Ever since I was born, I've been having strange dreams. I see a girl, frozen in ice. She was radiant, beautiful, and had shared my name, Natsuki.I have a dream that her brother killed her to for his own selfish purposes. I don't wake up then; I watch her soul rise into the clouds and pass through golden gates. I think 'she must be in Heaven.' Yes and no, she was in heaven, but she had a new body, and dark wings sprung out of her back. Her name was now Finn Fish.

Her Hair was yellowish-green, an odd color compared to others. She worked hard, and made many friends-and met a lover, she was upgraded to a semi-angel and her wings turned white. She got to return to Earth to soak up holy energy, she did a horrible thing and was banished from Heaven. Right before her soul was vanished from existense, the prince of darkness made her his.

She only had one mission, to destroy the reincarnation of Jeanne d' she grew close to her and she failed. She had nowhere to go, she thought nobody loved her anymore. She thought that she could just let her soul go. But then her friends gave their holy-power to her, it wasn't enough but her lover came and gave almost all of his-just to save her life. I never forget his name, Access Time.

She became a full angel, but that didn't save her from dying. The last thing I saw was Access taking off an earring and closing it in her fist and said, "I'll meet you in another life"