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Chapter 1: Annabeth Breaks the News

Maybe I should explain this a little bit clearer. It so totally didn't mean to happen this way—it just kind of... happened? Okay—I know what you're thinking: how does one suddenly thrust into the future after a minuscule date with his girlfriend?

Well first off, I wanna get something clear. Are you, or are you not like every single one of the campers at Camp Halfblood who find it amusing when I have a 'Lover's Quarrel' with my girlfriend? Sure, we've known each other since we were twelve, and I'm sixteen, almost seventeen now—but seriously. We've been going out for a year now, and we've been bickering a lot lately. She won't tell me what's on her mind, it's not my fault.

It all started out in a car ride. Annabeth was the one driving (showing off her Maserati Spyder. She finds it funny I've been saving up since I was like, ten, but she was always better with money. In my defense, I blame the Stoll brothers too) and was asking me what I'd be doing with my life. Unlike her, I guess in between being one of the children of the Big Three and trying to defeat Kronos, I had never given it any thought.

"Maybe I'll become an equestrian." I kind of mumbled when I said it. Annabeth was always confident of her plans. She had already applied to three of the top schools with the best program, and two of them had already accepted her. From hearing between Virginia Polytechnic and Cornell U, she made me feel more inferior than I already did. "Or an oceanographer."

What made it all too guilty? Her beautiful gray eyes. They twinkled with mischief every time she looked my way. "An Equestrian, huh? Oceanography and everything. I'm proud of you, Seaweed Brain. I..." She suddenly clutched her stomach. I snapped out of my thoughts and flashed a look of concern. She had been doing it lately, along with rubbing her temples a lot more frequently.

Fortunately she was able to stop before she did a considerable amount of damage. I brushed a hand in her hair and a surge of guilt ran through me. "I told you I could drive, Annabeth. Anymore of these headaches and your brain might explode."

Annabeth shook her head and shrugged me off. "I'm fine. I promise."

I didn't believe her. "But—"

"Percy." Her voice was a little bit higher and her tone was less pleasant. The daggers she was glaring me weren't exactly helping the situation.

"How about I back off?" I grumbled reluctantly. She continued the drive. We were two miles away from the camp at this point. I pressed my head against the glass window and narrowed my eyes at the trees. The drive continued with a brief silence.

"Just think," Annabeth said. "It's a new year, Percy. Somewhere at that camp, there's a little Percy and a little Annabeth. Maybe a little Grover too."

"Yeah." A wile grin spread across my face. "If you consider a twenty-four-year-old satyr to be little. Aren't they like... expecting?"

Annabeth silenced for another moment. I hadn't thought much of it at this point. When she had come to take me out of the stupid school, she was biting her lip and nervous. This would be the first summer where Luke wasn't involved—good or bad. I didn't blame her. "I think they already had him."

"How does that even work? Between a nymph and a satyr?" I grinned in amusement. She slapped me in the arm. "Seriously, Annie! Does Grover Jr. like, have the whole upper part of him as a nymph and everything else a satyr, or the other way around? Is he anything like Persephone and Demeter? With same powers and everything?"

"First of all: 'Grover Jr.'s' name is Pan. Second of all: I don't know. Percy," Annabeth shot a warning look, "you're like a little kid stuck in a grown boy's body."

"So sue me for having ADHD." She gave me another peculiar look before giving me a peculiar smile. "What?"

"Oh. Nothing. Just wondering how you'll act with say... the little Annabeth and the little Percy."

"Whip 'em into shape. Not too good though. Percy Junior has to be able to kick their butts." A small chuckle left me as I folded my arms. My son would kick butt.

"...you... want kids?" My smile dropped. I looked at her frantically, eyes widened and began turning beet red.

"What? Well... yeah... I mean, not right now at this very moment, since we're gonna start our senior year after the summer, and well, maybe we won't even be together—or, maybe we'll still be together, but if we were to have kids right now...thatwouldmeanyouandmewouldhaveto..." My voice was certainly three octaves higher than it was supposed to be.

Annabeth's eyes were blank, as if she were thinking. I both loved and hated it when she was thinking. When she was thinking, that meant that she was planning my doom. "You, Perseus Jackson, are such a moron."

"Then you, Annabeth Chase, are the girlfriend to a moron." She and I shared our final laugh before she finally parked in an open space just behind the border of the camp. I got out of my seat immediately and grabbed my bag. When I turned around, I had expected for Annabeth to be after me, but I was wrong. She was still in the car, rubbing her head and grumbling. I dropped my bag before I stepped off for her. "You sure you're okay, Annabeth? It's not like you to get such killer headaches."

"I'm fine." Her voice was nothing but a mumble. A frown crossed my face. Before she had the chance to complain again, I had unbuckled her seatbelt and hoisted her onto my back. "Percy—! I-I told you already, I'm fine!"

"Okay, you're fine." I reached for my bag and then hers in the back. "and your mother's accepted me as her future son-in-law."

It wasn't the most complicated thing to realize that Athena had it in for me. I'm still too scared to ask if she has it in for me personally or because my father had disgraced her shrine. Perfect thing to talk about the next time Annabeth and I have to come crashing into Mount Olympus. Annabeth rested her head at the crook of my neck. I'd never tell her how much I liked that, even when we were younger. Her tiny head fit perfectly under my neck and just under my ear. If it were any other person, I don't think I would be able to tolerate it.

"What's been bugging you lately?" I asked softly. We had a couple of yards to walk before we actually made it to the cabins. It was the perfect time to talk.

She was mumbling again. Annabeth was obviously tired at this point.

"I told you," I said sternly. It wasn't fun to mess with her when she was as stressed as she would. Gods knew what the Athena Cabin would do to me once I got her to her bed. "I would have driven here. Do you need some ambrosia?"

"No." She breathed in deeply. It had become a routine whenever I carried her like this. I soaked in her scent, and she soaked in mine. I think, at least. Girls are weird. "You...car...last time...hammer...Blackjack..."

"And Rachel."

"And Rachel." Ouch. Maybe mentioning Rachel all before the big Oracle stuff was a bad idea. Even though her pride wouldn't let her admit it, Annabeth was jealous of her. Last year wasn't a good year. We not only lost half of our camp mates, but I had experienced the worst thing known to man kind: girls and their fucking moodswings.

"So are you two love birds back to being shy and blushy, or are you going to snuggle in that cold little Poseidon Cabin all by yourselves?"

Annabeth's grip tightened over my neck. I almost choked at the grip. "Ha, ha. Nice to see you too, Clarisse." I could see her from the corner of my eye. Even if we weren't the best of friends, after last year, we were at least friends. I smirked. "We're still up for Capture the Flag, aren't we?"

As another year had went by, it wasn't until now that she and I were the same height. Clarisse was awesome, even if she was the brattiest person I knew. The smug laugh she spewed only confirmed my asking. "You know it. Don't think I'll go easy on you." She then flashed a concerned look. At first, I thought she was staring at me, but then Annabeth's condition quickly made the friendly rivalry leave. "What's wrong with Wise Girl?"

"Headaches," I answered before Clarisse could get any closer. Putting more of Annabeth's weight on my left arm, I reached into the open pocket of my sack with my right and took out a bag of ambrosia nectar. I gave it to Annabeth. "Drink it. Maybe you're just tired from having to sit still in a car—I know I am."

Annabeth's eyes fluttered open behind me. Her moist lips were pressed against the nape of my neck, and her big eyes stared up at the bag. Finally, she listlessly sighed and reached for it. "You're such a worry wart."

"The first summer I was here, the Minotaur tried to kill me. Second summer: Grover was almost married to a cyclopes. Third? Thalia comes back to life and you get that white streak in your hair from holding the sky up. So on and so on. Annie, I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to worrying." I narrowed my eyes at her strictly. Every single summer since I've known her, I've been so close to losing her. Last year with the war was the worst case by far—I didn't want to lose someone I loved so much—be it being zapped down by Zeus himself or from something as stupid as the common cold.

I hadn't realized she was staring at me. The thoughtful look had come to her face again, and I was wondering whether or not I had said the last bit out loud. Slowly, she smiled, so I smiled.

"You two are such a lovey-dovey couple." We snapped out of it quickly. Clarisse scoffed, eyes rolling. "How about I catch up with you two later? Girl, you look like you'll need more than that bag. I'd visit Chiron if I were you." I had caught her mumbling something about the Hera cabin too, but decided to shrug it off.

"Just so you know," Annabeth's voice sounded a little bit better, "I'm perfectly fine walking now."

"What if I like carrying you?" I smiled cheekily as we made it past the cabins. Most of the new ones were up—the Hades cabin was up and running, and I recognized the new Iris Cabin by the way the wood it was built with was sparkling and psychedelically tyedye.

"So between fighting monsters and flirting with other girls—" Gods I was hoping she was teasing about the last part "—you do have a suave side. 'could use some work."

"We'll see." I knocked (well, kind of incessantly kicked) the Athena Cabin's door about five times before one of Annabeth's siblings—Theodore, I think—opened the door with an irritated look.

"Hey, Simon." Oh. Annabeth readjusted herself on my back (which kind of earned an unmanly squeak from me) and reached out to shake his hand.

Simon looked at the two of us suspiciously. Part of me wondered if it was Athena talking through him when he quirked a brow. Immediately it faded and melted into concern for his sister. By the way, isn't that a scary thought? Me marrying Annabeth and suddenly having twenty or thirty brothers/sisters in laws. "What's wrong, Annabeth?"

"Nothing," she said brusquely before I could interrupt again. "Percy, put me down."

Simon eyed me again with a glare. Rolling my eyes, I brushed past him and brought her to her bed. Gently, I set her down and brushed the hair out of her eyes. She had begun to fall asleep, and the dumb smile on my face wouldn't leave. It reminded me two years before when I had first met Aphrodite. Aphrodite was beautiful (and well duh, she was the goddess of Love and Beauty), but one of the people I had seen in her was my girlfriend. Two years ago I would have been a blushing moron and unable to admit I liked her, but even then I wouldn't have known what life would be like without her.

I could still hear Aphrodite's playful giggles in the back of my head. My smile faded a little, and I murmured an apology for not being able to protect her daughter, Silena. Silena had been a spy for Lu—Kronos last year, but she had immediately regretted it after her boyfriend, Beckendorf had gotten hurt. She was the daughter of the Goddess of Love; losing a love one like that would have been twice as painful.

"Stop staring; it's weird." Looking behind me, Simon had raised a quiet brow. His nose was dug into one of the Harry Potter books, but it was the same one I've seen him with a thousand times. Either he really liked that book or he was using it as an excuse to spy on us. "Don't forget: a boy and girl aren't allowed to be in the same cabin together by themselves."

"It's a good thing you're here then, now isn't it?" I snorted, and he smiled just a little bit.

"Chiron wanted a word with you and all of the other head counselors. I'll send Annabeth after you when she feels better."

"Good." I pecked Annabeth's hand quick enough so Simon wouldn't notice, but the way he softly snickered made me know he did. I left the cabin and made a detour for the Big House. Rachel's school had let out two weeks earlier than Annabeth and mine, so she was most likely already there. I hadn't as much even reached the door before it burst open and a flurry of red hair blinded me.

"Percy! It's so nice to see you!"

I turned a little pink as she hugged me even more. When she finally let go, I was able to get a good look her. Aside from the whole mystifying glow and stuff, Rachel was still the same. Her hair was a little bit longer than what I had grown accustom to seeing her with, and her eyes were a bit more knowing. What made me proud was the fact that I was actually taller than her. Three inches, at least. "How's that school of yours?" She had made a deal with her father to come and try and save me in place of having to go to a ridiculous socialites school.

"Boring." She scoffed, hands on her hips (which made me think a lot of when I had first met her), and she gave me a hard look. I hated it when she and Annabeth did that, but a second later, it melted into a smile. "But you're worth it."

"So are you." I scratched my head awkwardly and tried to smile. "Well uh, one more year, right?" It was strange. The girls that had an attachment to me were either dating me (Annabeth) or had become immortal and weren't allowed to wed. I suddenly took note of the brown pouch looped around her neck and pulled it up with my hand. "Is that where the new Great Prophecy is?"

"Yes," she said.

"Freaky, huh? Hope you didn't blab everyone's future out loud and everything," I said. I thought about it again where Apollo had visited her and everything. I paled a little bit—I mean, he was applauding and such. Even if Rachel wasn't allowed to marry anyone, Apollo was kind of... Well, he made me wonder whether or not he took after his father. "Hey, Rachel. What do you think of Apollo? Does he like, protect you now and stuff if demons come near you?"

She didn't answer. When I looked her way, I saw the glow of her eyes intensify and her eyes fluttered down. Rachel clasped her hands over mine.

"You shall go missing, meddling in Time's hands,

Two children of blood who meet your demands,

Betrayed by what matters most,

Depend on blood and a wandering ghost,

Choose the hero who truly deserves,

Protect what time has truly preserved."

I blanked out. All I could do was stare as her as she left Limbo and stared at her. When she finally relaxed, she stared back with her blue eyes. "What?"

"Did you just... read me a prophecy?" I had asked the question so stupidly that there was just no point to.

Rachel scratched her head and matched the blank look I had. "I... did?"

"Just when I was hoping for a quiet summer to spend with Annabeth." I sighed and rolled my eyes, but we both knew it wasn't true. Sort of. Half of me was sort of excited (the god half) and half of me really just wanted to marinate. When I realized the words came out of my mouth, I narrowed my eyes and put a hand over Rachel's mouth. "Don't tell Annabeth about that prophecy. She hasn't been feeling well."

"Sure." Rachel raised a brow and mumbled how she didn't even know what she said. I planted the prophecy in my head and sighed with mild relief. At least that would be over with soon.

"So," I grinned, "are you going to say... play Capture the Flag with us?"

I wish you were here when you saw it. Her eyes had widened to the size of saucers and she shook her head fiercely. "No. Nuh-uh. Last time I played that Stoll Brothers and they cheated me out of everything. Gods know that they don't play fair."

"Sometimes it's fun. When they're on your side, it's awesome." Oh, crap. My eyes widened and I leaped into the air. "I'm supposed to see Chiron! I'll uh, see you later, Rachel!"

"Hi Percy!"

I turned around immediately and grinned. Nico Di Angelo mimicked my grin, and his ivory skin emphasized his father's features. He was thirteen this year, and was getting taller. We high-fived each other and he immediately narrowed his eyes. "Where's your girlfriend?"

"At the cabin; she's not feeling well." When I looked for those who were already here, I recognized one of Annie's siblings in her place.

The others, excluding Annabeth, were already circling the table when I got there. Some of them were new faces and others were old. Clarisse was holding hands with Chris Rodriguez and mumbling some words to the new head of the Aphrodite Cabin, Nate Belmonte. I remembered him for comforting Silena before all of the big stuff happened. He was tall, dark, and handsome—uh, well, that's what Thalia commented on when we last saw each other.

Next to him stood Sonny Yew. She was the younger sister of Michael Yew. He had made her stay behind the year before because he suspected it was too dangerous. Turns out he was right. She was pretty, with a mess of blonde layers and bright, glowing eyes like Apollo. She was short, too. From the looks of it, she was bickering with Nate.

"Poetry is one of the ways to get to a girl's heart," Nate Belmonte said carefully. His eyes narrowed at his shirt. To any normal person—heck, to any other halfblood that wasn't an Aphrodite child—wouldn't have been able to see a dirty speckle. Just looking at him made you want to go "Hey, Romeo. Where's Juliet?" He continued, "but the most romantic thing is sometimes the thing that is not always done."

"For the last time, Romeo—" Haa. Told you so. "—I don't care about romance. That's not what we're even here for!" Sonny was steaming. She growled, and I had seen the method before: when one of the kids from Apollo Cabin got angry, they did a sonnet version of counting to ten. Creative little fellas, aren't they?

"But if you really have to be the daughter of the God of the Arts, we're bound together, don't you think?" Nate brushed a bang out of his eye. The second he realized how long it was, his eyes widened in minor panic. Fellow watchers of the bickerers only snickered. "You woo a girl with poetry, Sonia. If it isn't good poetry, then how are you going to find a girl?"

I looked over to Katie Gardner, who was always logical. There was a bouquet of crooked red roses in her hands, and she looked as annoyed as Sonny. Clarisse was rolling her eyes and even the Stoll Brothers were impatient (though it was hard to tell, they were eying the fresh cup of whatever in front of Nate).

Conner whispered something into his brother's ear, and they both snickered. Finally, I took it upon myself to intervene. "Hey!" They all looked at me and immediately halted. I was sort of surprised, but even after the war they had looked at me as if I were some leader or something. "We've got a long summer ahead of us," I said steadily. "It's stupid to be arguing over something stupid as..." I blinked. "What are you arguing about?"

Katie Gardner harrumphed and fiddled with the bouquet. They soon bloomed properly and she was giving Nate a death glare. "He claims that the most powerful thing we have at camp is love. Now—"

"We didn't mind him spewing crap like that," Sonny Yew shrieked, hand tapping at the pool table, "but then he started going on about, 'Well, how do you think they got the phrase: all is fair in love and war?' and 'Poetry and roses are both the most romantic and cliche-est way to win over a girl.'" She was seething again, and really, it was hilarious. She was a little bit shorter than her brother, but certainly had his attitude. Not to mention the fact that Nate was forgetting she was a girl.

"Yeah," Conner sniggered and mockingly messed with his hair. "Then he was telling us to tell the Hermes Cabin if we're willing to go as far as steal for our beau, then we certainly filled out the bad boy image."

I caught Clarisse whispering irritably to Chris, "Someone's a little narcissistic..."

Nico snickered next to me—I had a feeling he got to see Narcissus clear as day while we were gone.

Chiron, who was on the other side, looked like he was finally getting a say in things when they stopped arguing. He looked at me thankfully and then around for everyone else. "As you all know, we've been doing renovations for all of the other demigods thanks to our Percy Jackson."

Everyone cheered, and I couldn't help but feel the heat rush to my face. I smiled knowingly and shrugged.

"But that also means that we have some security issues when it comes to monsters." My smile faded. All right, that was a mood-killer. Chiron looked my way and then gestured to Katie Gardner. "We unfortunately had to cut down some trees and make some room. Thalia's tree in particular grows weak without having surrounding trees. It may be the strongest point, but it is also the weakest."

I hated contradictory statements, don't you? They never made sense, but I forced myself to make logic out of this one.

"Along with the satyrs that come and go, we wish to make it Demeter Cabin's job to help replant the trees of the forests." He grumbled something else and rubbed his shoulder like there was a bruise there. "We've been getting some complaints from forest nymphs... who knew they could kick so hard."

"The Demeter Cabin is on the job," Katie said proudly. She looked over my way a second later. "We'll need some... water offerings though."

I nodded in agreement and looked at the map that had been lain out on the table. There was a coffee stain on the lower left corner, but that was always there. "How's work in expanding the other places?"

"Annabeth has most of the plans made," Simon answered. "Athena cabin will help with making sure the plans are brought out, and everyone else will be helping."

"Hermes Cabin..." Conner perked up as soon as Chiron said this. I shuddered—I had heard the news right before I left camp last year. "Hermes Cabin will personally see all of the new recruits learn this summer during the day."

"All right!" Conner threw a fist in the air with a cheeky grin, and that's where it dawned on me: where the heck was Travis?

Our attention was turned when Nate let out a girlish shriek. Travis appeared above him, Nate's cup in hand and howling with laughter. Simon sighed, and no one needed to be the child of the Goddess of Fair War, Knowledge, and pretty much Sanity to correspond when he said: "Do you really trust the future generations of this camp in the hands of the Stoll brothers?"

"Blue Pepsi, please." The sprite gave me a happy look and did as she was told. Out of all of the campers, I think I held the best reputation with her for being the only one to ask for different colored drinks. I grinned as I got the rest of my food aside from ambrosia and nectar.

"Hey, Seaweed Brain."

Quickly, I turned around when I recognized the voice. Annabeth stood behind me with a weak smile. She was out of her school clothes and into a pair of shorts and her Camp Halfblood T-shirt. I grinned, leaning over. "Hey yourself."

The grin on her face widened slightly, and she walked me over to the Poseidon table. From here, I saw the Nemesis table, the Iris table, the Morpheus table—et cetera. She sat down as soon as I sat down, and I couldn't help but give her a suspicious glance. It had been the first time I had seen her since we got here (about three hours ago), and the color was slowly getting back to her face. I began stuffing my face and asked how she was doing, but it came out as: "Stho An'beth, haw y'feeweeng?"

"I'm fine, Percy. I've... been fine." I stopped chewing my food. Some of it oozed out of my mouth as I looked back at her, but I knew what it meant whenever she used that tone. Annabeth pulled a lone lock of curly blond hair behind her ear and revealed the shimmering owl earrings I've always seen her with.

"Yeah...?" I asked slowly. More food oozed out of my mouth, and I took it upon myself to finally swallow.

Annabeth's eyes flickered. She looked at me suspiciously. "What?"

"...," I couldn't exactly tell her straight out what was bugging me. Quickly, I stuffed my face again and tried to mask what I was saying, but when I was masking 'You used The Tone', I had a feeling the message went through.

"What do you mean I used 'The Tone'?" Her voice was a little over an octave higher, and that was very unlike Annabeth. I practically chugged the spork in my mouth, but I hadn't anticipated for my plate to already be empty. Dammit! "Perseus Logan Jackson! Don't just eat your food nonchalantly like I'm not here!"

"Sshh!" I got up from my seat and clasped a hand over her mouth. My eyes widened and narrowed at her threateningly. "Don't just throw my middle name out in the open like that—Clarisse might hear! Do I even look like a Perseus Logan?" I added quickly, "Annabeth Alexandra Chase?"

A splatter of pink mottled her face and she rolled her eyes. Everyone around us was snickering—did I mention that we've only been here for three hours and for the past three years Aphrodite Cabin has been naming us the best Opposite Attract couple out of the whole entire camp? Apparently our fanbase is pretty popular too. They've sold pictures and everything; I saw a kid on my way down here with a bag with a picture us—uh... well, you don't need to know that.

We continued our dinner (well, I did. Annabeth didn't have food with her) in peace as she stared at the notebook in her grasp. Most of it was written in ancient Greek, but there were some phrases here and there that I could make out. "Percy." I jumped when she said my name. Her eyes were dead on the paper and she was rubbing her temples again. "Pop quiz."

"Uh..." I had been getting up to get a third helping of food, but the look she soon gave me forced me to sit down. "Okay. Um... Who's the name of Poseidon's wife?"

"Amphitrite. Too easy." Annabeth muttered the answer with dismay and scanned the paper carefully. "Who is Zeus's favorite daughter?"


The death glare she was giving me made me regret my answer. "Athena."

"Oops." I offered a nervous laugh. She didn't return it. "Well uh, speaking of Aphrodite... who's one of the people she admires most?"

"Helen of Troy," she said without looking up. "How old was Helen of Troy in the middle of the war?"

"Eighteen?" I asked.

"Seventeen," Annabeth replied. "How many children are there in the Athena Cabin?"

"Umm... A lot." I scratched my head and grinned. "How many are there in the Poseidon cabin?"


"One." I looked at her suspiciously, eyebrows arched.

She snapped out of it and looked at me in confusion. "What? Oh, sorry. I was... counting everyone else." She rubbed her head again.

"You mean Tyson?" Two seconds ago I had thought about telling her about the prophecy Rachel had prophesied to me, but she still looked too shaken. I flashed another look and frowned. Annabeth had never kept a secret from me without a good reason.

"Right, whatever." She looked back down at her notebook and began doodling a circle. Annabeth paused again, rubbed her head, and clutched her stomach. She was beginning to pale. "...I've got a hard one for you: how does a child of Athena bear a child without having sex?"

I blinked. I stared at her for a second of two, asking myself if that really could happen, and then it sort of hit me. Like, every time I say something stupid or blunt around Thalia and she whacked me over the head kind of hit. I couldn't believe how red I was turning when she reluctantly looked up at me and matched my expression. I quickly stood up and crossed to the other side of the table and said in a low voice, "Annabeth, are you...?"

"It's something I read in one of Daedalus's files." Her voice was soft and wavery, but strong and sensible. I wasn't even talking and I could already tell my voice was going to squeak seven octaves higher. She hadn't even denied it, freaked out, and slap me like I was hoping she would've. "Remember how I told you that children of Athena come from her head since she decided to remain pure?" I wasn't sure if I was nodding or shaking my head, but she continued. "It's sort of only reserved for the girls, but if they follow our mother and wish to bear a child without threatening their—uh, purity—they could end up having the baby from their head."

Was it bad that I was starting to feel relieved, or worse that I was kind of offended? "So... the baby might not even be mine?"

Okay, it was bad. Annabeth gave me the infamous girl's 'it's all your fault' look. She was blushing a little harder. "Normally I'm away from you, and you become a minor priority compared to not getting eaten. Being around you all the time since I moved to New York isn't exactly how I would avoid you."

"But I don't want to be a father by seventeen!" I stood up from the seat, hands in the air and eyes widening. If you're one of my admirers for being the great leader, there's one thing you should learn: Never, and I repeat, never shout out loud 'I don't want to be a father' or any phrase of the sort in a hall full of kids.

Annabeth stood up and yanked me by the collar of my shirt before yelling out loud: "I don't care how much you say it, none of the forest nymphs will even eye you! You're not going to end up a father to a cyclops!"

Fortunately, most of them seemed to buy it, but I was getting some odd looks from the Aphrodite table. She looked at me, and her eyes were beginning to water. I suddenly felt guilty. "I... I didn't mean to make you cry."

"I'm not crying," it was amazing how steady of a tone she could keep while she was hiccuping, "it's just the hormonal pregnancy moodswing crap."

My eyes slowly made their way to her tiny belly. It would have been hard to see either way if she was... you know. "Did you... take a test or something? When did that idea even come into your head?"

"I took the test yesterday, but I've known about the possibility for a month now. Maybe that's what triggered it." She wiped away the tears, and under them she hadn't looked any different. If anything, the tears were just a blank projection Annabeth was too sensible to succumb to. "It's... positive, Percy. Maybe it's just... Maybe it's just Hera trying to punish me."

"Isn't this going a bit too far?" My voice had risen once again and I was up from my seat. Everyone had silenced once again, staring at only me and Annabeth. She hadn't even bothered to yank me to my seat this time. Looking around, I shot them an irritated glare and they resumed their meals. I sat down and awkwardly pressed a hand on her knee. What was I supposed to do? Mom would kill me. Dad would kill me. The hell with what Athena wouldn't do to kill me! "...how long?"

"What the hell do you mean how long?" she snapped. Forget what I said about Annabeth not succumbing to her hormones. "Nine months! Haven't you taken health class?!"

"Attention, ladies and gentlebugs!" We turned around, and the Stoll Brothers were seen at the high table along with Chiron and Mr. D. Mr. D rolled his eyes in irritation, but he always did that. If it hadn't been for the fact that Annabeth was right next to me, the impish grin Conner and Travis were exchanging would have made me forget about what I was just hearing. They exchanged having the microphone, but my head was too foggy to register which brother was which. "Now, this is the first official day of Camp Halfblood—Summer addition! And the veterans all know how we start that off, if you rookies don't!"

In a big round of applause, everyone but Annabeth and I cheered, "CAPTURE... THE... FLAG!"

The other brother snatched the mike out of his brother's hand. "Now, we normally have the main victors from last time compete, but we decided to make it interesting. Everyone know Percy Ja—I'm sorry, Percy Logan Jackson and Annabeth Alexandra Chase?"

A round of 'aww's' circulated through the Mess Hall. Annabeth and I offered weak smiles, and our hands awkwardly curled into each other.

"We've decided that since our super completely totally awesome babe-magnet leader finally got the girl last summer," Brother Number 1 grabbed the microphone from Brother Number 2, "that we'll make it interesting for them.

Brother Number 2 took the mike again. "Poseidon versus Athena Cabin! Percy and Annabeth are the captains!"

I really don't know what's worse: the fact that we were the captains, or the fact that the whole entire room burst into cheers without knowing what Annabeth had just told me.