You Belong With Me

Disclaimer: I do not own Spiral. And that's a fact.

Kousuke: Please, oh gracious God. Do not let her own Spiral.

Ponchimaya: Shut up.

There he was. Talking to his girlfriend Komari on the phone. We're neighbors, you see. Our houses are very close together, only separated by a fence. The big window of my bedroom is facing the big window of his bedroom.

We were good friends. But, sadly, our worlds are oh so very far apart. He's the captain of the soccer team at school. Very popular, and naturally, a heartrob.

Me, I'm very different. I was a geek. A nerd. That is the invisible lable they all put on my forehead.

Except him. He never thought of me as a geek. He saw through my glasses and messy braided hair.

His name is Narumi Ayumu. Age: 18. My name is Yuizaki Hiyono. Age:18.

So it's blaringly obvious, isn't it? I'm in love with him.

But he already had a girlfriend. Yumi Komari, Age: 18, Beautiful, of course. Cheerleading captain, most popular girl in school.

I glance up at him through the window from my book. It looked like he was arguing. I put down the book and crawled to the foot of my bed for a better look. He shut his phone, and sat on the foot of his bed, frustrated. He saw me looking at him. I blushed.

I reached out for our only means of communication. A sketch pad and a marker.

You okay? I wrote. I showed it to him. He smiled slightly and reached for his sketchpad and marker.

Tired of drama. He wrote. I smiled.

What happened?



Kanna caught her making out with Shiro again.

Ouch. You alright?

Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks a lot.

I smiled. I decided that I had to tell him now. Now would be a good chance. A wonderful chance. No one to disturb us.

I love you. I wrote. I flashed it to him, bracing myself.

But his curtains were already shut for the night.