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Nobody could see the world the way I saw it. People were never truly aware of their own mortality. They went about day-to-day eating their shitty food, not looking at cars as they came barreling down the street, sucking down on cigarettes and injecting their body with drugs. People just simply disregarded the fact that their lives were so precious and fragile, that it could be over before they even knew it. But I've seen that realization, that shock that said "I am about to die" a thousand times over. I knew that moment was filled with fear and regret for everything they haven't said or done in their lives.

Those people should've thought of that before they fucked with the Volturi.

I pulled out two wallet sized photographs from my pants pocket. Both pictures were of men, one blonde, and the other dark-haired. They looked middle aged and pretty harmless. This would be easy.

I stepped out of the elevator and walked into a large and spacious reception area and strolled coolly up to the desk where the gorgeous secretary with silky straight, onyx black hair was quickly typing away on her keyboard. Her green eyes looked up at me, and I smirked at how similar they were to my own. "Hello," she said in a thick Western European accent. "How can I help you?"

"Hi," I answered simply and placed my palms on her desk, in front of an assorted candy dish and a nameplate. "Xiomara." I liked the way her name sounded. It was unique. "I'm here to see Stefan and Vladimir."

"Your name, Mr…?"

"Cullen. But you can call me Edward." I gave her a small, polite smile so as not to come off like a complete tool, flirting with the hot receptionist. Xiomara clacked away on her keyboard and scrolled her mouse wheel down.

Her brows furrowed. "I don't seem to have you down for an appointment, Mr. Cull--" She glanced up at me, and I arched my eyebrow. "--Edward," she murmured as her skin flushed with a tinge of pink.

I placed my hand over hers that was on the mouse. "Could you please just let them know that I'm here? Believe me, they'll let me in."

Xiomara stared at my hand for a bit longer than one normally would before looking up at my smiling face. She nodded as she picked up her phone receiver and dialed four numbers. She kept glancing at me nervously but I held my gaze. Perhaps after I was finished with my work here, I could take her out for a coffee… get her to my hotel room before I took my flight back home. God knows I deserve it. And I know she was thinking about it as well.

"Sirs, there is a gentleman here for you both." She paused. "No, he doesn't have an appointment but-yes I know, but he says his name is Edward Cullen…"

Xiomara looked uncertainly up at me. She waited quite a bit, giving a few "Uh-huhs" and "Yes-es" then she nodded again into the receiver. "I understand, Sir."

She hung up and smiled openly at me showing off her pearly teeth. "You were right. You can go in now. Right through there." She pointed at two doors to the left side of where she was sitting.

I gave her a lopsided grin. "Thank you. See you soon." I'll make sure of that.

Turning the solid bronze doorknob as I pushed open the rosewood door, I was now inside an enormous office that had a large window on the back wall that looked out onto the sparkling night lights of the Bucharest skyline. The carpeting was lush and a deep burgundy color. There was a long table in the middle of the room that had six chairs around it that was most likely there for meeting purposes. There were also typical office knickknacks: a bookshelf filled with boring and pompous books about business, miniature silver statues that resembled nothing, other decorative pieces that looked like they came from some foreign place, a few landscape paintings, but no family pictures. Good. That made things less complicated.

I frowned as I looked around--the room was empty. Where could they have gone so quickly? I heard some shuffling and a running faucet coming from behind a side-door that had a gold plaque that read "Private" in Romanian.

I pulled my gun out of its holder, hidden underneath my jacket. I reached into the other side pocket, pulled out the silencer and twisted it on to the barrel. I needed to keep things quiet so I could walk out of here easily…. And bring the sexy secretary along with me.

I heard the faucet squeak as it was shut off, replaced my gun in its holder, and went to the bookshelf to pretend I was interested in the titles. The door opened, and I turned to face the ashy blond haired man from the photograph in my pocket. He was very short coming up to about my chest; his eyes were beady and dark brown, with a very slight and hooked nose. He was wiping his forehead with a handkerchief, which he appeared to have splashed with water. Behind him came the brunette man who was just as short and appeared as uneasy, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

I gave a sincere grin and inclined my head politely. "Gentleman! Thank you so much for having me. I imagine that you know exactly why I'm here."

The both flinched violently as if they were expecting to be shot dead on the spot. But I had my orders to give them a chance to make amends. If any moment was the right time, this was it. I motioned for them to sit in two of the chairs on the long side of the table as I settled in one directly across from them. The smile was gone from my face. Now I was serious.

"Do either of you have anything to say to me?" my voice was hard and icy.

The blonde one, Stefan, who was turning several shades of red, looked as if he were trying very hard not to cry. Vladimir was trembling like the last leaf on the tree as he quietly murmured, "We are going to pay the Volturi back. Please…just give us more time."

"You've had your time!" I spat at them causing them to jump in their seats. "More than three years time! While you both sat on your asses, struggling to get your company off the ground,you asked the Volturi to eliminate your competition. You promised to pay us the money. We did that. Your company blossomed. Then, you asked the Volturi to kill the people you borrowed money from so they wouldn't try to grab onto any piece of your business. You promised us COMPLETE ownership of the company, while you stayed on as our cover. We did that, you greedy sons of bitches!" I stood up at that point and I had to hold back my smile as the diminutive men cowered before a man half their age. "We've killed a lot of people for you two, and we didn't bother you about it because we liked you. Aro, especially. He saw that you were starting to reach success, and he believed you to be honorable men….Apparently, he was mistaken."

They refused to look at me. I quickly drew out my gun from my jacket. Both men scrambled out of their chairs and seemed as if they were going to run towards the door. I cocked it and pointed it a ceramic vase that was in a corner. The shot was quiet but the vase shattered as if a small explosive inside was detonated. Vladimir and Stefan froze in their tracks.

"I'm not finished yet," I said with a smirk. I let the empty shell fall with a clink onto the table.

Their faces were stricken with fright as I motioned with my gun for them to sit down again. They walked slowly as if they were on death row and were about to pay for their crimes.

I held the gun behind my back so it wouldn't distract them, but Stefan's eyes kept staring at the broken vase that was in the corner. "Stefan," his wide, crystal blue eyes looked up at me. "Where did you get that vase? It really was very beautiful."

He looked puzzled but took a deep breath through nose and said "Morocco"' but it came out very strangled and scratchy so he cleared his throat and repeated himself. I gave an admiring nod.

"Morocco is a beautiful country. I've been there several times. Their artwork is very expensive." I gave him a hard stare. "How much money did you pay for that?"

Stefan appeared lost for words. His brows furrowed as he looked at Vladimir as if his pale expression would somehow help him. "I…I…uh…I don't really remem-" I cocked my gun again and pressed it to his forehead. "About 80,600 dirhams!" he desperately gasped out.

I swiftly pulled the gun back from his face. Stefan gave the most pathetic whimper I've ever heard come out of a grown man's mouth. "So that would be a little over 30,000 Romanian leu." I pursed my lips and pretended to think.

"That's $10,000."Vladimir and Stefan both winced. "That vase had less than a quarter of worth for one hit you owe the Volturi." I leaned in close to them "Do you know how many hits you owe?" I sneered.

I alternately aimed my gun at both of their faces, eyes shut tightly waiting….I pulled the trigger and with a very short bang and the sound of wood splintering, the small bullet was embedded into the table in between the space where both of their hands were gripped to the edge.

"You owe us over $3,000,000." They both blanched. "Now, the Volturi is willing to be generous and give you a chance for redemption." Their eyes looked up at me shining with both gratitude and fear. "They're asking for nothing more than what you owe them; the money and the company. You're going to hand over both of these things to me tonight." Stefan's already pale face seemed to grow even whiter.

Inside my other jacket pocket, I pulled out a few sheets of paper folded neatly in half and threw it over the bullet hole in the table. "This is a contract guaranteeing that our organization has complete ownership of your business. Read over it if you like, but it won't matter anyway. Either you sign the papers…" I cocked the gun a third time, "…or you die."

A soft knock rapped on the door and a brief spasm of hope flickered across Vladimir and Stefan's faces as Xiomara's accented voice called out, "Gentleman, may I come in? I thought I heard something break."

I pressed the gun directly into Vladimir's skull. He gave a small gasp and cry.

"Shut it!" I hissed, digging the barrel of the gun harder into his head "Open the door and calmly tell her everything is fine. If you say otherwise, I have no problem killing her too. Understand?"

He took a long, deep breath to compose himself and nodded.

"And you," I pointed a threatening finger to Stefan, "Don't move. Don't say anything,"

I growled as Xiomara knocked again. Vladimir got up from his seat and walked around the table, my gun not moving away from him. I laid flat against the wall beside the door as Vladimir opened it and slightly stuck his head out.

Before he could open his mouth to say anything, the door flew open and he was knocked on his back. I pointed my weapon at the intruder and found myself staring at Xiomara with a sawed off shotgun in her arms.

What the fuck?!

Without taking my eyes off the killer secretary, I called out to Stefan and Vladimir, "So, you guys thought you'd set me up, huh?"

"Did you think we wouldn't take precautions to protect ourselves?" Stefan shouted triumphantly.

"Well, I'm glad you decided to distract me with this young woman instead of taking matters into your own hands." I smirked at Xiomara, playing it cool and trying to quickly think of a way to gain the upper hand in this unexpected situation.

We stood there in a Mexican standoff, our guns pointed at each other's faces. Perhaps, I could make her an offer….

"Look, sweetie," I said in my smoothest voice possible. She narrowed her eyes and gripped her gun harder, "it looks to me that you know exactly how to handle that thing. Well, what do you say you come with me," I broadened my smile, "and join the Volturi? We assuredly will treat you better than these two. We'll pay you better too. I'll teach you everything I know myself."

I took a step closer to her, and she put her weapon within inches of my chest. Xiomara's face was smug; her beautiful green eyes were hard and cold. I wondered if this was exactly how my eyes looked like when I was on a job.

Feeling the electricity of the gun close to my chest, I sighed dejectedly. "Have it your way."

I darted out my foot and kicked Xiomara's legs out from under her body. She gave a yelp, and her gun accidentally went off, blasting a hole in the ceiling. As soon as she was on the ground, I kicked it out of her hands. Behind me, I heard Vladimir and Stefan's feet shuffling quickly towards the door.

"No, you fucking don't!" As I aimed my gun at the back of Stefan's head, I felt a hand grab my ankle and yank it hard. My chin hit the carpet hard. Before I could turn on my back, Xiomara's fingers were gripped painfully in my hair, and she snatched the gun from my hand. Her right arm enclosed around my neck and tightly cut off my air. God damn it, this bitch was strong!

I heard the running footsteps of Vladimir and Stefan, leaving the office. "Xiomara, you know what to do," Vladimir called out.

NO! I couldn't let the targets get away! Growling, I clasped my arms together and elbowed Xiomara three times in her stomach. She gave a loud groan and instantly backed off me. I wasn't going to play nice anymore.

I got to my feet and picked up Xiomara's discarded sawed off gun. She was staggering, her arms wrapped around her midriff. Without wasting time, I aimed and fired. She loudly screamed and ducked to the ground, her hands flying to cover her head. The large bullet shattered the window with a deafening crash, the shards of glass littering the red floor and falling into the street below. Fuck, that's bound to attract attention. The biting cold of the winter air outside flooded into the office.

I cocked the gun again, and the large shell fell to the ground. I walked to Xiomara's shaking body lying on the ground, and before she could lift up her head and attack me again, I brought my leg back and shoved it into her body.

"YOU! FUCKING! BITCH!" I yelled with each blow I gave, and her anguished cries did nothing to make me feel any remorse. I grabbed her glossy black hair tightly in my fist and pulled her up so hard, her feet left the floor.


I had her face inches from mine, and in that moment, she spit a large amount of blood directly onto my chin, cursing at me in Romanian. Enraged, I tossed her a few feet away from me and whipped the shotgun across her face. Xiomara was knocked backwards again, her face inches away from my small weapon with the silencer. She grabbed it quickly, rolled onto her back, and pulled the trigger. Before I could dodge it, the bullet pierced into my right shoulder.

I gave a loud cry and my hand flew to the wound to try and staunch the bleeding. Even though I was used to an occasional bullet wound now and then, it didn't make it hurt any less. She was up on her feet now, breathing heavily; her nose and mouth streaming blood, her were eyes slightly crazed. She somehow looked terribly beautiful. We stood again in a standoff just like before, now with different weapons and a little worse for wear. The Volturi always let people get a second chance before they were killed. I gave a smirk, and Xiomara looked as if she were terribly insulted.

"My offer still stands, honey." That pissed her off even more as her eyes widened, and I laughed. "You'd be a valuable asset for the Volturi. You don't have to die tonight. Just tell me where Vladimir and Stefan went, and you'll be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. I swear it."

Her arms twitched violently as she gripped tightly to my gun. That's it. I was breaking her. "The Volturi doesn't abandon its members. Not like how Vladimir and Stefan did just now. You could be dead for all they care as they make their big escape."

Her brow furrowed, and she gave a soft gasp. I noticed her grip loosened a bit. I slowly walked closer towards her. "We can help you, Xiomara. We could train and take care of you." Her eyes looked vulnerable now. She dropped the gun and sank to her one knee. I gave a relived sigh and lowered my weapon as well. I extended my hand to Xiomara to help her up, and she took it. No sooner did she grasp it, she pulled herself up and punched me hard in the stomach, knocking all of the wind out of me.

I wheezed and gave a few sharp coughs before feeling more fists connect with my jaw, cheek, and nose. My mouth pooled with blood, and I spit it out bitterly, wiping my chin with my sleeve.

I heard Xiomara's condescending laugh, "Do you really think you could buy me out? I don't work for anyone but myself. Believe me, sweetie, this is fun for me. I get money from who I choose. Not from someone who tells me what to do."

I growled furiously, gathered all my strength, pushed her away, and gave her the hardest kick I could to her chest. I think I heard her sternum crack and her shrill scream as she staggered back towards the shattered window.

"NO!" I cried out and ran to stop her from falling. My fingers grazed hers as she slipped away from me and was swallowed by the cold, gaping darkness below.

I stared at the spot where she fell for what seemed an immeasurable amount of time. An endless stream of curse words left my mouth as I ran my fingers through my hair desperately. This couldn't possibly get any fucking worse. Not only did Stefan and Vladimir get away, now there was a woman lying dead on the street below.

A furious roar escaped my throat, and with my remaining strength, I overturned the bookshelf, pointless, boring books scattering everywhere. I punched the wall with such force that I made a hole and felt a shooting pain run all the way up to my shoulder. My blood was still streaming out of my shoulder and face, probably splattering all over the carpet.

I had to make the call.

I reached into my pocket for my cell phone. There was a crack across the screen where I fell on it. Shit.

I pressed the second button on my speed dial and put the phone to my ear. I rubbed my cheek; it was throbbing pretty badly now.

The other line picked up, and Gianna's voice greeted me. "Hello, Edward. Is it done?"

I gulped nervously and breathed deeply through my nose. I smelled the metallic blood flowing freely from it.

"No, Gia. I lost the hit."

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