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Chapter Extra – Anyway You Want It

Yamato was cold. He could feel goosebumps developing along his skin. Now the blonde wouldn't be complaining because, as apposed to the heat of summer, at least you could warm yourself with heaters and layers of clothing in winter, and it wasn't even that cold outside today. The fact was the blonde was missing those layers of clothing that would have made being in his comfy home perfect. Actually, he wasn't wearing any clothing at all unless you counted the pink apron that had caused so many jokes in his high school years clothing.

For the millionth time that day, Yamato asked himself why he was doing this. For the past hour, the blonde had been slaving away at the stove cooking up a delicious meal for a certain fluffy haired brunette that was due home any moment from the job he'd gotten on the side of playing soccer for their university.

It had been around three months since Yamato and Tai had started dating. At the end of the semester term, Yamato had given the brunette a spare key to his small home and the brunette was all but happy to except the blonde's unsaid notion that he wanted Tai to move in. Since then, the blonde's once clean apartment was littered with the occasional mess from Tai forgetting to clean up after himself.

Six days ago, Yamato had left with his band HAREM for a week long gig in NewYork. They were slowly getting recognitions and would soon have a CD put out and wanted to advertise a little by giving shows around a Holiday – New Years. Yamato had been said when he realized he would have to miss his first New Years with Tai as a couple, but the brunette had been such a good sport about it that when the blonde came home a day earlier, he decided to ignore the mess Tai had accumulated in such a short while and do something nice for his boyfriend.

Though now, Yamato was regretting it. He knew Taichi had mentioned him walking around naked in his apron before, but maybe he should have chosen another cosplay. If that brunette didn't hurry up and get home soon, he'd miss the show Yamato was putting on for him. Yamato had wanted his homecoming to be a surprise, but he was considering calling Tai just to see what was taking him so long. Maybe he had gone to a club with Logan and wouldn't be back until Midnight. The blonde sure hoped not, or not only he would be cold, but the food he had so graciously prepared.

Maybe he should call Sephyr have her give the fluffy haired brunette an indirect hint that he was here, sitting at the bar playing with a bottle of wine Logan had given them at Christmas. Thang it, if he got a cold from sitting around that house in the middle of winter butt naked, Tai would have hell to pay.

Yamato slammed the bottle down on the counter and went to see if the brownie's he'd put in the oven were done.

Just as the blonde was slamming the oven back shut, he heard the lock on the doorknob click out of place and the door squeaked opened.

"Hello, is someone here? Why are the lights on?" a familiar voice called and a smile spread across Yamato's face. He quickly wiped it away and made his way out behind the counter to come face to face with his brunette boyfriend.

Hands on hips and a butter knife held in one, he glowered at the brunette standing in front of him with fluffy hair held back in a horrible attempt at looking sophisticated.

"M-matt, what are you doing here," Tai asked shocked. "Weren't you due back tomorrow?"

Yamato smirked. "The place we were playing at had a little accident so we came back early." Actually, some crazy fan had ran into the building while they were performing the previous night and destroyed a whole wall, but the blonde wasn't about worry his boyfriend on that little matter seeing as no one had gotten hurt.

"O-oh," stuttered the brunette still surprised.

"Well, don't just stand there all day, I made food," Yamato said heading back into the kitchen, turning to give the brunette a nice view of his backside. He could almost hear the brunette's jaw hit the floor.

"M-matt, wh-wha…why?"

"Eat your dinner first, then you can have dessert," Yamato said winking back at Tai and started setting the table.

Immediately, Tai took a seat at the counter like an obedient dog and stared at Yamato, his chocolate eyes never once leaving the blonde's body.

Yamato could feel himself blushing, but kept his cool. He knew it wasn't long until he would be under the comfort of the comfy quilts on his bed and rid of the goosebumps plaguing his skin.

The blonde watched lazily, a small smirk on his lips, as the brunette stuffed food down his throat as fast as he could, eyes never leaving Yamato. Inwardly, he was enjoying the effect his little cosplaying was having on his boyfriend, but he was too nervous to take in the total pleasure of that fact and just nibbled on his food.

Yamato widened his blue eyes when he saw that Tai's plate was empty. "Do you want dessert now?"

The brunette just nodded apparently unable to form words.

The blonde chuckled a little taking their plates away and empty wine glasses before going over to the oven and pulling out the brownies before cutting them into little squares. He looked back over to his curious and eagerly waiting boyfriend before deciding the brunette had had enough torturing. With nimble fingers, he carefully picked up one of the brownies and placed in halfway into his mouth. He walked back over to the counter and leaned across toward his boyfriend, brownie still sticking out of his mouth.

After a few seconds Tai finally understood what the blonde wanted and leaned over biting off the end of the brownie that was sticking out of his boyfriend's mouth. After swallowing, he leaned back and looked at the mostly naked blonde.

"So, why exactly are you in nothing but that silly pink apron?" Taichi asked finally coming to his senses.

Yamato smirked and started walking around the counter to straddle the brunette's legs. He looked up into the brunette's face and locked his blue gaze with chocolate eyes. Fluttering his eyelashes, he said in a not so innocent tone, "You won't think this apron is so silly when it's all crumpled and wrinkled around my body beneath me."

Tai chuckled and a huge grin covered his face. "Are you trying to seduce me, Matt?"

"Maybe," Yamato teased and moved his lips to the brunette's ear before whispering, "Is it working?"

"Most definitely," answered the brunette before turning Yamato's face back to his and pressed their lips together.

Yamato moaned into the kiss, his hands wrapping into the brown tresses of fluffy hair. There had been another reason Yamato had wanted to do this other than rewarding the brunette for not whining when he left. The truth was, as soon as he was told they were going home early, his thoughts had strayed to Tai, and the contents of those thoughts had been full of things both naughty and nice. The moment he'd stepped into the house that morning, he was horny. Being gone for long periods of time without seeing the guy he loved seemed to do that to him.

Taichi suddenly stood up startling the blonde causing him to wrap his legs around Tai's waist to keep from falling on the floor. The brunette held Yamato in place with one hand while reaching his other hand out to search for the light switch, their mouths still pressed together in an intense kiss that made shivers run up Yamato's spine.

They traveled down the hall to the bedroom clung like that sharing intense and passionate kisses not caring that they ran into the walls every now and then. As soon as Tai's leg hit the edge of the bed, he threw the blonde onto it and started discarding the shirt and tie he had to wear for work.

Yamato bounced on the bed as he was thrown on it and gave a startled yelp before looking into the burning chocolate eyes looking down at him from a shirtless Tai. The look made a blush spread across his face and he looked away. Though they had had sex so many times, practically like bunnies, Yamato still got embarrassed when he saw that look of lust and love swirling in those chocolate orbs.

A hand cupped the blonde face and made him look back into Tai's face. The hand slipped from Yamato's face and trailed down his neck to his arm where it froze. Taichi's eyes suddenly became concerned.

"You have goosebumps, are you cold?" Tai asked.

Yamato bit his lip nervously; he didn't want Tai to know he had been waiting all afternoon in nothing but an apron in the apartment in the middle of winter. Instead, he stared deeply into Tai's eyes with lust lacing his voice and said, "Yes, I'm cold, will you warm me up."

The brunette grinned and leaned down to place a small kiss on Yamato's lips before getting back up. "I will as soon as you tell me why you're doing all this."

The blonde sighed. He knew Tai could be stubborn even if he was aroused, so he'd have to explain to the brunette if he ever wanted him to get on with it. Lifting himself up, he snaked his arms around the brunette's neck and whispered into his ear (mainly just so Tai wouldn't see the embarrassed look on his face) and said, "I've been waiting for you to come home all afternoon in this."


"Because, you didn't whine when I said I wouldn't be here to welcome in the New Years with you."

"So, is this my reward for being a good boy?" Tai asked amused.

"Yes," whispered Yamato.

Suddenly, Yamato felt himself being pushed back onto the bed and looked up into warm loving chocolate eyes.

"You know, Matt, sometimes you're just too darn cute, sexy, and sweet for your own good. It just makes me love you even more," Tai said grinning.

"I'm not swe—," but Yamato was cut off by a mouth on his and a tongue slipped into his mouth.

They kissed hungrily, passionately, lustfully, for many long seconds until they finally broke for air.

"Hey, Matt, if this is my reward, can we do it differently?" Tai requested

"Um, sure, I guess," Yamato answered wondering if he was going to regret those words.

The brunette leaned down by Yamato's ear and said, "I want you to ride me."

Yamato's cheeks went aflame and he stared at the ceiling wide eyed. Taichi had mentioned that position a couple times before, but he had always been too embarrassed to agree to try it out. However, this was a new year; maybe he could do it just this once.

"Okay, Tai, any way you want it." With that, the blonde flipped them over so that he was straddling the brunette.

Said brunette grinned mischievously and started to scoot backwards so that he could rest his back against the wall. Yamato had to crawl after him like a cat stalking his prey to get back into his previous position over the brunette's lap. Once settled, Yamato started kissing down Tai's chest nipping at the skin around the rosy peaks, but never taking them in his mouth. He could see the frustrated look on his boyfriend's face and smirked. He got a secret pleasure knowing that he could make the brunette flustered.

A hand suddenly started gliding up his naked side and he had to stop his teasing and gasped at the feel of the warm hand on his cold flesh. Slowly, the hand made its way up his side to his chest disappearing under the pink apron brushing against his own peaks before gliding gracefully back down before grazing over his hardening erection. Yamato moaned at the feeling and looked at Tai hopefully.

The brunette smiled and placed his hands on both of the blonde's hips pulling him forward. "Come here."

Yamato growled deep in his throat as he felt Tai's mouth devour his manhood. His mouth was so warm it immediately brought what little cold that had nipped at his naked body earlier into a swirling flame of warmth. He tried to buck, but was held tightly in place by the hands on his hip. He looked down, but couldn't see the mass of brown hair as Tai's head was covered by the skirt of the pink apron. Though he couldn't see what Taichi was doing, he could feel his ministrations on his organ. The pleasure was so intense that he had to steady himself with one and on the brunette's shoulder, and, not knowing what to do with the other hand, he put it to his mouth sucking and nipping on the tips of his fingers.

He could feel the tight ball forming in his stomach and knew he was close to releasing. After a few more bobs from the brunette under his apron, he released into his mouth. Lapping sounds were heard before Tai reappeared.

Tai reached up and pulled Yamato down for a quick kiss whispering into his ear. "You are sweet; you can't deny that fact when you even taste like it."

Yamato blushed and glared at Tai for a few seconds before a smile broke out on his face. Long ago, Yamato had learned that Tai was a silly, stubborn idiot most times, and yet, he was also a lovable, honest idiot equally. Even if he was embarrassed by Tai's silly idiotic words, he knew them to be true and full of love. The blonde just chuckled before reaching under a pillow for a bottle a lube.

He didn't bother with preparing; he hand Tai had done it enough times that he figured he could deal with the first initial pain that came. Once he had the brunette's pants unzipped and shaft oiled up, he positioned himself over the other lowering himself with a little help from Tai's hands that were still holding onto his hips. Yamato waited a few seconds to get use to the new position gritting his teeth.

"You okay?" Tai asked.

Yamato nodded before beginning to move. He started off slowly before bouncing faster. Tai didn't start moving along with him until the blonde had set his own pace.

The rhythm was different then usual. It was faster than the usual medium pace that Tai kept up. Though Yamato loved that medium pace, he was finding he quite enjoyed faster as well.

They moved in sync with each other in this fast pace moaning and purring and heated murmurs making a song around them. Yamato thought he could almost sing lyrics to it, and maybe he would; his band was in need of a new song anyways. But, for now, he was far too wrapped up in thrusting himself down upon the body under him.

Every time Tai hit his prostate, he saw white brighter than ever before, and Yamato could feel himself loosing energy fast. He couldn't keep it up much longer, and the ball in his stomach was getting tighter.

With a few final well placed thrusts, Yamato came, Tai's own fluids shooting up inside of him as the blonde fell forward exhausted.

Gently, Tai rolled the blonde off him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder, placing a kiss on the slightly sweaty forehead. "Thank you," he said.

"You're welcome," Yamato wheezed out, still breathing hard.

Suddenly, the chime from the clock in the hall started going off, and Yamato sat up to see what time it was. The clock on his dresser read 12:00. The blonde smiled before turning back to his boyfriend lying beside him and kissed him on the lips until the hall clock stopped chiming the hour.

"What was that for," Tai asked once they'd pulled apart, and hand fingering a lock of blonde hair.

"Happy New Years, Tai," Yamato said smiling.

Tai smiled at the words. "Happy New Years to you too, Yamato," he said before pulling the blonde down for another kiss.

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