Ok so this is my first ever chaptered X-Men fic. There are MAJOR spoilers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in this. Although Sabertooth is a good guy so there are things from the movie that had to be changed around in order for him to be a good guy. It's a Logan/ Remy, Victor/Kitty story so lots of slash and het for everyone. I hope you guys enjoy this, please review.

Chapter 1

Logan collapsed to the ground and managed to move enough to where he was leaning up against a tree trunk. "Damn those bastards are persistent," he grumbled as he watched the bullet holes in his arms and legs close up slowly.

"Yea well, we are their biggest threat Jimmy," Victor said as he lay on the ground staring up at the sky.

Logan chuckled and winced as he tried to work out the kink in his neck. "I told you it was a bad idea to let Stryker live," Victor grumbled. "You're probably right but I didn't want his disgusting blood all over my claws," Logan said before he let his body fall to the side, hitting the ground with a small thump causing Victor to laugh.

"It's not funny," Logan grumbled.

Victor made to sit up but found that he didn't have the energy. "I'm tired, sore, and hungry. You'd think this damn healing thing we have would hurry up already."

"Well we have been running for three days straight now, not to mention getting shot more times than I can remember, give it a bit," Logan said knowing how impatient his brother could be. He could tell without even looking that his brother was pouting and he cracked a smile.

"When I can stand again I think I'm gonna eat a deer, all of it, even the antlers," Logan said and Victor laughed as he imagined his younger brother trying to eat deer antlers. The smile left his face as he remembered the day when Logan came to him on the run from Stryker and trying desperately to find and kill Wade Wilson who had been going around killing everyone in their old group. He was horrified to discover what Sryker had done to his little Jimmy and what had happened to Kayla who he had meet two years prior. He had promised to help the younger man in his search which had led the two of them plus Remy LeBeau to Three Mile Island where they found Wade who had been turned into some super mutant. They had defeated him barely and freed the mutants the Colonel had captured.

Stryker in his rage had tried to kill Logan with an adamantium bullet but Victor had grabbed the man before he could take a shot to the head. Victor had wanted to kill the man for what he had done but Logan told Victor that he wasn't worth their time and Victor had reluctantly agreed.

Which brought them to the reason why the two were so tired they could barely lift their heads and why Stryker was currently trying to capture or kill them.

"You ok over there?" Logan asked and Victor let his head loll over to the side so he could look at his brother. "Just thinking," Victor replied.

"I thought I smelt something burning," Logan said with a smirk.

"When I can stand again I'm kickin your ass small fry," Victor threatened half-heartedly.

Before Logan had the chance to fire off a smart ass reply they both heard a voice in their head.

"Logan, Victor."The two jumped to their feet and stood back to back Logan's adamantium claws extended and Victor felt his nails growing, ready to face whatever threat was headed their way.

"Relax my friends, my name is Charles Xavier and I do not wish any harm on the two of you, I merely wish to talk.""God I hate it when telepaths talk this way it's creepy," Victor said. "Yea no kiddin," the younger man replied.

"There is a clearing a few feet in front of you, if you can make it over there we can talk face to face which I assume would be your preference."The two looked at each other trying to figure out if they should chance it. They didn't know who this Charles Xavier was and what he wanted with the two of them, but the man was a mutant so there was the chance that he just wanted to help the two.

Slowly and wearily the brothers leaned on each other for support as they made their way to the clearing. There were three people standing in the clearing when they finally made it. A beautiful black woman with white hair and an air of sophistication and compassion surrounding her. Next to her was a bald man sitting in a wheel chair smiling at them in welcome. Standing by the man in the wheel chair was a tall man with a strange looking visor over his eyes.

"What do you want?" Victor asked as he shifted a bit to get a better hold on his brother.

"We've come to help, give you someplace safe to stay and get away from the people hunting you," the man in the wheel chair said and Victor surmised that he was Xavier.

"Why would you want to do that?" the older feral asked. He was suspicious of the man and his offer to help two men he had never met before. He didn't know what the man wanted but he and Jimmy wouldn't give it to him.

"Because that's what we do, we give mutants a safe haven away from the prejudices of the world and we help them get a handle on their powers at the same time so they know how to use them properly without hurting anyone," Xavier explained.

Victor looked over at Logan to ask what he thought only to find the young feral passed out from exhaustion. He knew it wouldn't be long before Stryker caught their trail again and he and his brother needed a safe place to sleep and heal, Victor was amazed that he was still standing on only will alone.

"You'll give us a safe place to stay," Victor said warily and Xavier nodded and the feral caught that he was being honest with him.

"Alright we'll go with you, but if you screw us over I swear to God," Victor growled. Xavier nodded "I promise there will be no need for you to make good on your threat."

The white haired woman spoke into her com-link as Xavier nodded at her. "Alright, we are a go, we need to be quick they require medical attention."

Victor took a step back as he heard the sound of a jet coming straight for them. He didn't know what he had gotten the two of them into but he need to get his brother to someplace safe and fast. "If you get pissed at me for making this decision alone it's not my fault you passed out ok," he grumbled into Logan's ear.

The feral watched as a sleak black jet came into view and prepared to land in the clearing. "Sorry Jimmy looks like we're flyin outta here," Victor commented knowing Logan got air sick easily.

The jet landed and the woman went to meet who ever was flying as the young man with his eyes covered moved to take Logan away so that Victor could walk easier. "I got him," Victor said in warning and the young man just held up his hands "Just tryin to help," he said as Victor walked slowly past him towards the jet.

Each step made his legs feel more and more like jell-o and he decided that maybe letting the punk lug his brother's heavy ass to the jet wasn't such a bad idea. His vision tunneled and he cursed as he felt his legs give out and he passed out into sweet oblivion.

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