Authors Note- Here is the song list as promised. I hope you enjoy some of the familar ones on the chapters Authors Notes, along with the new ones for the chapters that had no songs!

Chapters 1-5 - Just So You Know by: Jesse McCartney

Chapter 6- Crazy For You by: New Found Glory

Chapter 7- Dirty Little Secret by: All- American Rejects

Chapter 8- You'll Be In My Heart by: Phil Collins

Chapter 9- Collide by: Howie Day

Chapter 10- The Way I Feel by: 12 Bullets

Chapter 11- Tremble For My Beloved by: Collective Soul

Chapter 12- This Is For Real by: Motion City Soundtrack

Chapter 13- In The Summertime by: Mungo Jerry

Chapter 14- Never Think by: Robert Pattinson

Chapter 15- Supermassive Black Hole by: Muse

Chapter 16- The Kiss by: Karmina, It's My Life by: Bon Jovi, Let Me Sign by: Robert Pattinson, Rise Above This by: Seether, Never Too Late by: Three Days Grace, Angels On The Moon by: Thriving Ivory.

Chapter 17- New Divide by: Linkin Park

Chapter 18- The Middle by: Jimmy Eat World

Chapter 19- Thunder by: Boys Like Girls

Chapter 20- Paralyzed by: Finger Eleven

Chapter 21- Good Riddance by: Green Day

Chapter 22- Smile by: Uncle Kracker

Chapter 23- Dreaming With A Broken Heart by: John Mayor

Chapter 24- Gotta Get Through This by: David Bedingfield

Chapter 25- In The Place of Someone You Love by: Carter Burwell ( Twilight Score)

Chapter 26- Humans Are Predators Too by: Carter Burwell ( Twilight Score)

Chapter 27- I Miss You by: Blink 182

Chapter 28- Possessive by: Kaci Battaglia

Chapter 29- Teenagers by: My Chemical Romance

Chapter 30- We Weren't Born To Follow by: Bon Jovi

Chapter 31- Perfect by: Simple Plan, Stuttering by: Bens Brothers

Chapter 32- The Way You Make Me Feel by: Michael Jackson

Chapter 33- I Wanna by: All- American Rejects

Chapter 34- I Got You by: McFly

Chapter 35- Nomads by: Carter Burwell (Twilight Score)

Chapter 36- Young and The Hopeless by: Good Charlotte

Chapter 37- Her Diamonds by: Rob Thomas

Chapter 38- Life is a Highway by: Rascal Flatts

Chapter 39- Truth by: Seether

Chapter 40- Best Days by: Matt White

Chapter 41- Bella's Lullaby by: Carter Burwell

Chapter 42- You Set Me Free by: Michelle Branch

Chapter 43- Addicted by: Saving Abel

Chapter 44- Broken by: Lifehouse

Chapter 45- Shattered by: O.A.R

Chapter 46- Born To Make You Happy by: Britney Spears

Chapter 47- Time Of My Life by: David Cook

Chapter 48- Move Along by: All- American Rejects

Chapter 49- Sugar Were Goin' Down by: Fallout Boy

Epilogue- Love Remains The Same by: Gavin Rossdale

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Sequel? I have had a few questions for a sequel. This story is over, and it's hard to say, but it is. They have had enough drama and now they have their HEA. Edward and Bella can now continue with their life in peace. I know I am talking like this is a real family, to me, it is.

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