I always wondered what would happen if Charley was a Mouse. This is my idea of the answer.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Martains, bikes, or bikers. Dammit.

Since none of the episodes really reference each other for a timeline, I figured I'd cover my bases. This story takes place a few months after the episodes "Stalkers", and "Back to Mars, Parts 1, 2, and 3" of the second season, and "Caveat Mentor" from season 3.

Mirror, Mirror

The goon squad was getting smarter. This time, they knocked Charley out before they dragged her out of the garage, and even managed to find and destroy the locater beacon the Bikers had hidden in her necklace. Too bad for them that the Mice went to visit her just twenty minutes after they had kidnapped her, or it would have been hours before the Martians found out.

But for Charlene Davidson, it was twenty minutes too late. Karbunkle had already done his job.

Limburger Tower, Karbunkle's lab

"Finally, that meddlesome little mechanic will be out of our hair for good!" The doctor muttered happily as he readied the syringe-gun. "Fred! Bring me that vial with the green label! Oh, this will be so much fun to watch," the man went on dreamily. "Those wretched rodents will have no choice but to kill her. They wouldn't want to watch her 'suffer', haha!"

The chipper mutant waddled over to obey his master, a tentacle whipping out to pull the vial from the cooler it sat in. But some of his slime made it slippery, and it crashed open on the ground. Frantically looking over his shoulder with one of his three eyes, the fat creature saw the doctor was too distracted to notice the noise. It blew a sigh of relief even as it stepped on the broken glass and giggled happily at the pain. The label was still in one piece, so he quickly switched it out with a vial with a bright red label. Surely something red meant something dangerous, right? The good doctor would still be happy with the turnout. Fred toddled over to the man, handing him the vial.

The mad scientist was literally squirming with glee as he pulled out the vial of recombiant DNA. This serum could combine the DNA it held with any other genetic being, creating a deadly hybrid. Of course it would be unstable, and most likely break down into a pool of biologic sludge in a matter of days, but who wanted a hybrid around for longer than that anyway? Especially one created from Venusian Dragon Vine, a rare carnivorous plant that liked its prey big and meaty.

He finished the injection, cackling with amusement, just as the Biker Mice roared in. Karbunkle cleared out quickly, not wanting to get caught and miss the potential show the Mice would have for him later. The heroes quickly tore the restraints off Charley and got out of there. As he felt the tell-tale rumbles of the building about to go down, the scientist stepped into his private transporter and sent himself away. He'd be back in a few hours to enjoy the entertainment.

The Last Chance Garage, living room

"What's wrong with her?" Vinnie said worriedly, the fifth time in less than an hour. He was pacing the floor of the living room where Charlene now lay unconscious. The Mice had wasted no time getting her to safety, but now they had a much bigger problem.

"Don't know, bro," Throttle said, his tail twisting in agitation. "But Charley-girl's strong, you know that."

"You gotta have some faith, bro," Modo said, pulling the wet cloth from her brow and rewetting it with cold water. She'd been out since they'd found her strapped down to the examination table, and now she had a fever. A quickly rising fever that was worrying all of them. Karbunkle had helped decimate the Martian Mouse population with biological weapons that had taken the most brilliant minds of Mars to cure. What chance did Charley have if this was something the crazy doctor had made with only Earth medicine to help her?

A whimper of pain drew their attention back to the human girl. She tossed and turned on the old blue couch, tears starting to come from her eyes. Whimpers turned to soft cries of pain. "Can't we do something?" Vinnie asked, unconsciously rubbing his hand down her back, soothing the girl slightly.

"I'll get the painkillers," Modo said, hurrying to the bathroom of the garage. "Throttle, help me carry this." The tan mouse followed his bro, taking down the IV line that Charley had bought from the hospital storehouse and hooking it up to her arm like she had showed them. Modo brought down a few blankets and a bottle of pain pills that had been used when he and Vinnie had a broken arm and leg. He crushed the pills into some water and helped the still unconscious girl to drink it down. The cries stopped, but something even worse happened.

Blood started coming from her nose and ears, a steady stream of red that nearly panicked Vinnie beyond coherency. When the red stuff replaced the tears from her eyes, all of them were ready to panic.

"We kill him, right?" Vinnie said in a shaking voice as he wiped up the blood from her face.

"Who, Karbunkle?" Modo asked as he focused on cleaning the blood out of her ears, the gears of his cybernetic arm squeaking as they tensed at his stress.

"Yup. We find him, string him up, make him fix her, and then we kill him," the white mouse explained, his ears flat against his head in worry.

"Fine by me," Throttle said as he replaced the water they were wiping her down with. He handed Vinnie a pack of ice cubes, "For her face. It might help the bleeding."

"Thanks, bro." He pressed it lightly to her face, the girl turning into the soothing cold. The bleeding slowly stopped a few minutes later, and to their infinite relief, her eyes blinked open. "Vi...Vinnie?"

"Yeah, sweetheart, I'm here," the relieved mouse said softly. "How you feelin'?"

"Like death warmed over," she said slowly, wincing as she tried to smile at him. It hurt to move anything in her face. You knew it was bad when it actually hurt to blink! It felt like her cheekbones were on fire, her teeth ached, and most of her jaw was pounding like she'd been kicked in the mouth. "What happened? I remember the goon squad busting in and then the lights went out."

The trio glanced at each other uneasily, then Throttle spoke. "We found you knocked out in Karbunkle's lab. We didn't find him, so we thought he hadn't had a chance to get you with anything and got you out of there."

A look of fear crossed her face and Vinnie slipped his hand in hers, squeezing tight. "But he did something, didn't he?" she asked quietly.

"We don't know what," Throttle said in sad confirmation. "But we'll find him and drag some answers out of him, we promise, Charley."

"I know you will." She gingerly reached up and touched her face. "Did somebody hit me? My whole face feels like it got rearranged"-she simply froze in place as she felt the bones of her face, only one thought making it across her brain. That's not supposed to be there. Vinnie growled that he would personally see to it that anyone that touched her regretted it, but she didn't hear him. Charley burst into movement, flinging herself off the couch, rushing past Vinnie and Modo and running up the stairs to the bathroom.

The mice were after her like a shot, calling for her. They saw the bathroom door slam shut, her faint voice calling that she was fine. Well, that's what she meant to say. Her voice had died on her the moment she saw her reflection. Something was wrong, very wrong, with her face. He cheekbones looked lower, her nose was bigger, her jaw longer! It looked like her lower face was growing out! What was going on? But that quickly became the least of her worries.

A red rash began to quickly spread across her skin, alternating between burning like fire and itching like mad. She nearly scratched her arms and waist bloody before she went to the shower, cranking up the cold water. It felt like heaven over her skin, and she stripped off her jeans and shirt as more of her body was affected by the rash. Good god, even her ears itched! It felt like it went on for hours, and it may have. Only her calls of reassurance to her bros every few minutes stopped them from breaking down the door.

Finally the burning and itching stopped, and she wearily closed her eyes, fatigue swamping her body. Her skin felt strange, the water clinging to her body almost. She could feel it rolling down her body like never before, even the sound of the water bouncing off the tiles echoing louder than she remembered. It was actually pretty soothing. Now if she could just get the headache from Hell to stop, she'd be fine. God, it felt like her head was trying to split open. First her face feels like a broken jigsaw puzzle, now her skull felt like it was trying to drill holes in itself.

The girl tilted her head down to soak the top of her head and screamed! "Holy mother of-!"

"You okay, Charley?" Modo called in worry.

"Fine! Just-my god, that water is cold!" she said breathlessly, stepping out of the shower at last. She had never been that sensitive to cold water on top of her head before. But then the real temperature of the water hit her system, sudden shivers racking her frame. "What is going on?" she moaned quietly as she cradled her aching head. Her voice echoed weirdly in her ears. A blind reach had the medicine cabinet above the sink opened, and she pulled out a bottle of regular pain pills. She took six at once, her body still hurting like nothing she had known before, not even the last time she had wrecked her bike. She felt another wave of exhaustion hit, and sank down to sit on the rim of the tub. What had Karbunkle done to her?

Charley reached up to push back the hair that had fallen over her eyes and felt something very strange. Something, two somethings, had stopped her fingers from combing through the hair at the top of her head. Two somethings that had felt her fingers, and she suddenly realized that she could feel her hair brushing against those two somethings. Her legs shook as she slowly stood up from the edge of the tub and went to the mirror. Her jaw dropped at the sight she saw there. The girl backed away in denial. "No. Oh god, no, this can't be happening," she whispered in shock.

The Martians were camped right outside the door, ready to bust in if they were needed. Only her reassurances that she was still okay had them sitting with anything like calm. Except Vinnie. He'd been constantly pacing, nearly punching the door out to get to her if Modo hadn't stopped him. "You have to calm down, bro. You ain't gonna do her any good if you're wound so tight you explode."

"That freak did something to her! She could be dying in there! How are we supposed to help her?" The white mouse bit out through clenched teeth. There was nothing he hated more than being useless.

"As soon as we get things settled here, we go after Karbunkle," Throttle said. "We'll make him cure her, or he finds out what happens when you mess with a biker's bros."

"Sister, in her case," Modo said quietly.

Throttle twitched as his sensitive ears caught something. She had said something, but too low for him to hear over the sound of the running shower. He heard everything else after that, though. And he wished to god he hadn't.

It would haunt his dreams for years to come.