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We always fight ,a lot. She's always being logical and rational and I'm the one who's being practical. The anger and fury in her eyes was not supposed to draw me in and seduce me that way. I felt the need for her consuming me in a way which I couldn't understand what she was saying anymore. My pants were becoming increasingly tighter- my imagination was wandering off. Our latest case brought us to her office late at night. It was empty except from me and her.

I sat on the couch watching her getting angry with me. I loved knowing that I put the fire into her eyes. I got up slowly and started moving forward and yelling closer to her face. As I approached her, her eyes bore into mine and a glimmer of desire flashed by. She slowly looked me up and down and I felt my body heighten itself in anticipation.

She looked me in the eye and said 'So all of this has been turning you on?'

I looked back at her with equal passion and replied 'Yes.'

I brought my lips down near her ear and whispered in a husky voice 'Doesn't it turn you on?'

She replied in a very unconvincing 'No'

I then griped her hips and pushed my body flush against hers. I then rubbed my erection against her which elicited a moan from her.

'So when I do this nothing?' I then traced my fingers the small of her back dipping lower to caress her ass.

'When I do this you don't feel anything?' I put my lips to her ear and started nibbling and kissing her there slowly.

'Noooo...I don...I don't ...feel noth.....nothing' she replied in a voice roughly coated with desire.

I then ground my erection harder against her and felt her hips respond.

'This...does... nothing to you Bones? Nothing at all?'

When I pulled my lips away from her neck and started moving towards her lips she placed her hands on my chest and gripped my shirt tightly. The look she gave me then was one fuelled with passion and desire and I was stilled by it. I only noticed what we were doing when she thrust her hips forward and crushed her lips to mine.

This kiss was so intense and so passionate (I thought I was going to come right there) she let her tongue roll against my bottom lip and I allowed her entrance. Our tongues mingled and fought for dominance. Soon we were both moaning and out of breath. As I pulled away and looked into her eyes, I saw one thing I hoped I would never see when this finally happened – Regret.

I slowly pulled away as she gave me a questioning gaze.

I muttered the only words I could at that moment "We …we can't the line and Sully! I forgot about him. "

She then got very infuriated 'Sully... damn it booth'

'Its just well I couldn't you were getting so...and I'

'Stop don't even finish that sentence. I need to go.'

'Don't… stay'

"I'm sorry Booth but I just can't ...I'm going to go home to Sully. Goodnight'

'Damn it Bones! I'm sorry…can't we just go back to how things were before?'

"We'll talk tomorrow. Right now I have other needs and urges that need to be taken care of so have fun playing with yourself on that side of the line."

As she walked away I could bring myself to move. My feet were solidly planted on the now invisible line we had both crossed moments before.

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