight I was going with my parents. Renee and Charlie Swan to a event. It was for people in the medical department, where they give away awards and honorable mentions.

To start. My name is Isabella Swan. I am seventeen years old and live in the state of California. I have lived here since I was five. I used to live in a small town called Forks, in Washington. I have long brown curly hair and plain brown eyes. I stand at five feet four inchs and have a slim body.

Nothing that special.

I go to St. Augustine High School. I dont have many friends at all. Well just one. Angela Webber, she has been since I moved here. Normally I just focus on my studies but she is always there for me whever I need her.

My dad is a surgeon so we live in a good sized two story white house with some light brown bricks. With a fence around the house with a gate infront of the driveway.

He was worked at the local hospital since we moved in here. Though he always came come grumbling about someone named 'Carlisle'. He always goes off with my mom about his family and my mother talks about his wife as if she killed her cat. I guess they live next door. I've never even met them.

I finished touching up my makeup and slipped on my two inch black heels. Normally I wouldnt dress up but this was a black tie event. I carefully walked downstairs, my dad stood in the foyer, his hair styled. And my mother, her short hair in curles wearing a purple dress that went to her ankles.

" Ready?" She asked

I nodded. I didnt really like events like this but I go anyways to make us look good.. We got into my dad's vanquish and we sped off.

We ended up at a hotel banquet hall. We all walked in together. People were everywhere. Dancing, eating and just away chatting with other people. My dad had a reserved table for us. People stared at us, I guess we were late.

Someone had walked up to the microphone. I saw my dad tense out of the corner of my eye.

" Hello everyone, tonight we are here to celebrate a man who has accomplished alot and brough so much to the hosptial out here in California. He has traveled around the United States just to help people. He is a wonderful kind surgeon who is known and loved. Let me present, Doctor Carlisle Cullen." The guys said.

Rage flashed through both my parents eyes as a man with blonde hair and blue eyes appeared on the stage. This must be the man that drives my parents up the wall. I didnt see why they hated eachother. It was just a job, why compete. Plus he looked like a nice guy.

As Carlisle gave his thanks to all everyone clapped. When I clapped, my parents sent me a hard glare. I sank back into my seat as they stood and wandered off to talk with other people.

Suddenly someone appeared infront of me. I looked up and was met with a pair of deep emerald green eyes, a small gasp escaped my lips. He had messy bronze hair and a perfectly angular face. He was lean but had some muscle and he was maybe just an inch over six feet tall. Gorgeous.

" I'm Edward." He said.

" Bella." I said with a smile.

" Mind if I..." He said while motioning to the chair next to me.

" Sure."

He sat down in the chair and sighed.

" Dont like these events either." I guessed

His gaze snapped up to me " Not at all. I've been going to these since I was a toddler." He commented

" Same here. Gets old." I said.

" Yeah. It really does. Anyways. How old are you?" He asked

" Sixteen. You?"

A smile graced his face " Sixteen."

Music started in the backround and he stood up and held his hand out infront of me.

" Care to dance?" He asked

I blushed and looked down

" I dont really know how to dance. I'm rather clumsy." I stated

He scoffed " Nonsense. Anyone can dance, c'mon. I wont hurt you."

And for some weird reason I trusted him. I took his hand and was stunned by the shock that hit me like a ton of bricks. He simply smiled at me as I stood up. He led me to the middle of the dance floor and grabbed my wrists. One arm went around his waist, and the other one was held by his hand.

We swayed back and fourth together. Getting lost into the music. After the first song we got better and better and soon we were gliding around the dance floor, smiling at eachother. Edward seemed to be a fantastic dancer.

Also a great guy. I didnt no much about him but I felt a connection when I felt him touch me. It was strange but it was like a live wire running through my body

" Bella!"

" Edward!"

I heard both of our names being called out sternly. We immediatly stopped and turned to face our parents. Both of our hands still linked. Next to Carlisle was a lady, she was very pretty she had carmel colored hair and olive green eyes. She was a little bit shorter than Edward. I looked up at my parents who were fuming, his parents were also

We looked up at eachother. Understanding. Edward was their son, and they didnt want us together.

" What do you think your doing." His father spat at him

" I-I was just-"

" Enough. You release that...that devil child." His mother said.

But he didnt let me go.

" Isabella what do you think your doing?"

" What's wrong with dan-"

" You both with stay apart. I dont want to see your together again. Ever." My father demanded.

I looked up at Edward before releasing his hand. We looked at eachother. I saw...sadness in his eyes. I know mine mirrored the same.

" Edward. We are leaving. Now." Carlisle said.

I looked down, sadness overcoming me. I only knew him for five minutes but I missed him.

I felt my father grab my arm and pull me away. I looked back and saw Edward staring after me.


When we were home my parents had followed me up to my bedroom. When I sat down they immediatly went on about the scene back at the hotel

" Isabella you will stay away from him. His family is scum and nothing important." My dad said.

I looked down. Not giving him an answer.

" Understood." He said angrily.

I then nodded. I was lying. I would find a way to see him, somehow. We must go to the same school. We are the same age. Maybe if I do some digging...



One minute I was dancing with a beautiful girl and the next I was being ripped away from her. The car ride home was tense, I ran up to my bedroom, my parents hot on my heels.

Couldnt they just let it be.

" Edward. You will stay away from that devil child. Her and her family are horrible people, they are scum." My father said.

" What does your hatred for her parents have to do with her and I?" I asked

" Edward Anthony, you do not question your father. You stay away from her." My mother, Esme, said.

I shrugged and ignored them.

" Understood." He said.

I nodded, knowing that if I opened my mouth he wouldnt like what I would have to say. He and my mother stormed out of my room.

I changed my clothes and lie awake in my bed, thinking about her deep brown eyes and how they sparkled when she smiled.



Few weeks past and I havent seen him around school or anything. I yearned to see those peircing green eyes and his bronze hair, and how it shining in the lights of the ball room.

My days were spent doing absolutely nothing accept going to school and coming home. My mom, when she was around when I came home from school, asked me when I came home ' did you see him'. I swear it's been driving me so crazy that I sometimes come in from the back/

" Bella, you didnt see or talk to him right. Oh you better not have." I heard her say after I shut the front door.

I turned around to face her, fuming.

" Shut the fuck up." I yelled at her before running up the stairss.

I opened my door and slammed it shut with alot of force. I locked it. This time I was just angry. It all bubbled over. Now I kinda felt bad for yelling in her face. But damn, it felt good.

She was driving me so freaking insane. Her and my father. Cant they just back off?

I heard her pounding on my door.

" Isabella you open up this door, right now."

I rolled my eyes " No thank you mother. How about you just leave me alone. I swear if you ask me if I see him again I will not hesitate to run from this house."

I didnt hear anything after that. I collapsed on my bed with a sigh.

I really didnt know how long I could go without tracking him down. He was driving me crazy, all I thought about was him. The way his voice sounded so velvety smooth when he talked. I wanted to know everything about him.

His favorite color. Favorite song and band. What makes him angry. What his favorite food is. What he wants to study in college. Everything. I wanted to know every single thing.

My thoughts were all floating around my head, like a whirlwind.

I grabbed my school bag and grabbed my algebra book. Why not do my homework.

Hours past and I sat in my bedroom doing my homework. Soon when it was late enough. I crept out of my room, hoping not to bump into my parents.

I walked down the the kitchen and raided the fridge. I ate some left over enchilada's. I leaned against the counter fork in hand.

" Are you doing to apologize for how you spoke to your mother." I heard my father asked.

I turned around as I set my food on the counter.

" No. I am not going to apologize because I was driven to the point where I had enough. You can tell her that she caused it herself." I said before continued to eat my food.

" Bella, you know that she is just looking out for you."

I scoffed " I'm not a child." I said between bites.

He gave me a pointed look.

" To sum it up for you both. I can see who I want, be with who I want, whenever I want." I stated while cleaning and drying my plate. I scrubbed it with force, letting out my anger.

" If you go against our wishes I will not refrain from making consiquences."

I dried off my plate and opened up the cabinet. I set it ontop of the other plates then closed the door.

" Dad I am not trying to rebel. I dont talk to him, I dont see him." I stated

" Good his family is nothing but scum."

I rolled my eyes and headed upstairs, my thoughts all hazy just thinking about him. When I reached my room I decided on changing my clothes, when I was done I laid in my bed and looked around and the blue walls. Next to my bed there was a big window and along the side I had a long grey table that had a few different thngs on it, and a mirror above it. There was two pictures stacked atop another. My bed frame and headboard was greay and my blankets and sheets were white, as well as my pillows, but there was a grey pillow in the middle. My floor was wooden and I had a white shaggy rug laying on the ground.

I looked down at my sheets and smiled. I can just picture myself scrawled on my bed with Edward hoovering over me, his lips on mine...

I groaned loudly.

How in the hell can I know a guy for five minutes, and already just want to jump him.


I lay in my bed thinking about Bella, scrawled next to me while I covered her with my body, kissing her.

I groaned aloud.

How can I know a girl for five minutes, and already want to jump her bones.

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