Still There For Me

By: KaKaVegeGurl

Author's Note:

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure how long I plan this fic to be, but I promise you all that it IS indeed a yaoi.

Also a note to everyone that if you haven't read book 8 then QUITE a bit of this will confuse you. You have to know the book a bit to read this because a lot of what Courtney goes through on the Queen Mary will still ring true. Though a fair few lines would have changed due to the fact that Bobby is there.

This is a take on if Bobby had stayed with Courtney on First Earth to help find Mark, yes, it's a YAOI. Do I care? Nay.

As well a note to you all that this was a bit tricky so I kinda merged Journal # 28 and Journal # 29 for flow reasons.

And for all of you Bark fans that are prolly squeeing in yer pants, I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it, and if you're a fanfic writer like me then WRITE SOME. I wanna read them too. T_T

Everyone that is still here come on in, take a seat and have a nice steaming cup of yaoi! Hobey Ho!


Side Notes:

If the answers aren't so easy to find

The questions will have to do

'Cause I've lost myself deep in your eyes

My only fix is you

And it's clear, you will show

And your curtains will close

But if your heart is cold, my sheets are warm

I will shelter you through the storm

Saying what I am, what we are,

It's a start towards the truth.

Taking my breath with each day,

All I can stand in my heart, it's you

In the space between what's wrong and right,

You will find me waiting for you…

Lindsay Harper - All Over Me

Chapter 1: Call Me Old Fashioned



First Earth

"If something bad is going to happen to him then we've got to try and stop it."

"Exactly," Courtney walked over to the couch and sat down next to me, she held my hand and said; "the flume will put you where you want to be, when you want to be there. Stay here and help me find Mark."

That shocked me and I stared at her with wide eyes.


"Stay," she said firmly, "Ibara is important and we will get to that. But Mark needs you here. He just lost his parents. He's your best friend, and I know you want to be here for him, you love him."

I sighed, I was defeated, typical Courtney. She had no idea how badly she had won. It wasn't hard to convince me to stay on First Earth and save Mark. Mark may have needed me, but I needed Mark more then anything now. The fight for Quillan completely stole my confidence, I had said that I needed familiar faces and that was true. Courtney was good stuff, but I needed Mark. He was my best friend.

"Alright, I'll stay. Now let's get to bed."

I slept on the couch and Courtney slept in Gunny's bed. I spent most of my time writing this journal and thinking about what we would do the next day.

I don't even remember when I passed out but when I woke up my face was stuck to the paper and the pencil was still in my hand, I was stiff as a board. I wanted nothing more then to turn over and go back to bed but I knew it was a good time to get up.

It was just about seven in the morning and I went to the door of Gunny's bedroom and knocked.

"I'm up," I heard Courtney say from the other room and I walked in to see that she was more then awake.

She finished putting her hair up in a ponytail and turned to me, "good morning."

I took a seat on the bed and smiled, in some ways Courtney was more of my best friend then Mark was, there were things she knew better then anyone. The lies I could tell so easily to hide the truth. And in all honesty I've hidden them from my journals just as well. But Courtney knew better then to believe them.

I think it's finally time to write down the truth in my journals and my real feelings for Mark.

Courtney walked over to the bed and sat down beside me, "I've been thinking about something."

This made me frown and I raised a brow at her, "'Something'?"

"Yes," She said and took my hand as she had last night, "Bobby, are you going to tell Mark how you feel?"

"No." I answered faster then I could think.

But it was the complete truth, no way was I going to tell my best friend how I felt. Did she think I was stupid or something?

Courtney frowned at me, "Bobby, you've been lying in your journals, and you've been lying to him, and to Loor. I've been thinking for a while that it's been getting out of hand. You should tell Mark."

"You know why I can't."

"Yes I do," Courtney said thoughtfully, "and I don't think it's a good enough reason anymore."


"No," Courtney stood up and put her hands on her hips, "You love him, he has the right to know. Bobby, it's gone way over board. You can't keep trying to convince yourself that you love girls, it doesn't work like that. You tried to kiss Loor, it was convincing enough. What if she tries to kiss you? What are you gonna do?"

"Kiss her back?"

Courtney raised a brow at me and scoffed, "Oh yeah, like you could do that. What if Mark likes you, huh? Did you think of that?"

"Mark doesn't," I replied flatly.

"You can't know that!" Courtney was all a huff now, she threw her hands up and started to pace back and forth, "You two have been friends ever since you were kids, in elementary, I've been around Mark for a few good years to know a bit about how he feels for you-"

"That doesn't mean he likes me at all," I said, my eyebrows narrowing now, "Courtney, don't try to fool the both of us. Mark has posters of women over walls, we've talked about them quite a-"

"Oh please," Courtney growled at me, she got right in my face and hissed out, "You ever think maybe he was lying about his feelings for you just as you were to him?"

I backed up and stood. "Do you know something I don't?"

Courtney ignored me and grabbed at the doorknob, "can we get out of this room? And can we go shopping? I wanna get something else besides this stupid dress."

I sighed and agreed as we left Gunny's small apartment.

We took a subway ride to 34th street and walked into Macy's. The stores around the Hotel were full of dresses and there was no way Courtney was going to get out of one dress and into another.

Together we got her an average outfit of woolen pants, a plain white t-shirt, nice leather shoes, green suspenders and a woolen hat to tuck her long brown hair under.

We left the dress with the salesman and made our way back to the subway train.

We spent most of the rest of the day digging through news paper articles in search for any mention of Mark Dimond, Andy Mitchell, KEM Limited, or Dimond Alpha Digital Organization. We found nothing but the mention of the train de-railing.

The both of us were sitting in Gunny's apartment when Courtney jumped up.


I look ed up in surprise, "What?"

She held her hand out to show me that the ring on her fingers was coming to life.

"Well, it's not from me," I said with a laugh as she set the ring on the floor, the sound followed as well as the expanding of the ring and finally it deposited a grey envelope.

I snatched it up and opened it hesitantly, then I gasped, "I-It's from Patrick!"

Courtney put her ring on as I read the letter, I turned and spoke directly to her, "It's about Mark. He says that Mark disappeared in November of this year. He also said that he found out that KEM Limited is stationed in London, England. Mark was suppose to meet with them on November 13th. They don't know what happened to him, but on November 20th a body washed up on the shore in Atlantic City; a male and he was shot. He was wearing a tuxedo with a silver spoon in his pocket that had 'RMS Queen Mary' engraved in it. Mark has booked passage on that ship and Patrick thinks that he was murdered on it."

Courtney froze and snatched the letter from my hands and read it over before she looked up at me, "We have to stop him from boarding that ship!"

"Duh!" I shouted and stood up, everything was coming down on me and I had to take a deep breath, "We have to stop him, we have to find him first."

I made my way to the front desk of the hotel and had a talk with Dodger, Gunny's Acolyte, about finding out about the location of Mark by way of his patent application that was filed at the US patent office on October 6th. I joined him on a walk and he made a call. Out of the conversation we got an address; 240 Waverly Place, apartment 4A.

The cab ride there was short, I was in the passenger's seat and Courtney and Dodger sat in the back. But when we got to the apartment it was completely vacant, but before we left Courtney found a photograph of Mark and his parents, he had been there. He must have dropped the photograph on an accident.

I felt my eyes fill with tears. Mark... we had to find him.

We asked around the rooms from the fourth floor down, people had seen him but no one had ever spoken to him. They didn't know where he had left to either, or when.

When we walked out onto the curb a taxi pulled up almost immediately, I climbed into the front seat and Courtney and Dodger into the back seat.

"Manhattan Tower Hotel," Dodger said to the cabby, "don't take the scenic route."

"Heh, no sir," the cabby said brightly. "I'll get you right where you need to be."

I froze, recognizing the voice at once. Courtney did too.

"Get out!" She shouted from the back seat.

"Wha?" Dodger asked dumbly.

Courtney was panicking. "Get out of the car!"

I turned to my door only to find that it was locked, the door lock was cut down as well. I shoved myself against it but to no avail. One word came to my mind; trapped.

Courtney tried the same in that back, the results were just as disturbing. I turned to the driver as he chuckled.

"What's the rush? Don't wanna take a spin with me?" It was Andy Mitchell, it was Saint Dane. His greasy blond hair fell in his face, he wore a wool cap and your average taxi driver's clothes. How had I not noticed him before we climbed in?

I heard Courtney whisper his name in shock.

"Like hell we do!" I shouted, fear coming out of my throat just as much as words.

"Who?" Dodger asked in confusion.

"Let's roll!" Andy Mitchell said as I turned and began to roll down the window.

Just as fast something hit me so hard that my head hit the partially opened window and I saw stars. I heard Courtney shouting from the back, I felt the car lurch and take off.

We were moving, and fast. I'm not even sure how long we were driving, the spinning and dodging of other cars was obvious. I could taste the blood in my mouth. Saint Dane and Courtney argued back and forth, I could hear someone kicking at the glass partition that separated the back and front seats. I pressed my head to the small dash of the '30's car to try and stop the spinning and the gaining headache.

Courtney shouted something from the back seat, she sounded sad, in pain, but I had no clue what it was about.

My senses were slowly returning, Courtney and Dodger were fighting for a way out from the back seat still, I heard the girl say something that sounded like 'neither will I'.

Saint Dane turned to her as his self now and shouted, "Then you'll just have to die."

I turned to him just as the car went airborne and saw as he turned into smoke and blew out the window. I climbed, or stumbled, over to the driver's seat to try and take control of the car but it was way too late.

I yelled back to them in a daze, "are you two al-" I was cut of as the car hit the water. But that wasn't all that had stopped me mid-sentence. I was shoved forward upon impact as my head hit the windshield, the air was knocked from my lungs by the steering wheel hitting my chest.

Things began to spin again, I felt wetness spilling from my head, I was bleeding and the windshield was cracked.

I was barely holding myself together as I shoved myself against the door. I managed to push it open against the water's demand and it rushed in at me, knocking me back into the passenger's seat and against the other door.


I turned and slid open the glass partition, my hands were bleeding too, when had that happened?

"Courtney, Dodger... Come on, we have to... get out of here before.. Before the car pulls us down with it," my voice sounded far away and I felt the blood spilling from my mouth. I had no idea how badly I was hurt, but I could taste it, and that was bad.

I reached in the back seat and pulled Courtney out, she swam out of the opened driver's door just as the water rose enough that I had to hold my breath. I reached into the back seat once again and pulled Dodger down through the glass partition.

We made it out just as the tail end of the car sank below the surface of the water.

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