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Sign Language ---

"You find the motion difficult?"

Uhura frowned at the Vulcan sitting across from her. Their discussion on cultural epithets had turned into a talk about standard greetings and the appropriateness of hand gestures during humanoid speech.

"My fingers just can't move like that," she explained. "They stick together."

Spock held his hand up in the typical Vulcan greeting. His fingers, separated down the center, taunted the woman at his table. He could see the frustration written clearly across her face.

"Move your fingers slowly," he advised.

"I don't think that's gonna help," she chuckled, trying to split her fingers into the proper shape.

"Not like that, like this," he said, reaching across the table. He pushed their palms together, lining up their fingers as well as he could (because his hands were considerably larger than hers) in an attempt to help her progress.

A stupid grin worked its way onto her face as she watched her fingers create Vulcan hand signals with her Vulcan man's help. She laced her digits with his, holding his hand tight to her own.

"You make it look easy."

"Well I am Vulcan. Such mannerisms are practiced regularly within the cultural contexts of my world."

She sighed heavily at his words. "Is there anything you aren't good at?"

He thought quietly for a minute. "The probability is high."

"But you can't think of anything," she supposed.

"You are right." He retracted his hand, laying it lat on the table. "Try it again."

She lifted her hand again, spreading the fingers apart slowly into a group of three set apart from her thumb and index. A grin worked its way onto her face at her failure.

"Well I tried."

"Do not worry," he soothed. "Although you may have difficulties with this gesture, there are many other things at which you excel."

"Do tell," she encouraged.

"For instance, you are unmatched in your ability to translate subspace communications in crisis situations," he said. "Also, I find no fault with your comprehension of advanced Vulcan syntax methods."

"Is that all?"

"Your linguistic learning techniques are most inventive and effective."

"High praise coming from you."

"You are also excellent at copulation."

At that statement Uhura gave a smug look of concurrence. Rather than blushing furiously like she would have done in her Academy days, she merely leaned forward across the table to give the Vulcan a smoldering, appreciative kiss.

"I'm glad you think so," she grinned.

"Would you consider revisiting said activity for more assessment?"

In all of the time that she had known him, Uhura had never heard Spock make such a vocal inquiry about the subject. She had also never seen such a precarious look settle onto his face. It was setting a mood.

"Right now?" she asked.

"Right now."

"But we haven't finished our discussion on cultural-"

"Do you really want to finish this conversation?" He was halfway standing and giving her a quirky look with one lifted eyebrow. It was obvious that he was through talking about intellectual details of civilization.

"We'll talk afterwards," she answered. "I'm sure there are lots of things we can learn in the other room."

"Yes, I believe that to be accurate."

Fin ---

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