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I stood on the outskirts of my village, as the water swirled around me as my arms moved around gracefully. I smiled.

My name is Serenity. I'm 16 years old, and have long black hair that goes to the middle of my back when its down, but most of the time I keep it in a pony-tail. I also have bright blue eyes, like everyone else in my village, and I'm not too tall, but not too short either.

I also have a twin brother named Sokka. He's kind of-well, no, he IS a dufus. But I guess I love him anyway. We also have a younger sister, Katara, who is two years younger than us. Our mother died a long time ago, in an attack from the Fire Nation, and our father went off to fight in the war with the other warriors in the tribe, which left us with our grandmother. This also meant Sokka was in charge of the village since he was the oldest male in the village. I had laughed when Sokka told me that. He definitely wasn't fit to be in charge of the tribe.

Before my mother died, I realized I had a gift to control water. She had called it Water-bending. Since there were no other water benders in the tribe, I had to teach myself. Over the years, I've learned quite a lot. My younger sister, Katara, is also a water bender. I tried to teach her what I knew but for some reason she wasn't learning as fast as I did.

I swirled the water around my head once more when I heard a loud bang. I shrieked and fell on my butt, the water falling around me and soaking me. I growled annoyed, guessing who made the noise. I drew the water out of my clothes, before standing up and making my way back to the village.

When I got there, I saw that Sokka and Katara weren't back yet.

"Serenity, where have you been?" my grandmother asked walking up to me.

"I was practicing Gran Gran. Like usual."

She smiled. "Well, we need your help here." I nodded and followed her back to the tents to help make dinner.

Katara and Sokka got back later that night. When I saw them I got up and walked over with my hands on my hips. "What did you guys do now?"

"What do you mean?" Katara asked.

"Oh come on. I know that loud noise earlier was made by you guys."

"Katara just got all mad and ended up breaking an ice burg." Sokka said shrugging.

I looked at my sister. "Really?" She nodded afraid I was going to yell at her but instead I hugged her. "That's awesome! You're getting better!" She smiled as Sokka just stared shocked. It was then I noticed he was carrying someone. "Who's that?"

"Oh this is Aang. He's an airbender!" I looked at my sister then at the boy on Sokka's back. He wore orange and yellow clothes and had a bald head with an arrow on it. I had seen that arrow before in books. It was something the air nomads had.

"An airbender huh?" I said.

Katara nodded smiling. "Isn't it cool? Sokka and I found him. He was in the ice burg that broke."

I stared at the boy as Sokka walked past me to go to our tent. How could he have survived if he was in an iceburg?

The next morning I sat next to Sokka outside of our tent. Katara had gone inside to wake Aang up. All of the villagers were anxious to meet him, and I could understand why. I wanted to see some of this airbending. I had read about it before but to actually see it would be completely different. A few seconds later she came out dragging him with her over to the other villagers.

"Aang, this is the entire village." Katara said. "Entire village, Aang."

Aang bowed and the villagers cringed back a little. I knew they weren't used to this kind of thing. "Uh, why are they all looking at me like that?" Aang asked Katara as he looked down at his clothes. "Did Appa sneeze on me?"

My Grandmother stepped forward. "Well no one has seen an airbender in 100 years. We thought they were extinct until my granddaughter and grandson found you."

"Extinct?" Aang asked apparently confused.

"Aang, this is my grandmother." Katara said pointing to her.

"Call me Gran Gran."

Sokka stood up and walked over to Aang taking his staff. "What is this? A weapon? You can't stab anything with this!" I sighed at my brother's denseness and lack of manners.

"Its not for stabbing." Aang said using air to take his staff back. "Its for airbending." He opened it up making Sokka jump back and I saw it was actually a glider. The little kids laughed.

"Magic! Do it again!"

"Not magic. Airbending." Aang said. "It lets me control the air currents around my glider and fly."

"You know last time I checked, humans can't fly!" Sokka said with his arms crossed, and I hit him on the head. "Ow!" He looked over at me. I had gotten up a few minutes ago and walked over to them.

"Why can't you just be nice for a change?" I asked frowning at him. I saw Aang staring at me and smiled at him. "Don't mind my brother. He's not too bright up here." I pointed to my head, making Sokka glare at me.

"Aang this is my sister, Serenity." Katara said.

I nodded at him smiling. "Its nice to meet you. Now why don't you show us how that thing works?"

Aang smiled. "Ok!" He put the glider behind him, grabbed onto it, and launched himself in the air, as everyone watched him amazed.

I looked at Sokka smirking. "You were saying?" He just turned away scowling.

Unfortunately Aang wasn't paying attention to where he was going and ended up running into a pile of snow. He pulled himself out and fell to the ground. We all ran over to him as Sokka looked horrified at his so-called 'Watch tower'.

"That was amazing!" Katara said holding out her hand to help Aang up.

Sokka ran over to the tower checking it out when a pile of snow fell on top of him, making me laugh. "Great. You're an airbender, Serenity and Katara are waterbenders, together you can waste time all day long." He said getting up and walking away.

Aang looked at me and my sister smiling. "You're waterbenders?"

"Well, sort of." Katara said. "I'm not very good yet. But Serenity is great at it! She's been trying to teach me."

I smiled at her. "You're doing great Katara! Its just taking you a little longer that's all."

"Alright. No more playing." Gran Gran said. "Come on Serenity, Katara. You have chores." She took Katara's hand and led her away with me following.

"I told you he's the real thing Gran Gran!" Katara said. "I've found another bender to teach me!"

"Serenity has been teaching you just fine."

"But I think I'll do better if I have someone else teach me too!" Katara said looking at me. "Right?"

I nodded. "It might help."

Gran Gran sighed. "Katara. Try not to put all your hopes in this boy."

"But he's special! I know I can tell! I sense he's filled with much wisdom." Katara said.

I looked over at Aang to see him with his tongue stuck to his staff surrounded by a bunch of the village kids. Yeah. He's wise alright.

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