"The Girl in the Sky, She had always said that she had wanted to see the ocean…

"But…I couldn't take her in time….

"The Girl dreams, she dreams all the time. The first one is about the Sky. And her dreams keep going back in time. They plague her. She starts to feel pain for no reason. Eventually she starts to loose her memories. She wont even remember the people she loves the most. And on the morning after her final dream… She will die. She remains forever alone. It is her terrible fate. If she becomes attached to anyone, both she and the person she loves will fall ill. Neither one will survive.

"She told me she hated me, pushed me away so violently at the last moment. She told me, screamed at me, that she hated me, that she wished we had never met. It is why I survived. She was a kind girl, a strong girl. She was able to push me away, hate me for only a moment. She protected me, but…I couldn't protect her.

"There is a girl with wings who lives in the sky. She is always alone. And she perishes, never having had the chance to grow up. She repeats her sad dreams over and over and over again…."

It was Ryuuya's favorite story. Had been since he was small, and it remained so all through his life. Whenever his father told him this story, he got a far off look in his eyes.

He noticed something as he grew though, his mother was never in the house when his father told him that story, or they were outside. It was always just him and his father, alone.

He also watched their marriage disintegrate. His father loved his mother, but he came to see what she did. Yukito's heart, would never be hers completely. He still loved the girl in the sky.

The one he had failed to save.

And now here he was, weakened, dying, still smiling at his son.


"Dad, you're going to be okay, don't worry." Ryuuya said, leaning on the side of the bed after Yukito once again got through the story, he tended to repeat it as often as he could now.

"No, Ryuu, and you know that as well as I do." Yukito said, looking at the opposite wall. "I suppose your mother will be glad to be rid of me."

"Dad don't say that!" Ryuuya snapped, standing quickly. "Mom loves you! And you love her!" Yukito looked up at his son from his sitting position on the hospital bed, the beeps from the various machinery filling the silence.

"I know. I love Rena. I really do, but as I am sure you have seen, just as she has, that my heart still belongs to her."

Misuzu… Ryuuya thought. Yukito was right, Ryuuya had known for about ten years now, that his parents weren't as close as they let on. It had really been a fluke, Ryuuya to be exact, that his parents had gotten married in the first place.

"I tried, believe me." Yukito sighed. "To love your mother with all my heart, to let her go. But… part of me wouldn't… forget about her…" Yukito let his voice trail off, lost in thought once again. Ryuuya sat down, looking up when he saw his mother walk in. He smiled, and she smiled back. Yukito looked up, and Ryuuya immediately felt like a third wheel, the tension in the air changed the moment his parents made eye contact. His mothers eyes were angry, full of hurt. His fathers were sad, full of remorse. Yukito had tried over the years to give his family what they needed, and had come through, for all but Rena. Ryuuya knew the only thought going through Yukito's head at that moment.

I've failed her, again…



Ryuuya turned and waved to his friend, Kazu. "Hey, what's up?"

"Nothing much." Kazu said, falling into step beside Ryuuya. "Had a pretty boring weekend. Stopped by your place but no one was home."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I was at the hospital."

"Oh yeah! Sorry man, I completely forgot. How's your old man doing?" Kazu asked. Ryuuya sighed.

"Worse. He just keeps getting steadily worse. He's living in the past now, except for when my mother comes in. When it just us though, he keeps telling me about when he was my age, how he dropped out of school and went traveling, putting on puppet shows and the like."

"I remember those! He didn't even use strings, he was pretty good at it too."

"That is how he met my mom." Ryuuya grinned. " He likes to tell me about that too."

"I feel sorry for you!" Kazu laughed, throwing an arm around Ryuuya's shoulders. Ryuuya shook his head, wiping the few strands of silver hair from his forehead that stubbornly fell back into place. He was lucky he went to a school that allowed long hair, or else his mid-back length would be gone, and he would be an exact replica of his father.

"You know, I find it odd that you don't take after your mother, Ryuu." Kazu said suddenly. "There is nothing about you that reminds me of her."

"I've thought about that too." Ryuuya said. I think that's one reason we aren't very close. I remind her of Dad, so she probably thinks I don't lover her either."

"Wait… what?" Kazu asked as they entered their classroom on the third floor. Ryuuya sighed.

"Okay, you already know that my parents married because of me, right?"


"Well, my Dad met this girl when he was about my age, when he used to travel from town to town, searching for the Girl in the Sky."

"Yep, remember that."

"Well, he was never able to let her go. She died at the end of the summer that they met. He's tried, but he just can't love my mother like he loved her." Ryuuya said, looking out the window as the rest of the class meandered about them.

"Maaan. That's rough." Kazu said. There was a moment of silence, filled by the chattering of students. "Say, did your dad ever find that puppet?"

"The one his mother gave him? No. gone for good, unfortunately." Ryuuya sighed.

"Oh well." Kazu yawned. "Hey, loosen up, your old man'll get better. Your acting like-"

"A moody teenager whose life has taken an odd turn due to a series of supernatural, preordained events?" Ryuuya asked, smiling a bit. Kazu blinked, then burst out laughing.

"There we go! There's the Ryuuya I know and lo-well, my best friend at any rate." Ryuuya smirked and went to reply, but the teacher walked in, and he shut his mouth.


"He wants to talk to you." Rena said, walking out of the room Yukito was in. Ryuuya looked up quickly. He had been sitting in the only available chair, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped together and staring at the floor, still in his school uniform. He stood and hurried into the room, closing the door behind him. He sat down beside Yukito, who was lying down now, biting his lip.


"I'll be okay. don't worry." Yukito said, but his voice and face lacked his usual smile. Ryuuya clenched his hands, fisting the material of his pants. His father couldn't even fake for him anymore.

"Dad, you can't, you're still… you're strong enough to get through this!" Ryuuya said quietly. Yukito shook his head.

"No, and I told you before, you know this too. I wont make it. I have lived my life, however sad it was at times." He looked at Ryuuya in such a way that Ryuuya stood to lean over his father. "Ryuuya, about the girl. It's up to you what you do with the information I gave to you. You can forget all about her if you want. Just know, I am not asking you to find her. Whether or not you do is up to you entirely, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Ryuuya said. "But if I do, I can't do anything like you did, I can't perform those puppet shows. I have no talent with magic." Yukito laughed.

"You forget, I had hardly any talent at all either. But you'll find a way, you'll think of something." Yukito said. "Just, if you do go, finish school first, okay?"

"Yeah, wont be too hard, I only have a little while left." Ryuuya said. He felt like smiling, but something was preventing him from doing so.

"Good to know…" Yukito said, smiling a bit. "Good luck." He said, looking at the ceiling. Ryuuya watched in horror as his fathers breaths became shorter, and gripped Yukito's hand. He tried not to cry as Yukito's hand tightened around his, loosening only moments later. Ryuuya slowly collapsed back into the chair, the long beep from the heart monitor becoming nothing but a droning background noise as he replayed the last thing Yukito had said.



Ryuuya watched as Yukito was placed in the oven for cremation. He was silent, as was his mother. Yet they were silent for very different reasons. She simply did what was expected of her, while Ryuuya felt the loss deeply. He knew he would not forget about the girl it he sky, not when it had been so important to his father. And now that Yukito was gone, it felt as if the responsibility to free her from her curse was placed upon his shoulders. Ryuuya looked at the letter in his hand, from his father. It requested he go to the town he met Misuzu in, and spread his ashes along the shoreline. He even described the place he wanted Ryuuya to do it in perfect detail.

After it was done, Ryuuya accepted the pot Yukito's ashes were in, and held it carefully. He bowed to the staff of the funeral home, and followed his mother out. The ride back to their home was silent, Rena pointedly ignoring the pot Ryuuya still held.

They entered the house, neither talking to the other. Rena heading for the kitchen.

"I'll get dinner started." She said. Ryuuya nodded, not knowing if she had seen him or not. He headed for his room, pausing when he saw the futon his father had taken to sleeping on before he fell ill in the small family room. How many years had he slept there?

For almost as long as Ryuuya could remember. Was his mother really glad Yukito was gone? Entering his room, Ryuuya placed the jar on his desk, and sat on his bed, staring at it. He wondered if his mother would get mad enough to just toss it out. Ryuuya really didn't want to know if she would. She had begun to be a stranger in the past couple years, and he didn't know her anymore.


"Kunisaki Ryuuya!"

Ryuuya stood slowly as he was expected, and walked up to the podium to accept his diploma. He had simply drifted though the ceremony, detached from the excitement. Kazu had watched him worriedly, but said nothing as he waited for the ceremony to finish. Things had not gone well at home between Ryuuya and his mother since Yukito's death. They didn't fight, but more like they just avoided each other. Once the students were free to go, Kazu approached Ryuuya worriedly.

"Hey man, you talked to your mom at all lately? I didn't see her in the parents section.

"Not once since Dad died." Ryuuya sighed. "I remind her too much of him, we were practically identical."

"That's a little harsh." Kazu said, leaning on his desk. Ryuuya looked at his bag. There he had hidden Yukito's ashes in a container different than the ashes had been placed in. "What you going to do now?"

"Well, Mom wants me to go to a college she had me apply to. I got accepted and everything." Ryuuya sighed, leaning his chin on his hand.

"So you gonna go?" Kazu asked. Ryuuya sighed and looked out the window.

"…I don't know…"


"RYUUYA!" Rena exclaimed as she burst into the front hall, seeing her son sitting on the edge of the floor, putting his shoes on. He had a large duffel on the floor beside him, the same one Yukito had used so many years before. "Ryuuya, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to do what Dad wanted. I'm going back to the town where he met the Girl in the Sky, and I'm going to spread his ashes along the beach where she died."

"Ryuuya, you'll miss the entrance ceremony for the university!" Rena exclaimed.

"I'm not going to college." Ryuuya said, standing. Rena stared at him in shock as he shouldered the bag. "I'm going to do what Dad couldn't."

"So what now? You'll throw your life away for a stupid story!?" Rena snapped, glaring at her son. "It was just a stupid coincidence that he met that girl!"

"I'm not going to throw my life away. If I can break this curse, no one else has to go through this again. No one." Ryuuya said, his hand resting on the door frame.

"This same damn story tore our family apart!" Rena nearly screamed. Ryuuya paused as he opened the door, halfway out. He looked over his shoulder, the look on his face unreadable.

"Only because you let it." He said before leaving, shutting the door slowly behind him.

Rena stood in silence as she heard his bike rev up from around the corner of the house, then speed by the front and fade away down the street.

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