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Notice: The characters are older, college age.

Chapter one

It was nice out. The students of Tokyo University where busy scribbling notes down as their teacher was giving a professor about literature. They'd already written about three pages worth and they all wanted to go to lunch. After what seemed like forever, the bell finally rang. The students filed out of their rows and shuffled out the door, one or two staying behind to ask the professor a question or two about the lecture. A girl with long, beautiful, deep brown hair made her way to the lunch area to eat. Once she got her food, she walked over to were a few of her friends were sitting. They started chatting idly about random subjects. One of the other girls, though, was gazing at the girl with the long brown hair.

"You know…you should model, Kaburagi-san. You're very pretty." The subject of said compliment was none other than the brown haired girl, Naka Kaburagi, a new college freshman at Tokyo University with a genetic face condition. It was true that Naka had a dream of being a model, but all throughout middle school she was tormented by her peers, with them saying that no one like her could ever be a model with such a horrific smile. Over the years she had tried to make her smile different, but it always looked twisted and villainous.

"Eh? Y-y-you think so? But my face-," Naka started, embarrassed slightly.

"All you really have to do is not smile. You'd be like, I dunno, a serious-type model. It's simple." A few of the other girls agreed on this, saying that she should.

"You guys really think so?"

"Of course. You're one of the prettiest girls here, especially out of the freshmen girls," another girl said, glancing around at the tables full of students surrounding them. There were some okay looking ones, but in their opinion, Naka was model material.

"Okay. I guess I'll give it a shot," Naka said with some uncertainty. Her friends smiled at her, tell her to give it her best shot and such.

"You should try that modeling agency three blocks down. It's call Junk and it's really popular."

"I guess I can go after we let out. I don't have anything planned, especially since I don't have a roommate yet," Naka said, putting her finger on her chin. She hadn't gotten a roommate yet because of the odd number of students in the dormitories. It had been three weeks since she had became a college freshman, so she was still expecting to get a roommate soon.

The bell rang, signaling the students to go back to class. Naka got up from her table and made way to go throw her plate away. She was waving bye to one of her friends when she bumped into a tall, firm figure. Naka landed ungracefully on her buttocks, her tray clattered on the floor a bit. She sat on the floor for a second before a hand was extended to her. She gratefully took it and it hoisted her up with ease. Now standing, Naka looked at the person she bumped into. It was a male. He had wavy brown hair and eyes to match, and both his ears were pierced while he had a camera strapped to his neck. He was chewing on a stick of strawberry mocky.

"Oh! I'm s-s-sorry for bumping into you," a red-in-the-face Naka said, quickly picking up her tray and hurriedly threw it away before rushing to her class. The guy just stared after her for a minute before heading outside, obviously skipping.


Naka gulped as she stood in front of a huge building with 'Junk' labeled on it. She fanned herself for a minute. Doing this was more nerve-wracking than she had thought. With a burst of courage, she headed in. A girl at the desk in the front looked up from the magazine she was reading. Seeing Naka, she squeaked and put her magazine away.

"Hello ma'am. Do you have an appointment?" she asked politely.

"Actually, I was hoping I could audition. I called about an hour ago," Naka said, glancing at the interior of the building she was in.

"Alright. Last name?"


"Yup, you're on the list. Go straight ahead then make a right, then it's the last door down the hall."

"Thank you.'

Naka walked in the direction of which the girl had told her to go. And, sure enough, when she made a right, there was a door at the end of the hallway. As she got closer, she could make out the word 'Auditions' posted on the door on a wooden plate. When she reached the door, she paused to take a moment to fan herself off again. 'Don't get nervous Naka. You know what happens if you do,' Naka thought to herself, trying to calm down. Taking a long, deep breath, she opened the door and peeked her head through.

"E-excuse me? Are auditions today?" Naka asked, trying not to get cold feet. A woman was sitting at a desk, looking at photos. The woman looked up at the door. Seeing a girl there, the ushered her over.

"Yes, they are. Are you Kaburagi Naka?"

"I-I am."

"Alright then. We'll start with all the basic requirements, so go stand over there," the woman said as she pointed to the other side of the room. Naka did so.

"Okay, now walk this way please…. Very good. Okay now, pose…. Wow, you're a natural."

"R-r-r-really?" Naka stuttered, blushing a little. This, however, caused something entirely different as well. The second she started stuttering, Naka's face contorted into that of a villain. The woman squeaked and fell off her chair. She also crawled back until she hit the wall, sweating a bit.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" the Naka rushed over to the startled woman. "When I get nervous, my face starts to look scary. I'm so sorry." She apologized repeatedly. The lady got up and composed herself.

"No, it's alright. I shouldn't have gotten so scared. But, putting that aside, you're in. Welcome to Junk," the woman said with a kind smile, whilst pushing up her black-rimmed glasses. "You can start in one week. Use the time to work on your smile…"

'But it's genetic…' Naka thought with a sweatdrop as she bowed and left the modeling agency.

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