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Summary: Lelouch decided that he would never make another potion for Suzaku ever again. / "Good girl, Mittens."

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Title: There's A Muffin In My Soup

Code 10: Twenty. Fucking. Points.

Theme: What if I did a crossover with Harry Potter?

By: Serena the Hikari of Love


There was a soft knocking (a sound of flesh and bone against brick) echoing, echoing throughout the stone-coated classroom. Lelouch, having been thoroughly engaged in an extensive mental calculation of grading (oh, Longbottom…the child might benefit from remedial lessons should Lelouch feel brave enough to attempt them with such an accident-prone child), made a small, disgruntled noise in the back of his throat as all the calculations floating in his mind abruptly disappeared in a haze of metaphorical smoke. He greatly disliked being interrupted while engrossed in his work and the withering glare he sent the unwanted door-knocker would (and should) have melted their skin and bones into ash (if he were capable of such a magical ability). As such, the intruder kept his bones and flesh (much to Lelouch's chagrin) and dared to enter without bothering to wait for a formal invitation.

"Sorry to interrupt, but do you have a moment?" the visitor asked.

It took Lelouch a bit longer than it should have to realize exactly who it was that had entered without his permission, but once the visitor's visage fully registered within his mind, his glare dissolved into mild annoyance tinted with flecks of affection. The visitor merely smiled brightly at the noticeable change in his demeanor.

"I suppose I could spare a moment or two of my time, but what brings you all the way to my cozy little dungeons?" Lelouch asked and his lips relaxed into a small smile. "It's a bit out of the way considering your classroom is upstairs, Suzaku."

Suzaku (with those jade irises swirling in mirth as per usual) smiled ever so gently at Lelouch. Suzaku approached the young professor's desk, his teaching robes swaying gently with the movements of his hips.

"I was just in the neighborhood." he answered with a short shrug. "and I thou—oh, don't give me that look."

Lelouch chuckled as he set the quill he had previously been using aside and reached inside a pocket of his robes to pull out his trusty wand.

"Just in the neighborhood, you say?" Lelouch repeated in amusement. "Somehow I find that hard to believe."

With a short flick of his wrist, Lelouch sent the various clutter of papers littering his desk flying across the room where they settled into an awaiting, open drawer. Upon entering said drawer, Lelouch flicked his wand again and the drawer slid shut and promptly locked itself.

"Our classrooms are so far apart. Do you even realize how many passageways and flights of stairs it takes to even be 'in the neighborhood'?" Lelouch continued whilst setting his wand back into its holding place. "Clearly this was deliberate on your part."

Suzaku pursed his lips and his eyes began to shine with the telltale signs of a pout (much to Lelouch's increasing amusement).

"…you know, one of these days, it won't be deliberate and you'll be sitting there without a snarky comment to throw at me." Suzaku responded and he huffed as Lelouch chuckled at the indirect admittance. "I mean, really. Can't one friend just come and see another without needing a reason?"

Lelouch sighed and shook his head slightly.

"Well, I suppose, but the fact remains that you purposely came down here to see me." the ebony-haired professor replied and he leaned back in his chair with his hands folded across his lap. "One of these days, the students will catch on that our relationship is less professional that we lead them to believe."

Suzaku quirked up an eyebrow at Lelouch's unspoken concern.

"Would it be so awful if they did know?" the brunet asked and before Lelouch really had a chance to complain, Suzaku seated himself atop a clear spot on Lelouch's desk. "They spend too much time house-hating each other. I don't know…maybe we could set an example?"

"I shouldn't even have to explain. You already know what they would say. Why are you so insistent on this?" Lelouch questioned. He sent Suzaku a slightly narrowed glare at the brunet's choice of seating arrangements, but he said nothing about it. "The Heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin being loving with one another? Suzaku, you know how much bad history our houses have. It doesn't matter that the dark wizard the text books speak of is gone. Bad history is still bad history and humans like to remember old grudges years after they no longer exist."

Suzaku had to frown at that. He understood what Lelouch was saying (and Suzaku couldn't count the number of times he had had his own difficulties with little Slytherin students; professor or no, he was still a Gryffindor, after all), but shouldn't that give them more incentive to try and fix what the dark wizard had helped destroy? There would always be prejudice in the world (Suzaku wasn't so naïve as to believe that it could be completely washed away), but if they tried, couldn't they accomplish something? Together, he and Lelouch could do anything, after all.

"So? We were friends long before coming here." the brunet argued and he crossed his arms stubbornly. "I don't see why our interactions should change just because we ended up in different houses. I like to think that we would be setting a good example for them. I already do it. Why can't you?"

"…and your idea of 'setting a good example' for our dear students is to have your first year Gryffindors ambush me with hugs?" Lelouch questioned in monotone annoyance. "It took ages to get the girls off me. I'm just fortunate that Headmaster McGonagall took pity on me unlike someone I know."

The corners of Suzaku's lips twitched at the memory, but he did well to keep his snickers to himself.

"I was making sure they understood that you weren't a vicious hell cat." he defended and at the angered, almost-pout from Lelouch he added: "Rumors get around, Lulu. You wouldn't believe what I overheard two third years saying about me the other day."

Lelouch continued to look unconvinced.

"…and I suppose this also excuses you telling those very same first years that I was a 'pretty marshmallow who wouldn't hurt a fly'?"

Suzaku snorted and bit the inside of his cheek to hold back the bubbling laugh that was demanding to be let out. Lelouch's eyes merely narrowed at this.

"I…I told them you were pretty. It's a compliment." Suzaku managed to say and a hand shot to his mouth to hide his growing grin.

"Get out." Lelouch demanded and his cheeks were aflame in embarrassment as he gestured at the door agitatedly. "Get out before I hex you. I have grading I've yet to finish, classes I've yet to plan, and if you don't stop that snickering, Kururugi!"

Suzaku held up his hands in surrender (though he continued to openly chuckle). Lelouch huffed at this and rose from his desk to stalk across the room, heading towards the locked drawer he had sent his papers to moments before. He was irritated and therefore needed a distraction that didn't involve Suzaku near him. So he chose to retrieve his papers by hand and ignore the giggling idiot behind him.

"You know where the door is." the raven-haired professor stated in a clipped tone.

Honestly! Coming all the way down here just to tease him…

He heard footsteps behind him, but wrongly assumed that Suzaku had (for once) heeded his warnings and left him be. As his arm stretched out to grab the drawer's handle, a tanned, calloused hand encircled his wrist and another snaked its way around his waist.

"Oh but, Lulu, you really are a pretty marshmallow. It really was a compliment." Suzaku stated and Lelouch could hear the smile in his voice.

Lelouch closed his violet eyes and sighed wearily.

"…that girly nickname does not help things, Suzaku." Lelouch said, but he made no move to remove Suzaku's hands. "I can't have my students believing that I'm someone they can order around."

He felt Suzaku shrug and the hand around his wrist disappeared only to join the one wrapped around his waist.

"Can I call you 'Lu' then?" the brunet persisted and he dared to snuggle the trapped potion's master. "Caaaan I, Can I~? Oh, pleeeeeease~?"

Lelouch's left eye twitched and he growled slightly.


That commanding tone was not one to be ignored. When Professor Lamperouge gave an order, he expected it to be followed through without question. His students and even some of the other teachers knew better than to cross the man during such times.

Suzaku blinked and pursed his lips for a moment before they widened into a mischievous grin. He craned his neck so that his lips were dangerously close to Lelouch's ear and purred (an action that startled Lelouch). Unfortunately for the poor Slytherin Head, Suzaku Kururugi (the obnoxiously idiotic Head of Gryffindor), prided himself in bringing out sides of Lelouch that otherwise never appeared. In short, the idiot didn't listen despite his persistent claims of being Lelouch's 'knight' (something no one else really understood, save for Lelouch himself).

"I just stopped by to thank you for the potion you gave me the other day." Suzaku purred out, completely changing the subject. "It works wonders for…well, you know."

He chuckled sheepishly and an embarrassing dust of pink coated his cheeks in the process.

"But remember when you told me about the dosage?" the purring professor continued and he deigned to snuggle Lelouch more (his hands were becoming a little too grabby, in the process). "I might have taken a little too much and have I ever told you how good you smell? Mreow~"

Lelouch's cheeks flushed as Suzaku's hands wandered and he clamped his own hands around Suzaku's wrists before they could twist themselves any further into Lelouch's robes.


This behavior didn't bod well. Suzaku's purring, mewling, and that bloody snuggling! Suzaku couldn't have…? Although it wouldn't necessarily explain the snuggling (Suzaku could be quite clingy when he felt the need to be), it would certainly explain how Suzaku was suddenly able to purr in perfect mimicry of a feline and Lelouch couldn't help but wonder...

"…how much did you drink?" Lelouch prompted and his cheeks continued to burn as his neck was nuzzled. He kept trying to still Suzaku's wandering hands, but damn Suzaku's strength and persistent fondling!

Suzaku just purred and nuzzled at Lelouch's neck more (he even dared to lick at it). Lelouch shivered.

"Enough~" Suzaku answered without really answering.

"That's not an-ahh!"

Lelouch was just short of letting loose a girly shriek when Suzaku brushed his chapped lips against a sensitive spot on his neck. He swatted at the brunet's head and struggled more.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch shrieked (and it was most certainly not a girly one). "Cut it out!"

The professor in question only found the situation amusing and started to chuckle.

"Awww, but I just want to—oww!"

Suzaku abruptly released his captive and winced as he hissed in pain. Lelouch wasted no time in putting a bit of distance between he and Suzaku, but the Potion's master paused in his retreat as he glanced down and discovered the reason behind Suzaku's sudden pain.

It was a little kitten.

Lelouch just hmphed as he crossed his arms. He made no move to help Suzaku and allowed the creature biting at Suzaku's ankle to continue on with its attack.

"Good girl, Mittens." Lelouch said in encouragement to the little feline and he merely smiled when Suzaku glanced up at him incredulously.

"So you're actually for her being aggressive now?" Suzaku managed to ask before another series of "ow ow ow!"'s tumbled out of his mouth.

Lelouch shrugged.

"She's only protecting her master." the dark-haired man answered and his smile widened into a decidedly evil smirk. "Who am I to teach her otherwise~?"

"Oh, you evil son of a bi—ow ow ow! Mittens, let go! I didn't mean it! I take it back! Ouch!"

The kitten in question—Mittens—was Lelouch's familiar. She was a little, solid white Scottish Fold that had a rather large pair of bright green irises (in almost mimicry of Suzaku's shade). Her paws were big and floppy (which matched her stubby legs) and her fur was luxuriously soft. She was, in simple terms, adorable and she and Lelouch got along splendidly.

Funnily enough, Lelouch had received the little kitten from Suzaku one year as a gift.

Mittens finally released her hold on Suzaku's ankle so that she could turn briefly and mewl at Lelouch appreciatively. The little feline then faced Suzaku once more. She hissed at him and swiped a paw through the air in warning, her dangerously sharp claws drawn and ready for scratching. Her fluffy tail swished from side to side rather furiously and her behind wiggled in pre-pounce preparation.

Suzaku (who was relieved to have no more teeth sinking into his ankle) quite naturally backed up and kept his distance from the angered little kitten. The brunet never had the greatest luck with creatures of the feline variety. For whatever reason, the fluffy little creatures all seemed to take pleasure in biting or scratching the poor brunet for as long as anyone could remember.

Lelouch, being gifted with potion's as he was, one day decided to help Suzaku solve this problem and he created a potion that would make Suzaku more likable to felines. It was the least he could for his best friend. After all, the po-and then Lelouch suddenly realized the problem at hand and his expression began to trickle into astonishment as his eyes began to narrow with an accusatory shine.

"…she doesn't like you." he stated and the longer he stared at Suzaku, the more his eyes began to narrow. "Mittens…doesn't like you."

Suzaku blinked at that, but then it dawned on him what Lelouch was getting at and he found that he could only offer Lelouch a sheepish smile and helpless shrug of his shoulders.

"Ahhh…I actually came to tell you that Peeves stole it from me." Suzaku admitted and, for whatever reason, Lelouch started to blush. "I never got around to actually drinking it and…well, you were being so grumpy that I thought: why not?"

"Y-You!" Lelouch stuttered out and his blush was rapidly growing. "You…you tricked me! You never-!"

Lelouch forced his gaze downward as he tried to quell his still growing blush. To think that Suzaku had tricked him like this was…and for what reason?

"I didn't mean anything by it!" Suzaku defended and he held his hands up in surrender once. "I'm sorry I tricked you, but…you're really cute flustered."

That statement did nothing but encourage Lelouch's blush to darken and he tried to come up with a response to that, but Suzaku was suddenly beside him (with the most annoyingly idiotic grin!). Somehow, he had managed to sneak past Mittens (who, while no longer hissing or clawing at the air) was still in a wiggling stance that said: "I will pounce you if you come near me or my master!" and, if Suzaku didn't hurry up, she would attack. So he wasted no more time than he had to.


Lelouch was momentarily stunned by the quick peck Suzaku planted on his cheek, but at the accompanying laughter he heard, Lelouch bristled.


But Suzaku was already running towards the door, his mirth filled laughter filling the dungeon air.

And all the poor Potions master could manage to scream out—in a strangled, utterly embarrassed squeak—to the professor's rapidly retreating back (and the bastard didn't even try attempting to hide the delighted spring in his step) was: "T-twenty points from Gryffindor, Kururugi! D-do you hear me! Twenty, you bastard!"


Serena: The timeline is a little iffy on this. I wrote it with the intention of it being years after the events in the Deathly Hallows, but it can be taken however you want it to be taken, I guess. xD And no. This won't be continued. I have no more ideas for it. But if you do and want to write something using this, it's yours free of charge (but with a required credit…lol fine print).