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Three fifteen and still no phone call. It wasn't like he rushed home and sat next to the damn phone since he raced through the door; nope Dean Winchester was too cool for that. No, instead he had managed a rather suave rush through his normal throng of admirers before making the decision that he needed to do his evening run a couple hours early – yeah, that was his story… he was sticking to it.

Sammy would be home by three forty five if the past week was anything to go by, which was fine by Dean since that gave him some wiggle room in what he could or couldn't get away with when his little brother asked yet again, 'did Dad call?' Sure, this wasn't the first time their dad had forgotten to check in, or was late, or just decided not to pick up the damn phone, but it was the first time he went on a hunt with a guy that barely anyone knew. It was the first time that their dad hadn't checked in once since walking out the door two and a half weeks ago with a casual, "This shouldn't take longer than a couple of weeks. Take care of each other, stay under the radar." That was it, and now both he and Sammy were climbing the freaking walls trying to figure out if they should go ahead and risk their dad's disappointment in calling Pastor Jim or Bobby, or try to wait it out a bit longer.

Another look at the clock showed him that he'd actually lost track of twenty minutes, giving him something else to be sore over. He was just about to grab a glass out of the nearly bare motel cabinet when a new sound in the parking lot caught his attention. Looking again at the clock before looking out the cracked window, Dean stood in shock before heading towards the door. Ignoring the protocol of passwords and possession tests, he flung open the door to face the haggard looking man standing in front of him.

"Dean." Bobby said sadly as he looked at the teenager that had already been burdened with too much in his too short life. "Dean, we need to talk."

"What's going on? You need Dad's help? He went with… uh… damn, what was his name…"

"Gerald Tibbons, yeah… I know. Look kid, we really need to go inside for this. Where's Sammy?"

The question stopped Dean's brain for a moment until he realized what this had to mean. Any other time their dad had gotten hurt, whoever was sent for them always got straight to the point with a curt, 'Get your stuff,' no… this was different – way different. "Bobby, no…"

"I'm so sorry Dean… Caleb and Josh found them but there wasn't anything they could do, it was too late and…"


Seeing the shocked look on Bobby's face, Dean was surprised to find out that the scream hadn't come from him but from… "Sammy!" he yelled as he watched his little brother race away from them as if the hounds of hell were on his heels.


Dean looked out the kitchen window towards the Impala in the driveway. Two days ago Bobby had taken the time to pack up what little they owned while he chased after his little brother and held the kid while he cried his heart out. Now though the kid had everyone worried. In the last two days Sammy had gone from quiet to completely subdued, barely eating to not even grabbing an occasional snack, and now the real deal breaker – he hadn't come out of the Impala since last night, going as far as sleeping in the cold car rather than being close to anyone else. It had taken a lot of coaxing, but he'd managed to be allowed inside the car for the night as long as he didn't try to talk the kid into leaving the small space.

"Any change kid?" Caleb asked as he joined Dean at the window. Seeing the negative answer in the younger man, he nodded and sighed. "You know that this is just his way of dealing with things, right? It has nothing to do with you."

Snorting a bit at the thought Dean looked at the hunter and grinned, "Dude, you trying out for your own talk show or something? I know it's not about me; it's about Sammy and Dad. Something happened and now the kid won't talk to me. I just know if he'd tell me what the hell went on while I was at the damn store I could figure out a way to make it better."

Puzzled, Caleb looked at Dean and waited for him to continue, when the kid remained silent, he decided to let it go for now. "Jim asked me to talk to you. You know that he's been holding off the wolves as much as he can, but as soon as the funeral takes place…"

Caleb didn't have to finish that statement, Dean already knew. The past few days had been filled with raised voices, covert phone calls and visits from attorneys both with CPS as well as those retained by Jim's congregation to make sure that neither he nor Sammy were shipped off to different homes. That was something that scared the hell out of him, being separated from his little brother. He didn't have any delusions that a family willing to take in Sammy would want his almost sixteen year old brother tagging along too, which would mean that he wouldn't be able to protect him, which meant anything could happen.

"Look Dean, we all were thinking, trying to come up with a solution you know and…"

"…and as much as all of you would love to take us in, there's no way legally any of you can do it. Yeah, I know Caleb, I heard Jim talking to a judge friend of his. Don't worry, I've got an idea." Dean said distractedly. He knew his brother needed to eat, but how the hell was he supposed to accomplish that when he didn't feel like it himself. "Don't worry… its cool."

The afternoon passed by quicker than anyone anticipated and soon it was dark, giving way to the nocturnal animals and their calls. A forty-five minute drive from Blue Earth gave way to a clearing housing a group of men in front of two pyres; one belonging to a man that none of the group really knew or understood but felt compelled to do something since no one else claimed him, the other a friend and hunter who they all understood all too well all the while wishing they could have kicked some sense into him. It didn't take long for Jim to bless the remains, and even less time for Bobby and Joshua to light the pyres, each man looking on sadly, witnessing what felt to be an end of something, something bigger than any of them could quite grasp.

Dean watched the fire take his father away, feeling that it was only fitting. Fire stole their mother, now they were well and truly orphaned by the same means. It wasn't a comforting thought, but a solid one; one that he could hold onto with everything he had to give him the strength to do what needed to be done. He turned to look at Sammy and his heart broke; his brother not only looked lost, but drowning in despair. Pulling him closer, Dean knew that if they were separated then his brother wouldn't make it, he also knew that their friends couldn't take them. No, it was time to follow through with his plan and hopefully everyone would be able to forgive him.


The constant snores echoing through the halls masked the booted footsteps on the wood of the rectory, concealing the slight pause in the kitchen before making its way surefooted through the door and over the gravel. The sound of a squeaking door breaking the silence in the night before the throaty growl of an engine turning over shattered whatever illusion the creatures of the night had at having a peaceful rest.

The roads were dark and deserted, and even with the high beams on it took Dean's constant vigilance to stay on the road tonight, his little brother sound asleep in the backseat wrapped warm and secure in dad's leather coat. With the engine being his company, he allowed himself to think he was the only one awake until he almost swerved off the road when he heard a voice in the back.

"It's my fault Dean." Sammy whispered; his throat still clogged with tears. "I'm sorry Dean, it's all my fault."

Dean didn't know which scared him more, the thought he didn't even know his baby brother was awake, or the fact that the same brother thought he was to blame for them being on the road. "No Sammy, this is my decision, I promise I…"

"No Dean… Dad… Dad and I had a fight and I called him selfish and a… a… bastard. I was so- so mad and he-he wasn't listening and…" Sammy let the words trail off as he began to cry again. "Right before you got back from the store, right before he picked up his bag and got ready to leave, do you know what he said? He said, "Good Night Sammy", and I didn't say anything to him… nothing! It's all my fault! I should have said something, anything!"

Letting out a breath, Dean pulled the car to the side and turned it off before climbing into the back. It took some effort to pull his little brother into the hug, but he finally managed it. Sure, he knew that his brother and dad fought… it was beginning to be a regular occurrence. He also knew that most likely their dad had a few choice words tossed in there himself, and that he'd probably only told Sammy goodnight because he knew he wouldn't be home for a couple of weeks; it was a tradition that started the very first hunt and continued today. But at the moment all Sammy could remember was the harsh words he had tossed around. No wonder the kid was a mess.

"Sammy, listen to me. Dad was a hardass at times, but he loved you. And if you and he got into a fight, then I know he gave as good as he got, so don't lay this at your feet. Ok kiddo? Now, how about you going back to sleep and I'll wake you when it's time to stop for breakfast." Although he saw the hesitation in Sammy's eyes, he also saw the faith. Settling his brother back along the seat, he crawled back behind the wheel and began their trek once more, this time though more determined to give his little brother what he needed.

"Good Night Sammy."

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