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Chapter 1 -- Seperate Ways

Rain fell in drizzles outside trailing in little droplets down the window sliding across the glass at an angle from the wind that the car caused as it drove. A long finger trailed down the glass fallowing a stream of rain as gravity pulled it down then pulled away once the drops had reached the bottom of the window. A sigh came from the owner of the finger as he turned to look behind him at the younger one in the backseat.

"Hey, TK, thanks for coming," said Ishida Yamato.

The one in the backseat looked toward his elder brother and smiled. "Sure, I couldn't just let my big brother go off to another country for college without seeing him off."

Yamato smiled back and turned back around to face out the window again. He thought it was ironic how the weather matched his mood. He was excited to be going to America for college, but there was also a bittersweet feeling inside him much like when it rains. You know it has to rain and it's fun to play in, but it also keeps you from doing other stuff, from seeing other stuff such as the sun. And Yamato was going to miss his sun.

For many years the blonde and blue eyed boy had been cold and standoffish. The only person he cared for was his little brother, but when he was torn away from him for most of his life by their parent's divorce, he had given up on trusting anyone. Even after coming back from the digiworld and making friends with the other digidestined, Yamato felt out of place. The only one he ever truly felt connected to was Yagami Taichi, his best friend.

The fluffy haired brunette had forced him into the friendship, but Yamato had submitted to it. He was so lonely, it felt nice to finally have someone who could have his back as well as he having theirs, someone to fall back to instead of being the one to hold everything up, someone to share things with no matter how messed or gooey those things were. He'd always tried to be cold and distant like as if he was cool, but around Taichi, he could show his real side. Of course he still tried to keep up appearances with his athletic friend,but everyone has slip ups every now and then and Taichi never ran from him when that happened.

Though Tai and Yamato were best friends that shared everything, there was a time when the blonde was careful with what he revealed. When they were in middle school, only a few years into their friendship, Yamato came to a conclusion that he liked his happy-go-lucky friend as more than just friends. He'd struggled with these feelings, trying to repress them until high school came around and Sora and Taichi started going out. It didn't last long, but at the moment Yamato had found out, he'd succeeded in convincing himself that he really didn't like Taichi that way.

Yamato sighed again. Is little brother was the only thing he'd be leaving when he left on that plane, he'd be leaving his best friend. He had planned on telling Tai about his old feelings thinking he'd never see the brunette again, but when asked which college he would be going to, the brunette only winked and said, "It's a secret."

In that moment, the blonde had lost his nerve and decided it was best not to way his soon to be ex-best friend's mind with it. Though, Yamato highly doubted that Taichi would be going to his school, the boy didn't have high enough scores to get into a foreign college, he'd rather not have it come up again if they did ever meet again by some unlucky coincidence.

"Matt," said Mr. Ishida parking in the airport parking lot, "we're here."

Matt. That was the silly nickname the brunette had come up with for him when they first met at the camp on that faithful day.

"Matt, Yamato," called his dad.

"Huh, oh, okay," said Yamato getting out of the car.

"Do you want us to wait, or will you be okay by yourself?" asked Mr. Ishida.

"It's fine, you don't have to wait for me, the plane should be boarding in the next hour," said Matt going around to the trunk of the car.

TK unbuckled himself from his seat and went to assist his brother with his bags.

"You don't have to help me, TK," said Yamato closing the trunk.

The younger brother just smiled widely. "It's okay, I want to."

Yamato nodded and started for the airport passing by the driver's side to indicate to his father that TK was accompanying him inside for a few minutes.

The two brothers walked in silence until they reached the waiting area where TK dropped the bags he was carrying and turned to his brother. Yamato smiled sadly before giving up and opening his arms invitingly. The smaller blonde launched himself into his brother's arms and nuzzled into his chest. Yamato wrapped his arms protectively around his younger brother, the one person he had cared for the most in life, and patted his back reassuringly.

"I'm going to miss you," said TK, his voice muffled by Yamato's shirt which was beginning to feel wet.

"I'll miss you too, TK."

"I know you have to go, but," TK lifted his head from his brother's shirt, "I'll miss being able to see you, and dad'll be lonely, and ... Make sure you call me a lot and tell me how university life is going."

"I promise I will, and I'll visit for Christmas and Spring break and in the summers when I can." Yamato knew that his brother was going to have a hard time with the move. Even though they didn't live with each other, they had a strong brotherly bond. However, Yamato thought it would be even harder on him seeing as he unlike TK, he would have no friends or family to go to for comfort. He would be all alone in America. The thought made him wonder why he'd chosen this path then he saw the guitar case laying beside the rest of his bags and remembered.

TK removed himself from his brother and wiped away a few unshed tears. "You sure about this, Matt?"

Yamato took a deep breath before answering. "Yes, I'm sure."

The younger Ishida brother nodded. "Okay then. I suppose we had to go our separate ways sometime."

Yamato looked out the airport windows toward the parking lot. "Dad's waiting, you better get going."

TK started walking then suddenly turned around and began waving frantically. "See ya, Matt."

"See ya, TK, oh, and do me a favor. As Hikari out finally, will ya?"

The younger blonde blushed and smiled shyly. "Heh, heh, bye."

And then he was gone and Yamato was left alone. He looked down at his bags and took a seat beside them waiting to be called to board the plane. About an hour and a half later, Yamato heard his call and got his stuff gathered for boarding. Just as he made it past the metal detectors, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. &Na, he woudln't be here&, he told himself and went to board the plane headed to California.

It was hot! Not that there hadn't been hot days in Japan, but this was different. Yamato sat on his front porch fanning himself with his magazine. He'd planned on coming outside to do some people watching now that he had finally finished unpacking, but as soon as he stepped one foot out of the door, he'd regretted that decision. There were sweat beads flowing down his neck and he could feel his skin getting warm. He hoped he wasn't going to get a sunburn.

The blonde stood up and stretched not being able to take anymore of the foreign sun. He let out a little moan when a muscle in his back popped. There was a whistle and Yamato immediately turned his head to spot a group of American girls winking and smiling at him. One of them pointed toward his stomach region, and Yamato realized his shirt had come up when he was stretching showing his slim yet strong stomach. Immediately, he pulled it down, blushing, and headed back inside.

Yamato's house wasn't very big -- it only had one bedroom, bathroom, a small kitchen, and living room. However, he was happy with it. He could walk to and from school and the music company that had originally asked him to come to college in America was only twenty minutes away by taxi, and there just so happened to be easy access to them a couple blocks away. So far life was good for Yamato, not interesting, but good. He hadn't made any friends or acquaintances out of the music company, but he hadn't made any enemies yet either. School was in a week away, but Yamato wished it would come sooner. He hadn't had month long break from school since the digimon scenarios; it had been four months since he'd last stepped foot into a school for class. He was feeling sluggish and needed something to occupy his remaining time.

He decided to snuggle into the recliner he bought as his only couch and watch some television with a fan on full blast blowing straight at him. There wasn't much on television, he hadn't gotten cable yet, and his antenna weren't picking much up, so he settled on a soccer movie that was randomly on. The show made him think about the times he spent with Tai watching soccer games and movies, making fun of how in America the sport was called 'soccer' while everywhere else it was referred to as football. It also made him remember the games he use to go to either to watch Taichi play or with the brunette to watch Sora play. Yamato himself wasn't much into the sport, but he enjoyed watching his friends play it, especially Tai. He could recall that stupid grin his best friend had on his face every time he scored a goal.

The blonde reclined back in the chair turning on his side and closing his eyes. he really had been missing his best friend. Almost every thought that wasn't filled with music, school, or his younger brother was consumed by the fluffy haired brunette. That was another reason he wished school would come faster; maybe homework would help him get over being without his best friend. After a while of silently listening to the rumbles of voices from the television, Yamato fell asleep.

School. Let's just say that college in America was very different than school in Japan for Yamato. He'd known it was going to be different, but he didn't think the teachers would look at him weird when he bowed slightly when told to do something or when he met them. It was only his first class of the day and he already felt like an outcast. A few girls had tried talking to him when he was waiting for class to start then gave him an odd expression when they heard his accent. Though Yamato could speak almost perfect English, this accent was really thick, and the fact he had naturally blonde hair and blue eyes seemed to throw people off even though this facial and bodily features suggested at oriental origins. Frankly he didn't know what the big deal was, he thought some of the people in his class looked pretty weird and had worse accents than he did. Though, he had had a discussion with one boy, it didn't last long nor was there anything of interests said, but he figured that this particular person might be good to have as an acquaintance in the future.

So everything was going uneventfully, just as his summer had. That was, until he decided to walk somewhere for lunch instead of going home. He had just crossed the street about to open the door when he saw him, fluffy hair still being held back with those ridiculous goggles and happy grin on his face. Yamato was sure his mouth was touching the floor as he gaped at the brunette in utter shock. What in the world was he doing here?

Suddenly, their eyes met through the glass, chocolate brown into sky blue, and they just stared at each other for a few seconds. Yamato could feel his heart racing, but couldn't breath. He was there, really there, looking straight at him. When the thought finally clicked in his head, the blonde did an about face and headed back across the street. He was just about to take the first steps off the sidewalk when a had grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. Looking back, he found a familiar large smile.

"Hey, Matt."

"Hey, Tai."

Well, sometimes the world was just liked to throw something random and unexpected at you, didn't it?

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