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Warning: Language. Yeah, that's it.

Notes: Just something short and simple I wrote between classes today. I might work into into something larger eventually. Who knows? Also, it's from Tokitoh's POV, in case that wasn't obvious.



May 2009

It fucking hurts, knowing that you had parents at some point, a family. And at some point they threw you into the street like trash, like something broken--once cherished and now completely worthless. It makes you want to cry to know that if you died today, no one would miss you. Probably no one would even notice that you were gone. No one cries over dead strays in the gutter. It rips at your insides like shame and guilt and other sharp, raw emotions that you don't completely understand, but you grit your teeth and swallow down the angry tears that burn the backs of your violet eyes, because no one else is crying over you.

You think about things like that when you leave the convenience store and you always pause to stare at the posters of missing kids, forgotten smiles minus front teeth and clutching well-loved stuffed animals, snapshots of innocent, happy memories. You always hope silently to see your own face staring back from the bulletin boards, because it would mean that someone somewhere in that vast world outside this cluttered, dirty corner store in Yokohama knew you, loved you, wanted you to come home. But you never do see your own childish effigy grinning back at you in detached black and white. And you always feel that pang of disappointed sadness contract through you until your heart screams in your chest and you want to break something. And you always turn back down the sidewalk, hands stuffed into your pockets fisted until your nails cut crescent moons into the skin of your palms, head hung in a quiet longing that you'll never have the guts to voice aloud.

And Kubota always wraps an arm around your skinny shoulders and flashes his easy smile at you and tells you with his hazel eyes that his world would fracture and fall from its crooked axis if you disappeared.

And it's always easier to choke back the tears after that.

I know it was a short one, but I figured I'd post it anyway. And if Toki-boy seems a little OOC, I have to admit he may be because I have a hard time nailing his character.

But I bet Kubota doesn't.