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Ranger's POV

The Devil and the Angel on my shoulders were conversing loud enough that I was sure Steph would pull away from me at any moment to see what the fuck was going on. The Angel was saying 'come on Carlos, you love this girl and you don't want to hurt her.' The Devil was saying 'Ranger, do it! You love her! Why not?'

I knew there was a thin line here that I didn't want to cross, one way or the other. I needed to walk the line. Enough to show her I cared and wanted her, not enough to scar her. I held her and pressed my lips into her neck, taking in a scent that was pure Steph. Her shampoo, my body wash and her skin all mingled together.

My cell phone rang and I relaxed, saved by the bell. I pulled it from my pocket and shot Steph an apologetic grin as I flipped it open. "Yo."

"Morelli made bail," Tank told me. He sounded nervous. Like I might shoot him over the phone.

"How the hell did that happen" I asked, keeping my voice low so I wouldn't worry Steph. She was giving me an odd look. I sent her a brief smile to let her know everything was fine and stepped out of the shower stall. I heard her sigh and turned to get one last look at her before I left the room.

Tank sighed, "Called in favors, how else? Sebring posted bail." Well that was good. At least I wouldn't have to kill Vinnie today.

"Put two men on him, make sure he stays away. We'll be in the office tomorrow." I disconnected and turned to see Steph standing in the door of the bathroom, not sure where she could or should go. "Uh, sorry, dinner is ready whenever you're done." I shut the door behind me, not wanting to invade her privacy. A few months ago I would've watched her with a wolfish grin on my face. It didn't seem appropriate now. Although my Devil and Angel were arguing about that too.

I was pissed now. Morelli had somehow called in favors from other law enforcement people (that I can only imagine are more sleazy than he is) to get him out of jail. The little guys on shoulder finally agreed on something, I should shoot Morelli.

Steph's POV

I wasn't sure if I should thank whoever was on the other end of that phone call or shoot them in the eye. That brought me up short. It was obviously a new Stephanie thought. Old Stephanie had never shot a gun, and in fact had an almost unnatural (for a Jersey resident) hate of them. Was this normal to feel like myself but in have her thoughts too? Was it normal that I thought of me as a completely different person from this new Stephanie? I sighed and walked into the closet. There were rows of clothes, mostly black against two walls. Another wall held a lot of black and some color too. I decided to start there, mostly because Ranger didn't strike me as a pink person. I didn't recognize anything but it was all my size so I picked some jeans that were dark wash and tight (was this in style now?) and a pink tank top. I rifled through the drawers before finding one full of my bras and panties. I couldn't help but notice there were no boxers or briefs of Ranger's in any of the drawers. Hoo Boy.

I donned my new clothes quickly and went to find Ranger. He was sitting at the dining room table waiting for me. I sat down and stared at my food. It smelled good but I had no idea what it was. I poke the meat with my fork.

"It's chicken Babe. This is one of your favorite foods," Ranger promised. Was it really? Or was he trying to trick me into liking it? It looked healthy, which had me concerned. I was not a health food nut. In fact rarely did I ever eat remotely healthy. I took a small bite and moaned when it hit my tongue.

"Oh my god this is so good!"

"Told you so." Ranger poured me a glass of wine and I took a sip. Not bad. I took another sip and before I knew it I had drained the glass. I went to pour myself another glance but Ranger chuckled, "You have to be up early Babe, and you may have forgotten what I light weight you are, but I haven't."

I sighed, he was right. One glass of wine made me horny, two made me woozy, and three would put me down for the count. Probably a good idea to stop at one. I got up and started clearing the dishes and was surprised when Ranger helped. He didn't look like a dishes type of guy.

"So the couch is pretty small. You won't fit, but I will, I'll sleep on it," I offered.

"Babe…" Ranger started.

I interrupted him, "Don't argue. It makes sense. Plus I'm sure this couch is plusher than my bed," I said.

Ranger sent me a thankful half smile, "Do you want to watch a movie or something?" He asked and motioned towards a case full of DVDs. I nodded and wondered over to them. There were a lot of new movies that I'd never heard of. Or didn't remember in any case.

"No offense but some of these seem…girly…" I said.

"That's because Ella buys them for you to watch when you're stuck here. I don't have a lot of time for movies." He smirks as I hold up a random movie but nods and so I go ahead and stick it in.

It's not your typical love story. I am apparently, according to Ranger, the only person in America to be surprised to find out Edward Cullen is a vampire. I mean I knew something was going on but whoa. Ranger and I are sitting close but I resist the urge to lay across him as I get tired. Apparently my subconscious isn't as strong because when I wake up I'm draped over him and the TV is off. He's still sitting but seems to be sleeping. He's gonna have one hell of a kink in his neck in the morning if he sleeps like that all night.

I watched him sleep for a while, he was much more peaceful in sleep than he was when he was awake. I gently shook him, "Ranger?"

"Babe." He opened his eyes and I realized that I was still draped over him.

I sat up, "Sorry, I didn't mean to…uh…." I didn't finish my sentence because 'molest you in your sleep' didn't sound very good. "I figured you might want to sleep in the bed…"

"Thanks." Ranger was back to being a man of few words. He set me up with some blankets and pillows and said good night. I noticed he left his door open. I lay down, the couch was pretty darn comfortable but I was restless. It took me over an hour to get to sleep and even then it was a strange half awake, half asleep feeling, even when I was dreaming I was firmly aware of where I was.

The nightmare came suddenly and even though I knew it was just a nightmare I couldn't stop it. I let it play through, grateful when I was finally able to open my eyes. I stood up and padded silently into Ranger's room. I stood by the bed and stared at him for a minute.

"Something you need babe?" He asked and opened one eye.

"I can't sleep out there…" I said, feeling stupid. I wasn't five and Ranger wasn't my parent. He nodded and patted the bed beside him though and so I crawled in. "Ranger?"


"Something is poking my butt."


"Well it seems that we could…" I heard Ranger sigh and I giggled.

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