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This situation couldn't get any worse

Not only is he stuck in this dimension that just so happens to take place during a shinobi world war, he is still injured from his sudden travel to this place and there was nothing he could do about it until he was completely healed.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the village is currently being attacked by a crazed monster?

Uzumaki Naruto is currently in the middle of a burning street in some random sector of Konoha. There were many burning husks that once resembled people scattered around the street. The skies were dark and malevolent.

There were random burn marks on his body and he was still weak from overexerting his currently unhealed body.

All the ninjas were roof hopping on the buildings over them, rushing towards the gates to confront the biggest threat to konoha at the moment.

Yoshino and Kushina were next to him, shaking in fear and terror at the feel of the demonic killing intent in the air that surpasses any that a kage could emit. Despite them both being strong girls who are well on their way to becoming really powerful kunoichi, they were unprepared to deal with something that most jounin have trouble standing up to much less fighting.

This day just couldn't get any worse for the blond haired saviour

Naruto turns to the two girls resting against the walls and helps them up and yells, "You two, get out of here NOW and help the civilians get to safety, I'll head to the gate and help the shinobi there deal with this." Under normal circumstances where fear wasn't blinding their judgement, they might have protested to him ordering them around. However right now in their terror induced minds, they are having quite some trouble coming up with a reason to argue against him. At the moment they were both staring blankly at him.

As Naruto notices their fear, his gaze softens and he assures them, "Don't worry, konoha is strong and none of us will go down without a fight, just make sure to save as many as you can."

They turn to look at him and nod, signalling they understood. Yoshino walks up to the blond and mutters in a threatening tone with a fist in his face, "Just be careful ok Naruto-san, don't push yourself too hard, and you better drag your ass back here or I will come over there and drag you back myself, and I promise you won't like it."

Naruto smiles a little sheepishly and nods with a determined look in his eyes. Yoshino in turn nods back and Kushina and herself turn around and dash back in the other direction to help the civilians get to safety.

Naruto turns towards the direction of the gate and jumps on a rooftop and hops over in that direction.

As he is heading there, he contemplates to himself. From the feel of the killing intent, it is unmistakeably a bijuu or a really adept jinchuuriki who can control his bijuu's powers, and a pretty powerful one at that. It is very close in strength to the kyuubi, which could mean that it might be the hachibi. From what he remembers, Kumo is the village who has the jinchuuriki for the hachibi.

In his current state, it will be a pain in the ass to fight a jinchuuriki, especially one that is almost as powerful as him. He will just have to rely on his sage powers and hope for the best, there is nothing more he can do until he is fully healed. He will not fail the village like he did when he fought Nagato in his own time.

He still can't understand why the hachibi jinchuuriki is attacking the village directly? From what he can remember, the kumo jinchuuriki never attacked the village during the third ninja war during his time. So why was it attacking now?

As he stops his musings, he looks around and notices that he is nearly at the gates. There are still fires raging around him and random bodies strewn about around him. Some buildings were also toppled over with rubble where proud structures used to stand.

As Naruto approached the gates, he looks ahead of him and his eyes widen in horror and amazement. Nestled in a large crater with damaged trees surrounding it is a large accumulation of purple chakra in the shape of a colossal ox with eight tails. The bubbling mass of chakra is currently smashing its enormous tails into the ground with such force that the shockwaves could be felt miles away and causing many ninja to be pushed back, crashing into several trees around them.

Naruto watched in morbid fascination as dozens of ninja were knocked backwards simultaneously in the same direction, only to hear several painful crunching noises and screams of agony as the ninja all crashed through many trees in their path.

As Naruto looks around, he begins to notice large numbers of ninja on the ground, some injured and attempting to get up, others alive but barely clinging onto life, and a vast majority dead.

He notices many medic nin attempt to heal the injured ninja around him. However, when he looks critically at the situation he notices that the medic nin are purposefully ignoring the ninja that have fatal injuries and may die any minute and only focusing on the ninja with minor injuries.

Even the ones who were being healed were only given patch-ups and not an extensive healing job like they do in the hospital, since the ninja are expected to get up and continue the fight after being patched up.

Naruto was beginning to feel overwhelmed and experienced a strong urge to throw-up. The screams of agony all round him. The smell of blood and burning flesh assaulting his sense of smell. The sight of many mangled and unrecognizable corpses around him. The sheer amount of killer intent emanating from multiple sources.

In all his years of living, Naruto has never experienced death and tragedy at this scale. Most of his fights in the past had been isolated with no more than a dozen ninja. However war was something completely different. It truly was like being in a hellish nightmare where the only reality was death and killing. People were dying left and right and you were also killing left and right. All your senses begin to be assaulted with it and there was no escape until one side was completely annihilated. None of his fights in the past can compare to the horror he is experiencing right now.

"The Shinobi world is a road paved in violence and death."

Now he was beginning to understand what Nagato meant. This is the true reality of the path of a ninja. War is just the ultimate destination for this path. THIS is what Nagato was trying to prevent. His whole reason for going on and joining the Akatsuki. Nagato experienced this reality in all of his childhood to the point where it drove him to become what he was the day they fought.

However something happened on that day that not even Nagato expected.

Nagato was inspired during their brief talk. He truly believed that Naruto had the capacity to change their world. However, Nagato also realized that it was impossible for Naruto to achieve their dream if he was still ignorant to the true horrors of the ninja world. This is the reason he was sent back to this time. To truly gain a sense of understanding.

Naruto closes his eyes in sorrow and feels his whole body shaking, and a feeling of numbness took over. It suddenly dawned on him the ultimate obstacle that appeared in his way. In order for the cycle of hatred to end, everyone must learn to gain a sense of understanding and let go of the past.

Naruto cannot end it on his own though, it will not be enough.

His eyes opened and they contained a spark of determination. He will do whatever it takes to achieve peace, even if it costs his own life. He may not know the answer to this problem right now, but he will do anything to find a way.

For now he must focus on the situation in front of him, he must completely tune out everything around him and focus on his target while keeping a sense of awareness for any potential threat. He will have more time to dwell on this later.

He stares at the Hachibi container that is currently ravaging the konoha ninja and comes up with a plan to fight him. The first thing he must do is find a way to disable his access to his bijuu because in this state it's almost impossible to harm him with any jutsu he knows. At least when not in sage mode.

Just like his fight with Gaara when he was possessed with Shukaku. Block the junchuuriki's access to his bijuu chakra and he becomes vulnerable.

The problem now is how was he supposed to seal back the hachibi in his container?

Fuuinjutsu would have been useful right now, but unfortunately Naruto never took the time to learn it from Jiraiya even when Jiraiya would try to convince him to learn it back during their training trip since it would be a useful skill.

Naruto being the ignorant dumbass back then refused to learn it since to him it was boring and he was mainly interested in learning ninjutsu.

Naruto gritted his teeth in frustration for his past stupidity, and made a mental note to learn as much as he can about fuuinjutsu after this battle. If he survives that is.

Also it seems that this jinchuuriki is co-operating with his bijuu which means the bijuu can possess his own container with full access to all his bijuu chakra without fear of the container being controlled.

Since Naruto can't trust the kyuubi right now, he can't let it possess him to fight the hachibi, it would be too risky and it would draw unwanted attention to himself and questions he does not want to answer.

He will just have to come up with a different plan to lock the ox back in his container.

Sigh, it seems the only thing he can do is go into sage mode and stall for as long as he can until either Jiraiya appears to seal the hachibi back or hopefully the bijuu will use up too much chakra and be forced back in his container.

His injuries are not helping either, he will just have to hope he can stay conscious long enough for either scenario to take place.

Dispelling one of the kage bunshin he had this whole time collecting nature chakra nearby, Naruto begins the transformation into sage mode by combining the recently acquired nature chakra with his own to form sage chakra.

Getting himself prepped, he flashes near the mighty ox and yells at him to draw his attention away from the other ninja and onto him.

"Hey asshole, come over here let's see what ya got!!" The Ox's giant chakra construct of a head turned ominously to the left and looks down where it notices Naruto standing. The shinobi that were fighting the giant ox notice the blond and look at him like he was nuts. Was he trying to piss it off and get himself killed??


Naruto locks his eyes above him and sees a large mass of purple about to slam over his head. The tail crashes into the ground uprooting trees and masses of them and foliage scatter around the forest sending many ninja to their knees from the force barely keeping their ground using chakra.

The 100ft long tail then slowly begins to be lifted off the ground and moved to the side in a swift jerking motion.

Standing in the middle of the crater is the figure of a panting shaking blond shinobi. Naruto glared fiercely into the hachibi's white eyes with his own sage eyes that had an additional vertical demonic slit over the horizontal one.

The tired shinobi standing nearby were staring gobsmacked at the feat that was just performed in front of them. All of them were expecting the blond to be dead after seeing that tail crashing down on him. Somehow not only was he able to survive, but he lifted the tail off of him and threw it to the side.

Naruto was physically exhausted.

It was bad enough that he had to fight while injured from his journey to this timeline and was unprepared to face a bijuu. Holding that tail back from crushing him took a majority of his chakra when normally it wouldn't have because of his weakened state. He would drop out of sage mode any minute.

He dispelled his last clone and gathered more nature chakra.

Naruto's face becomes impassive as he creates two large rasengans, one in each hand, and rushes towards the colossal chakra being faster than the nearby shinobi can track. As he nears the base of the demon, he extends both arms towards it and the rasengans make contact with enough force to push the large ox back a dozen feet.

One thing most people don't realize about jinchuuriki who allow bijuu to act through them is that they don't regenerate their lost chakra. Since the bijuu is tied to its host, it would need to go back into its container and recover the lost chakra there.

So when the double rasengan made contact with the ox, it howled in pain as it lost a good portion of its chakra defending against the attack.

Naruto was still panting hard and his body was protesting from the overexertion from being in sage mode while still recovering. He realized that he only had enough chakra left for one attack before he would be out.

He had to make this one count!

Summoning all the chakra he could, Naruto prepared for what he was about to do.

Meanwhile, the Hachibi was starting to get pissed at this blond that actually managed to hit him! It cost him a significant portion of his chakra to fight against that attack of his. He was determined to kill this human now! Time to get serious!

The Ox lifted its foot that was the size of the hokage tower and prepared to smash it against the human and turn him into paste!

Suddenly the giant ox felt a presence behind its head and it turned around and spotted the blond ninja it was ready to squish directly next to his head!


The giant round orb of destruction surrounded by wind blades the size of the hachibi's head smashed into the back of its neck. The microscopic wind blades penetrated deep into the chakra of the ox and spread throughout its whole mass.


The hachibi lurched forward with incredible force and slammed into the ground hard creating a large shockwave that rippled for miles and covered the whole forest with dirt from where it landed. The hachibi had never felt such pain before. That one attack cost it four tails worth of chakra to defend against! Four Tails!!! Combine that with all the chakra it spent previously in the battle and it was down to two tails.

The nearby konoha nin were staring in shock at the power of this blond kid. He very nearly took out the hachibi on his own! He somehow managed to trick the demon into thinking he was infront of it, only he managed to get behind it and made a clone of his propel him straight towards the demon's head!

Naruto himself couldn't move

He was on the ground flat on his back. He had dropped out of sage mode as soon as that attack connected. His body was in incredible pain and he was gonna pass out any second.

Just before he blacked out he noticed a tall figure with long shaggy white hair standing over him.

Naruto let a small smile show on his face as the darkness overtook him.


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