Hey Everyone, another new story. I know, I'm crazy. This is another dark one, so be warned. No worries though, like all my stories it will have a HEA. Just a note: Someday, Somewhere is done but there is a sequel coming. Everything else will be updated soon! Enjoy this!

Warning: This chapter contains themes of domestic and sexual violence.

I sat waiting to hear the front door open or for my cell phone to ring. It was nearly two am and Joe hadn't come home or called yet. It was the fourth time this month that he'd done this and it was starting to piss me off. All the harping he did about me settling down and becoming a good 'Burg housewife and then he doesn't even come home when I do find the time to cook him dinner.

Before we'd gotten married Joe promised that he accepted my career choice and that he was fine with me being me, and not some perfect 'Burg wife. He said he didn't care that I wasn't interested in having children yet. He was being so great that I'd tried to compromise. I cooked dinner once in a while, I did laundry. Nothing seemed to be enough though. Joe was constantly bitching at me to quit my job and stay at home full time. If it wasn't that it was kids. His Grandma Bella wanted to see Joe's babies before she died. Yikes, that woman was likely to outlive us all anyway.

It was enough to drive me crazy, but then we had good days and the bad days didn't seem all that bad anymore. Until another came along to remind me. Maybe I was just being too sensitive. Work wasn't going well. I'd had an amazing number of embarrassing captures lately that made me feel like an idiot. To top it off Ranger wasn't really speaking to me. This thrilled Joe to no end but made me feel like shit.

Ranger hadn't voiced any objections to me marrying Joe; he'd acted normal until a few days before the wedding when he took off on some super secret mission. When he came back I was married and he was distant. It hurt my feelings the first time we'd ran into each other and he'd only muttered a few words before grabbing his skips and leaving the office without saying goodbye. It was just adding another layer of depression to my life.

And now this thing with Joe being late all the time. It was just fraying my already thin nerves. I waited another hour and the door finally opened and Joe came upstairs, staggering into the bedroom like he was drunk.

"What are you still doing up Cupcake?" He crawled onto the bed and nuzzled my neck, "God I missed you today." Apparently tonight was going to be a good night.

"Waiting for you." Joe nipped at my neck and unbuttoned his jeans. I moaned under his mouth and ripped at his shirt buttons. I pushed him down and straddled him and he lifted my t-shirt over my head. I got his pants off him and kissed down his stomach until I reached…what the fuck? "Joe?"

"Keep going Cupcake…"

I tried to keep my voice calm, tried not to jump to conclusions but there was really only one conclusion to jump to. "Joe there is lipstick on your dick."

Joe's head shot up and he looked at the perfect pair of lipstick lips encircling the base of his dick. "Oh fuck."

I sat up and pulled my t-shirt back on and got out of the bed. "Seriously Joe? We've been married less than six months! Fuck! I'm having a Dickie flashback." I pulled on some jeans and grabbed my purse.

Joe jumped up behind me and grabbed my arm and flung me back on the bed. He straddled me and held my arms above my head so I couldn't move. What an asshole. I struggled to get him off me but I wasn't strong enough. "Do not compare me to him Stephanie."

"Well you're certainly acting like him. Jack ass. I want you to let me go. And I want a divorce." Joe's hands tightened on my wrists and cried out.

"We are not getting a divorce. You are going to have a baby and quit your job and learn to make a fucking pot roast. Do I make myself clear?" Joe said. I realized then how drunk he really was.

"No Joe. Let me up. We'll talk about this tomorrow." I had no intentions of talking about it. I just wanted him off of me. I tried to get up and when he wouldn't let me I bit his arm. I saw his arm draw back and then snap forward in slow motion. I heard the sickening crunch my nose made as his fist made contact. I screamed in pain. He let go of my wrists and my hands went automatically to my face. Joe reached down and pulled my jeans off of me and then ripped off my panties. Fuck. I tried to get up but he pinned me down with one hand and spread my legs with the other. I tried to scream but there was blood pouring down the back of my throat from my nose.

Joe pushed himself inside of me roughly, not giving me anytime to get used to his size. It hurt and struggling just made it hurt worst. He bent his head and bit my nipple until I felt his teeth sink into my skin. I was choking on the blood that was trickling down my throat. Joe didn't care, he kept fucking me, thrusting into my harder and harder until finally he came and then collapsed on top of me.

He pulled himself up and whispered in my ear, "Not a word. You're already the laughing stock of Trenton. I'll ruin you Stephanie. I'll get Ranger on some made up charge. I'll make your life living hell." He got off of me and I sat up and tried to get a good breath. Joe put on his pants and shirt and opened the door. "Clean this place up. Christ Stephanie." He slammed the door shut behind him and I sat in shock.

What the hell had just happened? I touched my nose gently and almost screamed. It hurt like a bitch. It must have been broken, it was still dripping blood and I didn't know if it would stop on its own. I reached for my cell and called Lula, she answered after a few rings, sounding sleepy.

"Hey Lula, I fell down the stairs, can you give me a ride to the hospital? I think I broke my nose."

"I'm on my way. Wait, where is Joe?"

"Overnight stakeout."

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes girl."

I stood up to put on my jeans and grimaced. I was sore; I walked to the bathroom slowly and cleaned up. There was blood staining my thighs. I grimaced again and put on some sweats. I went outside to wait on the porch, a hand towel held lightly against my nose. A black Escalade pulled up. Fuck. I didn't need Tank seeing this. Lula jumped out of the SUV closely followed by Tank. I waved them off but Tank came over and lifted the towel from my face.

"Shit Bomber. What happened?" Tank asked and helped me into the back of the SUV.

"Fell down the stairs," I answered as he jumped into the front seat and took off. I couldn't tell them what had really happened. That Joe broke my nose and raped me. I had no doubt he would do what he said. Except he wouldn't have to make up some charge to get Ranger with. Ranger would be going to prison for murder if he found out.

"You want me to call Ranger, Bomber?" Tank asked as we drove.

"No! I'm fine. Really. Don't bother him." I realized suddenly that my words were coming out very funny when I talked. Tank gave me a look like I was crazy but didn't take out his cell. We got to the ER and amazingly there wasn't much of a wait. The doctor said the break wasn't horrible but he had to straighten it and they gave me a local anesthetic. It still hurt. He put some type of tape on it and told me it would hurt for a while and gave me a prescription for Vicodin.

Ranger was outside the room when I walked out. I sighed and he looked me over carefully. "What happened Babe?"

"I'm sure Tank told you."

"Tank told me you lied to him." Ranger said with a raised eyebrow.

I sighed, "Ranger it is embarrassing enough to fall down the stairs in my own house, I don't need you adding to that." Ranger nodded and walked me out, Tank and Lula were gone. Cripes. I looked at Ranger. "I need to stop at a 24 hour pharmacy to get my pain pills." Ranger nodded again and stopped at the pharmacy. He waited with me while they filled the prescription and bought me a bottle of water.

"This says to take one every eight hours. No more than three every twenty-four hours." I nodded and popped two, washing them down with water.

"Babe." He put me in the car and by the time he pulled up to Joe's I was concentrating fully on not saying what had happened. I was relieved not to see Joe's car. Ranger carried me into the house and upstairs. He paused when he saw the sheets. "I thought you said you fell down the stairs."

"I did. It didn't bleed much until I laid down." The excuse sounded weak to my ears but Ranger nodded. He sat me down in the chair in the corner and stripped the bed. I told him where to find new sheets. He made up the bed and put me inside and then sat down in the chair in the corner. "Go home. I'm fine."

"I'm going to keep an eye on you until Joe gets here." I wanted to protest but my head was too fuzzy. I lingered somewhere in between awake and asleep for a while until I heard the door open. Joe came in and I heard him swear.

"What are you doing here?"

"Relax. Stephanie fell down the stairs, broke her nose. She called Lula who was with Tank who called me. She should be fine but the doctor said to keep an eye on her." I heard Ranger shut the bedroom door and I tensed as Joe settled onto the bed.

I pretended to be asleep and I felt him brush a light kiss over my lips. It took all of my strength not to cower away from him.

Alright, hope it wasn't *too* dark for you all. Let me know.