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Chapter twenty six/Epilogue: The Real Teller

Brennan's POV:

I had been through a lot with Booth but my adventures through my abusive boyfriend life were some of the most horrifying and happiest moments in my life. For one thing, I had two beautiful children. I had my friends and my family. Derek was dead and I couldn't be happier.

I was in the hospital with Parker a few days after I woke up and then I went home… home with Booth of course. I sold my old apartment room and moved in with Booth. We became closer as partners and "friends" as one might refer too. After a couple of months Booth proposed to me not once, not twice, but three times until I finally agreed to marry him. (The third time he asked me over the Jeffersonian intercom. How could I turn him down after a heroic act like that?)

Booth became Bonnie's adopted father. Now she is no longer Bonnie Brennan but is now Bonnie Booth. We call he Bobo now you know, because Bo in Bonnie and the Bo in Booth? Parker has grown a lot since the day he was born. He's a very feisty little child, always awake at night and asleep during the day.

At the wedding Bonnie was the flower girl and Parker the ring bearer. Of course, Parker couldn't carry the ring on his own, my dad ended up pushing him down the aisle in a flower covered stroller. Booth wasn't the happiest person when it came to putting flowers on the stroller. He said the Parker would be embarrassed and would hate us before he could even talk. I told booth in very gentle words that our son was a baby and wouldn't remember anything.

Being with Booth and knowing my kids have the best father there is makes me feel so great inside. I have defeated the dragon and have slept with the night…in technical terms Derek was out of the picture and was no more and I was with Booth and I couldn't be happier…

Bonnie's POV:

I set down my journal and looked at my little brother, "Well? What'd you think?"

My six year old brother's eyes looked at me confused, "Think of what?"

I rolled my eyes, "The story Parker. What did you think of the story?"

"Oh that… it was okay I guess…" he sighed leaning back against my bedpost.

"Just okay?! Parker, this was a story about our life! Our parents' life!" I said upset.

"I know I know…and it wasn't that is WASN'T good it was just, well, okay… It's almost like a story you'd be forced to read in class. There wasn't enough action." Parker said calmly.

"ENOUGH ACTION?! Are you out of your mind?! There was plenty of action. You're the one who doesn't have enough action! You sit around all day eating chips and playing video games." I snapped.

"Well, at least I don't write stupid stories! Mommy and Daddy have the most boring lives in the world. Why deal with dead bodies when you can watch CSI or NCIS?" Parker asked.

I groaned and fell back on my bed, "What do you want Parker? Dragons?! Pokémon?! What must there be in my story that will make it interesting to you?!"

Parker sighed, "It fine Bobo really. It's good okay?! I liked it…though, letting daddy and mommy fight with Pokémon would be nice…"

I rolled my eyes, "Well, how would YOU have written it?!"

Parker chuckled, "Well, first off, I would have made dad and transformer and mom Princess Leila. Then, I would have made…"

"Parker! Bonnie! Time for school!" I heard my mother call.

"Just a minute!" I yelled.

"I'm timing you." I heard my father laugh.

I looked beside me to find Parker was already gone. I sighed and picked my journal back up.

"I guess some people don't really understand the essences of writing…" I mumbled.

"Bonnie time to go!" Parker yelled, "We have to hurry or we'll miss the bus!"

"Hold on!" I yelled.

My hand started scribbling on the last page of my journal. The words nestled themselves between the ink lines:

My name is Bonnie Scarlet Booth. I was born from the devil's flesh and then claimed by the angel's heart. I am a young author and an intelligent child…

"Come on Bonnie!" Parker whined.

"Hold on!" I screamed.

I looked down at my journal and scribbled the last few words:

I AM the child of the night.

I smiled and set my now finish journal in my desk drawer and shut it. Maybe I'd open it again and publish it… Maybe one day it would be read all over the world.


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