Five Drabbles

A/N: My Muse was falling asleep on the job, so I did a drabble challenge on my LiveJournal, and invited friends to give me characters and prompts. Here are the results. One hundred words each according to MS Word. I'll give the prompt after each drabble.

Drabble #1: Tourist

A breeze and a young man entered the office. The breeze stirred the stacked brochures; the man stirred Ianto's suspicions. He looked ordinary, but...

"I need a tourist."

English, Midlands accent... sounds drunk, but he isn't. "A tourist?"

"Someone who travels about, sees the sights," the man explained. "Are you a tourist?"

"No, sir. I live here."

"Oh..." He sounded forlorn.

Jack entered, carrying a bag. "Chinese takeaway."

The stranger studied him. "Are you a tourist?" He punctuated his question by collapsing.

Jack felt for a pulse, then gasped, as if stung. He sighed. "No. I live here now, Doctor."

Prompt: How Jack meets the Eleventh Doctor.

Drabble #2: In a Jam

The boy hurried home. Gran was waiting. Teatime!

A strange couple darted around the corner: a geezer in a velvet jacket and a petite blonde.

"What now, Doctor?"

"Ruxids can be tranquilised by a saccharide-citric acid mixture. Unfortunately, I haven't got any."

As they ran past, the blonde jostled the boy, sending his bag flying. Crash!

"Eureka!" The geezer used a handkerchief to scoop up the contents of a broken glass jar.

"Sorry," the blonde said. "But you just got us out of a very sticky situation."

And got me into one. Mickey scowled at the puddle of marmalade.

Prompt: Three, Mickey, marmalade

Drabble #3: Disclaimer

"How can an alien artifact be so bloody boring?"

"You could play with Daffyd's toy robot, Owen," Gwen said. "I haven't wrapped it yet."

Tosh couldn't translate the markings on it. "It could say anything. 'May cause drowsiness. Do not bleach.'"

Jack smirked. "Slippery when wet."

"Handle with care," Ianto murmured.

As Jack approached Gwen's desk, the artifact in his hand came to life. Lights flashed, music sounded. He stepped back; the device stilled.

Gwen pulled two small cylinders from her bag. She held them out to Jack. The alien device chimed and sparkled again.

Jack grinned. "Batteries not included."

Prompt: a Rift artifact, batteries, disclaimer

Drabble #4: Memoir

Donna liked her new employer. Jo Jones, the widow of a scientist, was writing a memoir of their travels. Donna sorted notes and photos, and typed umpteen drafts. Jo even consulted her on wording.

Donna only heard Jo lose her temper once, during a phone call. "I know how to keep secrets, Captain. Our mutual friend trusts me, even if you don't, so sod off."

They celebrated the finished manuscript with champagne, and discussed a possible children's version. "Jo, do you miss travelling?"

"I loved it, but coming home has its own joys."

Donna raised her glass. "To new beginnings."

Prompt: Donna Noble, Jo Grant, coming home

Drabble #5: Hello, Goodbye

The Brigadier stared. "Impossible!"

"It... belongs to my friend," said the blonde leaning against the TARDIS.

"Hardly. The owner left it in London yesterday."

"Who are you?"

"Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart!" a thin young man exclaimed.

Discipline kept him impassive. "You've done it again, Doctor."

"Yes-- blimey! Where are we?"

"Barnbrook. He-- you drove off five minutes ago."

"What? I remember that day. I turned back almost immediately. Rose! Time to go!"

She laughed. "Goodbye, Sir Alistair."

The wording of the Doctor's salutation finally registered. "Sir Alistair? Doctor, please tell me you're jo--" The sound of dematerialisation interrupted him.

Prompt: Ten, Rose, Brigadier