Can't play on broken strings

Plot: The Cullens leave to visit the Denali clan for a week. Edward is hesitant to leave Bella, but she's grounded and convinces him to go and have fun. When they come home to Forks, Bella is missing. Why didn't Alice see what happened? Will they find Bella? Will Bella ever be the same again? Mature themes in later chapter.

"Bells, I don't want you to hang out with Edward as much as you do. Every since you two have been together, you have shut all your other friends out." Charlie was scolding me for the millionth time on my relationship with Edward Cullen. Nothing was ever going to change between us. I would have to die first before willingly leaving Edward.

"Edward and I are in love. That's what happens, and I don't shut out my friends. Alice and I just went shopping last weekend. You like Alice remember?"

"Doesn't count, she's a Cullen." I gaped at him. What, was it some curse now to be a Cullen? Well if it was then I wish I was cursed for life.

"Get over it dad, things aren't changing. And I know what this is really about, you and Billy playing matchmaker. Newsflash: Jacob and I aren't happening. Dammit!" Yep, here's when I just stepped in it. I hardly ever curse and now I suddenly decide this would be the perfect time and place to demonstrate my vocabulary. Just my luck.

Charlie's eyes widened. Surprise or anger I'm not sure. It's kind of amusing actually, this argument Is the most we have really talked. Although I'm not certain he would approve of my sense of humor. I'll give him two more minutes before he throws his cards in and settles into the game.

"Oh really, well then you will just have to get over the fact that you're grounded!" Charlie stood his ground. Of all times for me to be wrong about his plans this had to be it.

"Grounded! How long?"

"Until graduation." Charlie left the small kitchen signaling the end of the conversation and the end of my life.

Running up the steps I grumble loudly and slam the doors. I can't believe this? I get grounded for saying dammit, it could have been worse. Whatever, little does he know, this won't damper me and Edward seeing each other. I open my window for Edward and jump down on my bed. Ten minutes pass and I'm still upset about my seemingly permanent confinement.

I hear a swoosh and light thud, impermeable to naïve ears. Looking up I see Edward smile crookedly at me. Suddenly everything isn't that bad. Hard for things to be bad when you're locked in a room with an amazingly perfect boyfriend.

"Hi Bella. Miss me?" He asks the most idiotic question I've heard in awhile. He walks over to me and lays beside me.

"Every second of everyday. So, I've got some bad news, kind of." I smile slightly at him.

"What do you know, I may have some bad news as well. Looks like we're made for each other." Edward laughs. I join him and kiss him, hoping to entice him to continue further but he breaks away first.

"So, you go first." I poke him.

"Well since you are being so pushy. My family is planning on going to visit the Denali clan tomorrow, spur of the moment decision. They want me to come but, I'm perfectly willing to stay here with my love. I'd really prefer it." His gaze is almost dangerous with the hold it has on me.

"Breathe Bella."

"Right, you kind of make me forget. Anyway, that's not so bad news. You should definitely go." I say relieved. I thought it was going to be something ten times worse.

"You don't want me?" Edward mocked hurt. At least I think it was faked. It sounded sincere but I was clearly not meaning what he thought.

"Don't be silly. It's just I'm grounded for the rest of high school, literally. You would only be able to see me at night, and we'd have to stay in my room. So long story short, it would be a real drag comparatively." My blanket covers me before Edward pulls me into his arms.

"You know, I hate when you do that. I told you I don't mind."

"I know, I just don't want you to be cold love. I don't see anything wrong with staying in your room." Edward lightly breathed on my neck. I think he was trying to torture me, really.

"Well, I'll probably be cranky all the time from lack of air or something. Seriously, spend time with your family. And think of how disappointed Tanya would be if you didn't come?" I laugh mentioning Tanya and her little crush on Edward.

"Bella, you are just too stubborn. But you are somewhat right, I haven't spent that much time with my family. And Tanya, well that's a whole new reason for me to stay." Edward smirked.

"So we have an agreement? You're going to Alaska for a week?"

"Yes love, but I have to warn you, I might spontaneously combust from being separated from you. Now, it's time for the human to sleep."

And with that I fell off to a beautiful slumber. Sleeping was uneventful, I must have been more tired than I thought. I could feel Edward nudging me awake. Sighing, I look up at him.

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