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So Alone, Be Sorrow

Prologue: Second Judging

The ghosts of the supposed Chosen ones blocked the three large armies advances towards the tower.

"Humph." Skirmir growled, smirking at the new enemies. His red tail flicked with excitement. "It appears as if the goddess doesn't want to let us in so easily..."

"Ashera's inside..." The others turned towards the new voice as Yune took over Micaiah once again. "She's at the top of the tower. But...There is also a lot of flesh beings inside as well. More so then there are here."

"Then we'll just have to beat them all." Ike stated, his sword on his shoulder. He glared at the new blockade in annoyance, as if they were already boring him. To those words, many of the people around him also became battle ready in an instant.

Tibarn cracked his knuckles, making a fist with one hand. "Haha! Think you can take us all on? Looks like these beorc have lost all common sense!"

Sothe unsheathed his dagger and twirled it around before he was ready. He looked backwards towards his friend. "Mi-Yune." He called, correcting himself. He still wasn't used to his friend switching with the goddess. He still didn't like it either. "Stay farther back, okay?"

She nodded her head, understanding the whispers concerns. Moments later, Ike gave out a battle cry and charged at the enemy, everyone following. Yune smiled at the large force. She had underestimated these aging creatures, many more witheld the judgement and they have all made it to stop her other half from fully making a new world when this one was just fine.

She winced suddenly as she felt another power surge from the tower. Her smiled faded until it was a grim thin line. "We have to hurry..." Yune looked up towards the huge tower that loomed over the heroes. "Or else it will be to late..."

The goddess of order opened her eyes slowly as if waking from a long slumber, her dull amber eyes venturing over to a wall where she knew her other half was on the other side of. There was no more need for these humans to live anymore. Her power has returned to her once again. "It is time..." She spoke softly, soothingly. "Vanish."

As the words left Ashera's mouth, a bright light erupted from her and shot itself to the roof of the tower. The light began to glow as it had done so before. It grew brighter, creating a sharp whistle that rang throughout the world.

Flashes of light descended upon the earth, it's powerful bolt piercing the center of the battlefield.

The cries dimmed, the shouts quieted and metal stood still.

The second judgement fell.

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