A/N: Okay, I apologize for being so overdue with it. I just didn't know where to go with it. And just so you know, Rina and Ruka are Celicia and Toki, Fin's old angel friends... And I know that Toki is now a girl (Ruka) , I just found it funnier. And also, if it was 1999 when Maron was Jeanne, then 7 years later, it would be 2006 when Natsuki was born. So, it would be 2021. I won't try to make hover cars or Ibrain 4's or anything like that. The setting will be highly outdated, I'm sorry to say.

After early morning rhythmics practice, school started. Mom said that it hadn't changed since she went to school all those years ago, and by all those years ago, I mean the 90's. She was right, however. Momokuri senior high school hadn't changed. From the old desks to the out-dated uniforms, if Mom and Dad came back for a visit, they would be able to find their classroom and sit in their old seats.

Sadly, the same thing went for Shinji. When I walked into the classroom, the 19 year old was sitting in his old seat which is now mine. He smirked at me and leaned back. I looked to the teacher, he just shrugged his shoulders and told me that he would move eventually. Thank's a lot, Hijiri-sensei.

Right behind me, Rina was smiling and waving at the boy and Ruka was scowling. I scowled along with Ruka as Shinji went out of my seat and came towards me with his arms outstretched for a hug. "Natsu-" He tried to get out before I punched him.

"Nagoya-san!" The teacher called in the background, "No violence in the classroom!"

Rina ran over to Shinji and helped him up while Ruka and I high-fived each other. "What was that for?" Shinji asked.

"That is for annoying me and stalking me so early in the morning! You lolita complexed lout!" I snapped back.

"It's only because I love you so much!"

"Don't you have to be at the university? Your parents aren't paying for you to stay in High school!" I yelled, "now please leave!"

"Are you missing an earring?" He asked randomly, "Because I found one in your desk, but there was no match." He said holding up my earring.

My face boiled into a firey red. My fists tightened and it took all of my restraint to hold back from tackling him and clawing the earring away from him. It isn't his, it belonged to me. I was born with it, nobody else could have it except for the person who gave it to me. The person who was in my dreams. Access.

"Give it back." I snarled.

"And what if I say no?" Shinji asked, "What is so important about it?" he pressed on.

"Shinji, stop." Rina begged, "Just give it to her."

"Yeah. You're being a jerk. It isn't yours." Ruka added.

"But that is it. I think it is mine."

"Well it isn't!" I huffed, "Just give it back and nobody gets hurt."

"I refuse."

I look over to Hijiri-sensei, "You wouldn't mind if I leave the classroom for a moment to chat with Shinji, would you?"

He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his coffee casually, "If their are any stains, you have to clean them up after class."

I smiled and thanked him as I grabbed Shinji's arm and dragged him out into the hall to give him an example of what 2nd degree kendo can do to a girl.

Ten minutes later, I entered the classroom victorious. The earring was safe in my pocket and class still hadn't started. I took my rightful seat inbetween Rina and Ruka, who congratulated me.

"Alright, now that everything is settled, we can start the class." Hijiri-sensei said as he stood up and started writing on the chalkboard. "Now, since we are studying art in our class, we should look at," he turned to show what he wrote on the board, "Art thieves" he read.

I rolled my eyes, how interesting. We get to spend an hour learning about how the Mona Lisa was stolen and who returned them.

"Now who can tell me about famous art thefts in history?" He asked. The class responded in silence.

"The Mona Lisa was stolen, wasn't it?" I asked to break the silence.

"Indeed it was, Nagoya-san. On August 21, 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia had taken it because he felt that since it was an Italian painting, it should be displayed in an Italian museum. His reasons were so sincere and patriotic, that he was released early and called a hero in Italy." He explained, "Now, childeren, should he have been punished more because it was a very popular painting, or less because he was sincere?"

The class mumbled mixed answers.

"I don't think he should've been admired. A thief is a thief!" Someone exclaimed.

"Well, for those who can't make up their mind like Watanabe-san did, let us look at another art thief who is famous around these parts. Who has heard of Kaitou Jeanne?"

At least 90 percent of the kids raised their hands.

"My mom had something stolen by her!" Rina shouted angrily.

"Yeah, but she gave her a prettier painting in return, and love advice." Ruka defended, "You know that painting in the spare room, that was Jeanne's compensation!"

"Alright, so we know about Jeanne." He sighed with relief as he passed old newspaper articles and pictures around the classroom. "Nearing the end of the 20th century, in 1999 a new thief announced her arrival and declared that she would take a painting. The last time she was seen was actually on a camp retreat made by this high school."

"Have you ever seen Jeanne with your own eyes?" Another asked.

"Of course I have, Suzuki-kun. Many times. She never tried to hide. In fact, she had a fan club inside the police force trying to catch her." He droned on as I grabbed an article with a huge picture of Jeanne posing for the camera. Behind her was a blurry picture of a young Miyako Minazuki yelling and apparently chasing her.

"Did she ever get caught?"

"No, she didn't. However, even if she was, nobody ever pressed charges against her, so she really never did anything illegal- Except for disturbing the peace. The police usually just came to admire her." He admitted, "but the person in charge, Todaji Miyako, wouldn't give up until she was caught."

"If she didn't do anything illegal, then why did she chase her?"

Hijiri-sensei smiled, "Now that is an age-old question, but the only person who knows that is Miyako herself. Jeanne dissapeared as mysteriously as she came, however, so she never was caught or seen again."

"What about Sinbad? Was he ever caught?"

Hijiri-sensei chuckled as if he had his own inside joke, "No. He was pretty much Jeanne's rival and when she left, so did he. But he was caught once, then he escaped minutes after."

"Why are you telling us this?"

"To form an opinion in your opinion-lacking mind!" He snapped, "I'm sorry. But what I want you to do is research one of the art theives that we talked about, write about what they did and how they did it, what you think their motives were, and then write about how they should be punished, if at all. It is due in 3 days. Typed, double spaced, make a pretty cover."

Everybody was looking at me now, "Hey, you should interview Miyako-san!" Rina suggested, "It wouuld help us all!"

I sighed. Why must I do more work? But, if it were to help people out... "Fine." I sighed.