Chapter 1

If there's anything in the World-er. . .Seiretei that'll make the Captain of the Tenth Division happy, then there's no doubt it'll be the disappearance of his Lieutenant's mouth.. Sure, he'll miss her useless ranting about stuff like how 'stupidly' serious he is, as to why his hair was white or getting a girlfriend or something. Either way, it had become a daily occurrence in his life so it was impossible for him not to care.

But he can never ask that. He'll admit that it's quite annoying sometime- okay, maybe all the time is the right word, but it not good to ask that sort of thing to happen. Or so he thought.

"Taicho~" Matsumoto chirped as she barged in his office, making her way to Hitsugaya's desk. She had plenty of paper bags in hand which resulted on a raise eyebrow from Hitsugaya.

"You'll never believe what happened on my way back here from the Human World. I happened to pass by a mall that got this really big sale and look what I bought you. Isn't it cute?" Matsumoto exclaimed while holding up a black human coat with all this straps all over it sleeves .Okay. . .maybe he may consider that wish, more like a plea, as an early birthday present. Yeah, give him that and he wouldn't ask for anything more in his whole lifetime. Just. Just make this simple wish come true. Please.

Rukia is acting weird lately. At least that's what Byakuya had observed recently. She had been acting more feminine and he swore he saw her wearing make-up once. But being the oh-so overprotective brother that he was, he quickly told her to NEVER ever put on those things again unless on the right age. He also noticed that Rukia is always had been in a daze lately and to Byakuya's displeasure, Rukia had been asking him weird question that he doubts himself to even be the one to answer, especially to a girl in the fear that Rukia wouldn't see and look at him the same way anymore. I'm telling you, you don't want to know what Rukia asked him cause it ain't pretty to hear coming from her mouth.

Not to mention her constant absence in the manor even when it's her day off. Byakuya inquired this matter to Rukia's division captain-Ukitake Juushiro. He had asked the sickly captain if he was giving Rukia a lot of additional work for her to leave the mansion really early(when I said early I mean, as in really early, like four in the morning) in the morning and come back late at night which Ukitake hadn't got the slightest idea of.

"I can assure you, Kuchiki-taicho, the missions I am giving Rukia are the ones that I know she's quite capable of. Besides, I haven't had given an assignment these past two weeks, so what you're saying is absurd." Ukitake defended himself. He sounded a bit offended on Byakuya's accusation. Honestly, he treats Rukia like his own daughter and like a father; he too cared a lot for the dark-haired girl.

Though he couldn't deny that he, himself had noticed Rukia's strange behaviour which he too began to question. He also recall his encountered to the young Kuchiki this morning.


He was taking one of his walks in the Thirteenth Division's garden where he saw her resting under a tree. She was staring blankly at the sky, looking deep her own thoughts. He tried calling out her name several times.

"Kuchiki-san, good morning." he greeted with his usual friendly smile.

No answer.

Taking it that she didn't hear him, he walk over to where she was dozing off. Once he was in front of her, still on reaction.

"Kuchiki-san. Yohoo! Is somebody there?" Ukitake asked waving his hand on her face. He was on his knees now, looking at Rukia with didn't even flinch, her expression remainingblank.

"Ano. . .Kuchiki-san?"


That's it. That did it. I give up. It appears like I'm talking to some human-sized doll. Ukitake let out a exasperated sigh. He just settled down next to her. To Ukitake's surprise however, once his back was leaned back to the tree trunk, Rukia let out a yelp.

"U-Ukitake-taicho! Uh . . . Kuchiki Rukia at your service, sir!" Oh-kaaay…weird.

End of Flashback

So now here was Byakuya, on his study room, brows knitted together and a deep scowl on his pretty face. Yep, Kuchiki Byakuya was upset. He couldn't think of a reason as to which his beloved little sister had been acting like she is thought long a hard to find the answer to his question but to no avail. His answer sheet is as blank as his red-haired lieutenant's head.

"Right" he said to no one in particular as he stood up. At times like this, things call for desperate measures; which is by the way going to a woman herself. An expert to woman's behaviour, someone who had enough experience in the field called womanhood, a person who knew the answer to his unanswered question, a woman who goes by the name of. . .

"Matsumoto Rangiku " Byakuya's voice was suddenly got colder and with no doubt had a hint of disdain, even though I doubt it can't get any worse than before. But, hey, to tell you the truth, it did.