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It didn't take long for Remy and the others to run into trouble. The X-Men policy was not to kill unless it was necessary but Remy didn't care if it was necessary or not. The soldiers worked for Stryker and had attacked the mansion and taken people he cared about. They deserved to die and it seemed that Scott agreed with his attitude.

Before they could stop him, a soldier ran over and pulled a switch and alarm bells began to blare throughout the whole base. Scott blasted the man away from the wall, killing him instantly.

"We don't have a lot of time," Scott said "Storm, Jean go find the kids, Remy and I will find Victor and Logan," the man said and the group split in two without arguement.

Remy and Scott raced down another corridor as the two girls kept going straight down the hall. The young Cajun was frantic in his worry and made sure to look in every room they passed for his lover. They clashed with more soldiers at every step of the way, but they never stood a chance against the two mutants.

"Your boyfriend's more trouble than he's worth," Scott said and Remy took a page out of Logan's book and growled at the other man. "Ain't nobody ask for your opinion," the Cajun snapped. They continued their search, the two men managing to shove their disdain for each other aside for the moment.

Scott stopped abruptly as he caught something out of the corner of his visor. "That's got those two written all over," the man said as he looked into what used to be an office to view the destruction.

Remy moved into the room and saw his lover's distinct claw marks adorning parts of the concrete floor and walls. The remainder of what had been a nice looking wooden desk was soaked with blood, a large piece of wood with blood covering only one end had been tossed onto the floor next to it's source.

The young man reached down as something peculiar caught his eye. Scott entered the room as Remy held up a tuft of copper fur. "Look like ya gonna have a chance a revenge afta all," the Cajun said and Scott tensed before turning on his heel and stalking out of the room.


Hank looked up as he heard Kitty begin to mumble in her sleep. He slowly moved over to the side of her bed and gently placed a hand on her forehead, frowning when he felt that her temperature had risen. The young woman was headed into a full blown fever and he needed to hurry and try and lessen or prevent it from happening.

"Victor," she groaned as she began to toss and turn on the bed.


Logan and Victor stood in the doorway of the large room before them. The younger feral stared at the glass tank in the center of the room and kept picturing himself in the water.

"This feels vaguely like a set up," Victor grumbled.

"What, is your spidey sense tingling?" Logan replied blandly.

"Don't bring Spidey into this," the older said and his brother rolled his eyes.

"He wouldn't be much help anyway," the young feral said.

Victor sighed and stepped into the room, set up or not, Stryker's scent was strong and fresh and led into the room that was obviously used for mutant experimentation. The two turned around sharply as the door they had spent a minute debating on going through slammed closed.

"Ok it's not tingling anymore it's more like a full on alarm," Victor stated.

"I'd say you're probably right," Logan replied.

"It's a pity you two don't know your place," they heard Stryker say over a speaker system.

"Yea well why don't you come in here and maybe you can show us," Logan growled as he let his claws slide free.

Stryker chuckled "As much as I'd like to boys, I've urgent matters to attend to at the moment, it seems as if your little mutant back-up is becoming a nuisance," the man said and the brothers looked at each other in surprise. They hadn't come with back up and they were almost positive that no one from the mansion had followed them.

"What are you talking about?" Victor asked.

"Don't play dumb with me, it's kind of ironic however, I haven't seen Gambit in so long and I'm sure I have a use for him once he's captured," Stryker said maliciously. Logan snarled and clenched his fists tightly, "You touch one hair on his head, I fuckin' swear Stryker, I'll..." but the young feral was cut off.

"You'll do what Wolverine?" Stryker asked mockingly. "I didn't know you two were so attatched, how sweet. Now I apologize for not chatting with you in person," he said as the door on the other side of the room began to open.

"But I think you'll find my replacement suitable,' Stryker said and Logan and Victor glared as a newly healed Jackal stepped into the room.

"Maybe we should have brought Spidey along," Logan said as Jackal roared at them, trying to show them his dominance.

"Why's that?

Logan shrugged "Well we could just shove Spidey at him and while the fuzzball is ripping him to shreds we can jump in and cut fluffy's head off."

Victor chuckled as he let his claws grow out and before Jackal got the chance, the brother's attacked.


Scott raced the halls, blasting anything in his way. Remy was struggling to keep up with the other mutant, but the two men were determined to find what they sought. One to destroy and one to try and save. "Logan, cher where ya b'?" the young Cajun asked himself softly.

His answer came in the form of a loud crash, growls, and roars; coming from behind a door further up the hall.

"Finally," Scott breathed as he raced to the door and wrenched it open to unleash the chaos within.