Author's Note:

Okay, when you read this you need to keep in mind that:

a.) Everyone is human.

b.) Edward and Bella are obviously dating. They have been FOREVER (not literally) just like AxJ and EmxR

c.) Mike thinks he's really cool but the Cullen boys are the top in academics, sports, the arts, and girlfriends (same goes for the girls except for the girlfriend/boyfriend part) so he is so not cool, he is the guy everyone loves to pick on =) and he can't take a hint… or a flat out refusal… so he must suffer the consequences of severe pranking lol

d.) Mike has been hitting on Bella her entire life and she REALLY hates him and his skanky girlfriend Jessica! And Bella isn't worried about hurting his feelings…. =) okay, so! On with the fan fiction!!!!

Chapter One

Bella's POV

"Come on Bella! Aren't you ready yet?!" screamed Alice. I just sighed replying, "I'll be down in a minute, just go without me if you really wanna leave, I'll ride my Harley" (A/N: I'm Team Edward and in this story Bella IS coordinated and kind of a badass, like Edward!! Hence the motorcycle but there are NO other Jake/Bella moments in this story!!!) I haven't ridden my bike in forever and it wasn't raining today. That was like a miracle in the rainiest place in North America: Forks, Washington a.k.a my hometown.

"Bella, you can't wear a skirt while riding a motorcycle! And what about your shoes! Heels and bikes are a definite no-no." Alice exclaimed as she threw open my door and marched into my room. Alice has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She is really pretty and short with short spiky dark hair and striking blue eyes.

"Aww c'mon Alice! Forks is soo boring! Showing up in a motorcycle will shake things up and I'll just bring the shoes with me and put them on when I get to school and I'll throw on pants until I get to school, I'll change in the bathroom I promise! Please please please!!!" I begged. I know, how pathetic that I am begging my best friend to allow me to wear what I want. I mean I'm 17 years old, damnit! But Alice gets really scary when she doesn't get her way, so I usually let her dress me.

"Are you sure this has nothing to do with wanting to show up looking hot-on-a-Harley for my brother?" Alice questioned. Sigh. There was no point in lying and no reason to either. I had been dating her fraternal twin brother, Edward, since eighth grade. He is just over 6ft. with messy bronze hair and gorgeous green eyes. He is also valedictorian and Captain of the Baseball team and Captain of the Track team. Not to mention he was a nationally ranked junior concert pianist. (A/N: I don't know if you can be ranked as a pianist, but it sounds impressive… go with it) In a word, Edward was perfect. In two words, he was smokin' hot and I had 3 words for that slut Jessica Stanley who always threw herself at him: Back off Bitch.

"So what if it does?" I replied.

"Ugh. Fine! But I get to plan your entire wardrobe for the next week! AND if you're going on your motorcycle to make Edward….hot….ew…. then I suggest we have some fun" Alice said with an evil pixie grin. I was instantly in for whatever she had planned. In our 'group' (Me & Edward, Alice & Jasper, Emmett & Rosalie) Emmett and I were always playing pranks. We think it's genetic. Emmett is my older brother who is dating Rose, my other best friend whose twin brother is Jasper who is dating Alice who is the twin of my boyfriend, Edward. It's confusing, I know.

"Whatever you have planned, I'm in. Dress me up if you must but let's have some fun with that vile Mike Newton as well" I exclaimed excitedly. I would tease him a little. He was really pathetic. This was going to be so much fun!

Mike's POV

Another day in hell. God I hate High School. Especially since I have to put up with friggin' Edward Cullen. Man I hate him! He is always all over Bella when it is so obvious that she wants me. I mean, the man just can't take a hint. She's probably afraid to break up with him, afraid that he'll go psycho or something. Well, I'll tell her today how I fell, I mean, I've told her before but I think she is waiting for me to prove myself or something before she tells me how much she loves me.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

I looked down at my phone. Damn. Jessica, my girlfriend, was calling. Hmmm I should probably break up with her before I ask Bells out. Bella might be intimidated by how many girls want me….

I just let my phone ring. I'll break up with Jessica while declaring my love to Bella. Perfect.

Edward's POV

"Hi Eddie!!! Ohmigosh how are you!!?? Hey….um… I was wondering…. Do you wanna, maybe, like go out sometime?!?" I just stared at Lauren. What was wrong with her? Why was she so excited to ask me out when I was obviously going to say no because I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! She didn't seem to understand that last part, as always. I mean, even if I wasn't dating Bella, I would never go out with Lauren. Maybe I should tell her that to go her off my back.

"Uh, Lauren look. I don't know how to explain this to make you understand so I'll use the smallest words possible I will NEVER go out with you. Ever. So stop asking because the answer is no. I love Bella. Please leave me alone. And my name is Edward, not Eddie."

She got this really confused look on her face and from the corner of my eye I could see my two best friends Emmett and Jasper practically rolling on the ground laughing. Lauren walked away to gossip with her equally skanky friend, Jessica, and I finally let out the laugh I had been holding in.

The three of us were wiping away the last of the tears when Alice zoomed into the school parking lot in her canary yellow porche, parking next to my Aston Martin Vanquish. (A/N: lol okay, Edward does NOT have a creepy Volvo fetish in this story and obviously his and Alice's parents are rich. Haha he does NOT have a soccer mom car) I sat up, anticipating seeing my Bella. But Alice hopped out without Bella meaning only one thing. She took the Harley.

Jessica's POV

I cannot believe that Mike ignored my phone call! He is such a jerk! And definitely a creeper. He is seriously obsessed with Bella Swan. I don't see the attraction I mean, I'm way prettier than her! But whatever, I'm only dating Mike until Edward sees that we were meant to be together and dumps Swan on her ass.

Lauren came running up to me looking confused. Sigh. She must have asked out my future boyfriend again. She has GOT to stop doing that! It's clear that he wants me. He is just afraid to break up with Bella.

"Ha! I just asked Eddie out and he totally looked like he wanted to say yes. I just need to get rid of little Swan and he is as good as mine."

She's delusional.

Mike's POV

I pulled into the parking lot, about to take the closest spot to the front door. Suddenly that beast, er, future brother-in-law of mine, Emmett Swan, jumps in the middle of the space, blocking my entrance.

"Hey what the hell man!?" I exclaimed.

"Hahahah sorry Newton but Bella's not here yet and I'm saving her a spot. This is her spot, so you can't park here. Leave."

I couldn't believe him! He can't save a spot! I don't care if the spot was for my future wife. "No way man! Get the hell outta my way!!"

Instead of being intimidated, like he should have been, he started cracking up! I don't care if he is Captain of the Football team, I could definitely take him!

"Oh look! Here comes Bells. I'm pretty sure you should go find another spot. She's not going to be happy if you're in her space, man." Laughed Emmett.

I heard the roar of an engine just before I saw Bella skillfully swerve around my Suburban and into the spot. She was riding a motorcycle!? Damn she was hot! She was wearing a dark wash jean skirt, giving me an awesome view of her legs, a white cotton t-shirt with a black vest over top. She also had on a form-fitting leather jacket and black high top Converse sneakers. I could feel myself drooling. WAIT. Did I just describe her outfit in detail? Oh my God! Why was I acting so gay?! (A/N: no offense to gay people)

"Thanks for saving my spot, Em. Do you know where Edward is?" asked Bella. Shit! I hate Edward!!!!

"Yeah he's over by his car probably thinking naughty thoughts about my little sister," joked Emmett. Bella just laughed and smacked his arm playfully. I wish she would smack me playfully.

"Thanks! Oh! Hey Mike! What's up?" she asked, tying her helmet onto the handle bars. "What were you doing in my spot? Silly boy! Now, you have to behave. Don't be naughty or I might have to… discipline you" she said with a wink as she sauntered toward Edward. Oh. My. God. Did she really just say that??!! Emmett had a look of shock on his face so she must have.

I went to look for a spot at the end of the parking lot and finally found one at the end, near Jessica, who gave me a glare and looked away. Breaking up with her wouldn't be so hard after all.

Edward's POV

As soon as I heard the roar of the Harley, I got really excited. Bella was here and she knows what she does to me when she rides her motorcycle. I saw her zip into the spot that Emmett was saving for her and laughed at the look on Newton's face. It's like he'd never seen a girl before!

Bella chatted with them for a few minutes before coming over to me and whispering in my ear, "Up for a good prank on Newton and Stanley? Meet me behind the gym after lunch. I'm going to walk away now, look like we had a fight."

I was completely shocked, but things had been getting boring at Forks High (and I never say no to pranking that dumb ass Mike Newton) so I put a scowl on my face before walking away 'angrily.'

Mike's POV

This has got to be the greatest day ever! It's a sign that Bella and I are meant to be together; the day I decide to ask her out (again) she gets into a fight with Cullen! Man I hate that guy! Not to mention (who am I kidding? I am mentioning this to everyone) what she said in the parking lot this morning. Life is good. I thought, smirking as Cullen walked by.

Bella's POV

As I watched Edward 'storm' into the building I almost burst out laughing, it was too funny seeing him look like that. Then I saw Newton with a god damn smirk on his face as Edward went by. Ew! I seriously hate him. And his slutty girlfriend Jessica. Honestly, if Mike isn't asking me out, Jessica is asking Edward out. Actually, Jessica and Lauren both ask him out all the time. Hmm… I was going to have to do something about that.