Chapter 8

Ichigo's POV

I walk down the halls of the 10th Division. Matsumoto had asked of to discuss something concerning Rukia. Sigh. The event the other week was such a pain in the neck. I hadn't much closed my eyes since then.

". . .Ichigo is one of my bestfriend, a precious friend at that. . ."

Those words kept on replaying in his head like it was a broken record or something. He hadn't been himself lately. At least that what's Chad said. Ichigo sighed again. He admits that he was hurt by Rukia's words.

"Just a friend, huh?"he mumbled to himself. He stopped in his tracks and gaze at the clear blue sky. "Is that what I am to you. . .Rukia?. . ." He continued walking until he reached the Tenth Division Captain's door. His hand was about to touch the shoji door when it suddenly burst open revealing a furious Hitsugaya. Ichigo being well, the oblivious when to stay quiet and shut the crap up, just have to address the young captain with his first name had only tick the boy even more.

"Yo, Toushiro!"

"Shut up, Kurosaki! Matsumoto! I want this office spotless when I come back or else." the now enraged captain treatened behind him. And just 'poof' his gone. Ichigo blinked.

"Wow. . .that was fast."

"More like a pain in the ass if you ask me."Matsumoto emerged from the room. She seems like suffering from a hangover with her grey eyes puffy and hair a mess. When the strawberry blonde's eyes fell on though Ichigo it suddenly lit up which wasn't a very good sign.

"Ah! Ichigo! How nice of you to visit me."

"You invited me Rangiku-san."Ichigo informed. Matsumoto's face fell.

"You mean you're not here to help with my paperwork?" she asked with big puppy-dog eyes and to make it worst, to Ichigo's ultimate horror a pout.

"Ah! Damn, that puppy-dog eyes. Make it go away! That does not gonna make of do it! Besides I don't even know a damn about paperwork!"Ichigo stated while covering his eyes. He was about to make a run when Matsumoto grabbed his back collar.

"Pleeaasee! You can't just leave me here!"

"And why not?"Ichigo demanded.

"Because. . ."Matsumoto's voice became a low whisper as she tilted her head towards Ichigo's, her gray eyes now were of a serial killer that he say in mother. ". . .if you don't, you'll not going to see your real face in the mirror for a while." The substitute shinigami sweat dropped. When those words escape Matsumoto's lips, Ichigo knew that he wants to get out in this room alive and he have no choice but to abide to Matsumoto's wish. In order for that to happen.

It all just happened so fast. Well, at least that's how Rukia describe it. I mean, one moment she was quietly enjoying her little strolls in the 13th Division barracks and the last thing she knew was that she was whipped off her feet by two strong hands.

The breeze is so calming. It was light and soft. It would be nice to just close your eyes and sle-wait. 'No! Who the hell dare to do this to a Kuchiki?'

Rukia tilted her head to see the guy who rudely dragged her down the forest. As they landed to a near pond, she turned toward the person, ready to give him or her piece of her mind. And I'm telling you if she didn't see the glimpse of white hair and the fact that a hand catches her flying fist, things ain't gonna be pretty.

"You know, punching an officer in the face is a crime right, Rukia?" her eyes began to enlarge as she realize the person in front of her.

"H-Hitsugaya-taicho!" the petite girl exclaimed. Hitsugaya raise an eyebrow and frowned.

"It's Hitsugaya to you."The raven-haired girl let out a nervous laugh.

"Sorry. . .So, why did you bring me here?"she asked while looking around the pond. It was then it dawned to her. This was the pond where she confessed to him.

"I just want to have some time with you. . .If that's okay, I mean." Hitsugaya shrugged careful not to meet those amethyst orbs. Wow, is it just her or is Hitsugaya seem to be shy about what he had said.

"Oh. . .Okay." Rukia replied and with that Hitsugaya grabbed her wrist and then started walking.

"Hey, where are we going?"

"To the World of the living."


"I like it there. Now shut up or I'll leave you behind."

". . ."

A few hours later.

Blink. Blink.

They were sitting on a bench in the park. Silence surrounded the two. 'Oh-kay this is wakward. Doesn't this guy want to talk to me or something? I mean, hello! Are we just gonna sit here all day?' having no choice, Rukia was the one to initiate a conversation.

"So..." she started awkwardly staring innocently at her ice cream. "You just brought me here to eat ice cream?"

"Well, you could put it that way."Hitsugaya glanced at her from the corner of his eyes while licking his ice cream. "Is there something wrong with that?"

"No. Nothing in particular." Rukia answered. Hitsugaya stared at her for a moment which made her feel uncomfortable. 'Don't look at me like that.'


"Y-Yes?" 'Great, I just stutter didn't I? Geez, why can't I be like normal around him? Wait. Why am I thinking this way anyway? I'm like a lovestruck teenager girl on those love novels Orihime force me read. Urgh..'

"Your ice cream is melting." The Tenth Division Captain pointed out bringing her back from her thoughts.

"Oh, shoot! Ah! What am I suppose to do? No! It's going to get in my dress."Rukia panicked. This was soo embarrassing. And to make it worst, the guy she actually likes is her audience isn't helping. Hitsugaya watched in fascination as Rukia suddenly freak out and start doing weird stuff to stop the melting had cream. He sighed. And to Rukia surprise, he reached for her arm.

"Here, let of help you." he said and he licked her melting ice cream until it wasn't overflowing anymore. "There." he nodded at his handy work.

"Uh. . .Thanks."Rukia said trying to hide her reddening face. This though didn't come out unnoticed by the white-haired captain. He smirked to himself satisfied at the reaction he got from the Kuchiki Princess. And with that he finishes off his remaining ice cream and threw it on the nearby trash. He noticed that the petite girl hadn't even touch the ice cream and just staring at it.

"Aren't you gonna eat that. If that ice cream of yours melts again, I won't help you again." he warned her.

"It just that. . ." there was this unreadable expression on the young Kuchiki's face as he looked at the white haired boy.

"What?" he asked impatiently.

"Nothing."And thus, her tongue touch the icecream where Hitsugaya's had just licked. Rukia practically sigh in her mind. 'And they say I'm dense.'

"You're weird." Hitsugaya Toushiro stated out of the blue while they were walking to an empty alleyway. The Kuchiki heiress snapped her head toward him.

"E-Excuse me?" Rukia asked quite insulted. 'Me? Weird? Then what do you call yourself?' He didn't just say that.

"I think you're weird." he repeated with a straight face. Okay, this is absolutely going straight to Nii-sama's knowledge when we get back.

"Well, pardon me but I'm not the one with questionable white hair and unusual eye color here." she said back with a huff, crossing her hand over her chest. "Besides, I don't have a clue as to why you're going out with me in the first place. If you're just toying with me or just for entertainment then please just stop. . ." Rukia can feel sadness slowly sneaking in her heart at the realization of her every word hit her. That's right. Why is he even going out with her?

". . .?" he doesn't answer. Her declaration was only met by silence. She knew it, the truth is that she never stands a chance for him but back then, when she confessed to him and he asked her out, she couldn't prevent herself to hope. That's why she it hurts her to say the words she was about to say, knowing that they were the truth.

"I don't want to put my hopes up for something that's not even there. If I'm just a substitute for Hinamori Momo then-"

"Who the hell made you think that shit?" Hitsugaya cuts her off angrily, his face red with rage. The raven-haired girl froze at the tone of the young captain's voice. Oh no, he seems to be really furious. She gulped. "What made you think Hinamori had something to do with this? Why the hell did that mind of yours think that I was playing with you? Do you think I was that low to date a girl I don't have any interest in?"

". . .I-Ah!"Before Toushiro's words had been process by her mind, Rukia was pushed on the nearby wall. He pinned her down, his hands on the side of Rukia's head. He stared deep in her eyes that she can't manage to look away from those deep emerald eyes and that was the first time she notice its hidden beauty and its hidden sadness. The sadness in them wasn't just the because of Hinamori's condition but something more, something much deeper and much more painful than death itself. But what is it? She couldn't decipher it. It was then she was pulled to her thought by Hitsugaya's voice.

"Rukia. . ."; he whispered. His voice was so low that it is as if he only wanted her to hear it. It's like time stopped for both of them. "I'm only got to say this once. . .I was always watching you, always. . ."Rukia couldn't find her voice anymore, couldn't believe her ears. To hear that the proclaimed Ice Prince of Soul Society confessed that all this time he had been watching over you.

Hitsugaya brought her face closer to her. His warm breath caressing her porcelain skin as she tried her best not to shudder. "That's why. . " he murmured, their lips only centimeters apart. ". . .that's why don't ever say those things."

"Hitsuga-mmph. . .!" Rukia's violet eyes widened in surprised as Hitsugaya locked lips with her. Slowly her eyes started to close as she sank to the sensation. His lips were surprisingly soft and somewhat warm. His kiss was gentle as if he was afraid that'll she'll break. As Hitsugaya pulled away, Rukia on the other hand stood dumbstruck. It was then, when Toushiro cupped her cheeks that she looked up to him, a smile on her lips with tears flowing freely down her face. Hitsugaya frowned.


"Baka!. . .You should've said that to me sooner!" she breath and looked at him with her now blury eyes. Toushiro smiled at her and pulled him in to an embrace.

"I'm sorry." The petite girl snuggled deep in his chest while mumbling the word 'Stupid' again and again.

"Aah~ Thank goodness we're finish!"Matsumoto Rangiku chirped as she threw her hands in the air. She them turned to her little orange-haired helper with his ever present scowl. The strawberry blonde tilted her head to the side almost innocently." Why, Kurosaki-kun is something wrong? You look somewhat irritated."Ok, that's it. He lost it. Bye, bye.

"Gee, I don't know. Maybe try spending five hours doing paperwork that aren't even YOURS and tell me how it feels. Add that up with being force to do it against your will!" he let out a growl.

"Oh, yeah about that.." Matsumoto laughed nervously seeing Ichigo heat up so she decided to change the topic. "Well, did you get something out of Rukia-chan?" she asked hopefully trying to distract the ryoka. Ichigo raise an eyebrow.

"Is walking up to your girl friend and asking question about her love life a daily occurrence to you? Well just to inform you, it ain't for me."

"You mean, you haven't even asked her yet. You can't be serious. Aren't you going to do something?"

"Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know. . ." the busty woman said thoughtful. "Maybe bribe her with that bunny stuff she likes so much? Oh~ and maybe just confessed to her and if she dumped you, you'll ask her who she was in love with." Ichigo was popping a vein again. Is this woman serious? He can't do that. Not when he couldn't put his thoughts and feelings together. She's just making him crazier as it is. Jeez, someone should to teach this girl a lesson or two.

"Will it make you feels better he I say yes?"he asked. Matsumoto nodded with sparkling eyes.

"Of course!"

"Then, no."

"Aren't you even curious who this guy is? The one that swept Rukia-chan off her feet?"

"Apparently no." Ichigo answered deadpanned.

"Why?"Matsumoto demanded with a pout.

"None of your business." he replied coolly.

Twitch. Twitch.

This guy. . .Either he's stubborn or just too damn of an idiot. How I really want to dress you up like a geisha, make you put on a wig, wear make-up, parade you all around Seiretei and by night feed you with poison. Then we'll see what's not of my business here. Matsumoto let an evil smile graced her lips as she thought of her plan while Ichigo shivered as he felt chills ran down his spine. He gazed at Matsumoto with her cat-like smile and knew exactly that what she's planning is far from his idea of happiness. Okay, no more making Rangiku-san angry.

It was dream, he knew that but. . .he couldn't help but wonder if it really was.

" . .Toushiro. . ."a distant voice echoed in the darkness. It was pitch black and he couldn't even see a strand of his white hair.

"Huh? Who's there?"

"Please wait. . ." came the voice again seemingly closer now.

"'Wait'? Wait for what?"

"Please wait for me. I'll be there soon. . .definitely. . ."There was an incredible determination in the voice. It sounded so sure without a tinge of doubt and fear. And if he listened really careful, he was sure it a female's voice. The answer he received made him more confused as it is and knowing this, he was pissed off. He didn't like it when he was unsure of.

"But why? Why are you coming for me?"For a moment there was only silence. No sound was present except Hitsugaya's heavy breathing. Then, the voice came again but only for a whisper and it made Hitsugaya positive that the one talking was none other than a girl.

"I'll be there. . .I'll come. . .Just like I promise. . ." Promise? Ok, now he's curious.

"Who are you? What promise? Please. . .tell me. . ."he asked reluctantly.

"Please wait. Wait for me. . .and then I'll-"And with those final words, the voice vanishes fully.

Hitsugaya sprang out of his bed, his face filled with cold sweat and he was trembling for some reason. He was panting hard feeling of fear overwhelmed him. Hitsugaya covered his face with his hands.

"What's happening to me?"

In Las Noches. . .

Aizen opened his eyes at the sound of the door opening. He stays motionless from his spot, watching the moon from behind the window.

"Ya' seems troubled, Aizen-taicho." came a voice.

"Troubled? Do I look like I'm troubled, Gin?" He glanced at his subordinate from the corner of his eyes. Ichimaru grinned at him.

"Am I wrong?"Aizen smiled and turned toward his smiling little white-haired fox.

"Isn't that for you to answer? Besides it's not even worth mentioning."

"Ya' know, sometimes I wonder if that habit of yours was inherited by that Ulquiorra guy."Aizen let out a chuckled before walking out of the door with Gin just following behind him. 'If there's something in this world that would trouble me, that would only be him right now, nothing more. Nothing. I'll make sure of that. Nothing, nobody would know, not even her, not even him. . .

"Stay there. . .forget everything. Everything about me, that place, and everything about you .."