Disclaimer: Hello again, folks. I realize it has, once again, been forever. But I really wanted to write something and post, so here it is! I quite like it, to be honest. I, of course, do not own the characters.

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: G/PG

~~~~~~~~"So I live, and that's about all I can say; I breathe nearly everyday."~~~~~~~

And it's like we are a remake of a movie that nobody wanted to see in the first place. We aren't original and we are lacking in acting skills. I could take photographs of every second I am with you and yet that still would not capture a moment of who we are.

You are burning, sizzling, low under my veins and I'm starting to panic. Maybe panic isn't the word but I'm not sure what is, maybe there isn't one. But I do know that feeling your broken skin under my hands is enough to drive me crazy.

It's not like we are anything epic or even a cute 'happily ever after'. We are just two beating hearts, two frantic set of lungs, and two bodies that can't stop fighting. Your lips have turned a deep red and I have to run my finger tips over the abused flesh and I just have to kiss you. I resist and silence fills this bed, like nothing else ever could.

When I catch you staring at me I automatically challenge you with my own piercing look. You neither flinch nor back down; you just lazily blink and grin softly at me. I can do nothing but shrug off these butterflies and hope to god for some kind of sign. But I do not hope and I do not believe in god, you laugh at my thoughtless mumbles.

Later, as I watch you sleep, I realize that I do not want you to leave. I do not want you to wake up one day and walk right out of this room without me. This causes a new wave of nausea to hit; I just want to touch you.

In the morning you laugh and call me vain as you watch me peer at my reflection. I am not vain; I am simply watching the shadows under my eyes getting darker. I cannot sleep; I can only make sure you do not sneak off without me.

"You are more elusive than any snitch I have ever caught," You tell me as you read the paper.

I do not look up as I reply, "you will never catch me, Potter. I am above thrusting hands."

We do not speak again.

As the sun sets and darkness washes over the sky, dread starts to pool in my stomach. I hate this darkness and I yearn for the light, my saving grace. I can hear your soft footsteps pad down the hall and stop at our bedroom door.

"You were born to be in the moonlight," You murmur so softly.

"You mean I was born to be dark," my breath is caught somewhere in my chest.

Your hands gently caress the back of my neck, "No, Draco, never. Days are too harsh for you, they swallow you whole. In the embrace of night, you defy all odds."

Tonight I will sleep and dream of silly things. The moon falling in love with the sun? It could never happen; it would simply defy all odds.

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