Ch. 4

Enter the Darkness

Why do I feel at home? This place is so dark… is that a good thing? I bet someone forgot to pay for the electricity. I'm not alone…there are things in the dark. They're talking to me? I can hear something calling my name.

"Sora? Hey, wake up!"

Such a beautiful voice. I think it's female? A beautiful female voice…calling for me?

"I don't think he'll awaken…"

She's sad? Now why's that? Because I won't wake up?

"Who are you?" my voice was harsh and hurt as I spoke. She sounds so familiar…

The girl giggled. "You're awake after all?"

I managed to crack open a dark blue eye. "Barely…" I couldn't see the girl yet, but felt as she helped me sit up. "Where am I?"

"Safe," the girl said, finally coming into my view. She had black hair with the back up in a long ponytail and dark blue eyes. A soft yellow scarf was wrapped around her neck, loosely, and she had a sea green top with light tan shorts. On her hands were some sort of yellow gloves that almost reached her elbows but were a few inches short, and fishnet went up the rest of the way. With the way she was sitting, I couldn't see her shoes, but I guessed they were either yellow or green.

"You never answered my first question," I moaned just before my head started aching.

The girl's smile vanished and she held me steady. "You need to relax, Sora."

I half growled. Could this girl not hear me? She clearly understood since she spoke my language. "Who are you?!" I almost yelled.

"Calm down, man. It's me, Yuffie, remember?" She smiled.

I thought hard. The name was familiar, but nothing came to mind. I knew enough to tell she wasn't an enemy. "Nope. I got nothing."

Yuffie gasped. "Leon, I think Sora lost his mind!"

A male with light brown hair entered the room. "He lost that a long time ago."

"No!" Yuffie laughed. "He lost his memory, not his actual brain."

"I know what you meant."

Yuffie huffed and turned back to me, arms crossed. "You're no fun with jokes."

Leon sighed. "Sorry Sora, she's been this way since we found you passed out."

"Passed out?" Confusing as it may sound, I feel like I knew these people. They obviously know me, and that Yuffie girl says I lost my memory… but I remember Kairi and Riku completely. Especially Roxas. I groaned again when another headache vibrated through my cranium.

Leon grabbed something out of a small box – I guessed it was a mini fridge – and threw a wet rag to Yuffie.

The girl helped me lay down on a pillow that I just noticed was there. "Just relax. You've been through a lot," she said smoothly and placed the rag on my forehead. Her voice truly was beautiful. Like a fallen angel… or pudding. No wait… that smells goo, not sounds good. Well, actually it does sound good about now.

I smiled at my stupid thoughts. It usually happens when something is too much for me to handle, I made stupid jokes for myself to try and relax.


The girl was pulling a blanket over me. "Hmm?"

"You have a really pretty voice." I smiled at my joke again. Hehe. Pudding. "Can you sing?"

Yuffie finished putting the blanket on me. "Thank you, Sora. And no, I'm not a good singer."

"We have some Heartless in the town again, and he really must be in bad shape if he thinks you can sing." That voice was a little gruff to be Leon. A new person must have entered the room.

"I'll handle the Heartless." That was Leon again. "Yuffie, sing to him and make sure he knows how bad you are."

"Oh ha-ha! Like you can sing better, Squall!"

I snickered. My eyes opened and I looked to Yuffie. "Can you at least try? I'm sure you'd be great."

Yuffie blushed. "Um… sure." She cleared her throat. "You just go to sleep and I'll try and sing," she said with a ginger smile.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

Hush child, the darkness will rise from the deep

And…carry you don't into sleep

Child, the darkness will rise from the deep

And…carry you don't into sleep.

It was good. I expected it to be average, but her voice truly was beautiful. By the silence that followed the rest of the song, I knew they thought the same. It was a bit of a weird song to choose, but no one complained.

I felt myself sink into sleep and all the light behind my eyelids faded to black. When I opened then, as I usually do when I dream, I still saw blackness. There was whispers coming from every corner in the shadows and yellow lights started appearing.


One pair of lights blinked and inched closer.

Nope. Not fireflies.

Another pair got closer and then another. Once they were close enough, the light that I was emanating reflected off their dark faces and showed their true form.

"Heartless!" I yelped. First thing I tried was my Keyblade. Nothing. "No… not a dream…" One of the Heartless leapt at me, claws outstretched. "NIGHTMARE!"


"You know how to do it?" Riku questioned.

I nodded. "I think I got it." My right hand waved out in front of me sending glittery sparks out to form a black and purple Keyblade. "This is almost like a dream come true!" I smiled to myself. "I get to fight evil and save someone. Just like a video game!"

Hayner nodded. He was now lying on the top of the wall. Well, more like clinging to it. "I'll just be the sidekick that does nothing, thank you very much!" He pushed his forehead to the wall.

"If you hadn't come with us in the first place, then you wouldn't need to be anything," Riku snapped.

"I told you, I was pushed!"

"Whatever. You ready Roxas?"

I grinned again. "Ready the second I was created."

Kairi smiled to me, her golden flowered Keyblade ready. "We're like the tree musketeers," she commented. "And when we find Sora, we still will be."

I looked at her. "How? There'll be four of us."

"You and Sora are considered one person."

"Don't you mean 'Sora and me'?"

"Same difference!" she huffed.

I laughed. Too use to doing stuff like that. It was fun to get on people's nerves. "Riku, you take the lead." I gestured with my hand to the Heartless who were just standing around like idiots.

Riku grinned. His Keyblade was more like a dragon wing. On the hilt, between the blade and the top of the hilt, was a blue marble that looked like a dragon eye. The silver haired teen jumped off the wall and into the throng of Heartless. In one sweep, about twelve were gone. "These are just shadows, so they're easy," he said to us.

The brunette girl next to me jumped down next. She swung at a Shadow that was coming up behind Riku and it vanished in a mix of petals and dust. "Really easy," she agreed.

I smiled. There were only a few left. I decided to get the one closest to Riku. When I jumped, the Heartless was about to attack Riku, but it froze and glared at me. At least I think it was a glare.

Riku jumped away when he noticed the Shadow.

I sung, but the Heartless jumped but. As it came down for an attack, I turned; bringing the tip of my Keyblade across its face and the Shadow was gone. I continued to swing my Keyblade in a full circle and it sliced through another Shadow that was trying to get me from behind.

"Watch your back, Roxas!" Riku called.

My left hand went back and summoned a creamy white Keyblade with a blue, purple, and yellow star design at the end shot into existence, killing another Shadow.

Once all the Heartless Shadows were gone, I sat down with a sigh. The Keyblades were amazing! Such a simple weapon like this could kill an enemy that nothing else could? And I had two! The white one was mine, but the black one felt more like a distant memory, a present, from a lost friend. I could ask about it later.

"Nice moves, Roxas," Riku commented and knelt down to me.

I smiled. "Thanks. Hayner, you can come down now."

The dirty blonde wasn't looking at us. "There is some guy running over here."

Kairi cocked her head to one side. "A guy?"

"Yea, he's got brown hair and is wearing a lot of black. Lots of zippers on his clothes. And I think three brown belts? Nope. Two of them, but he has three on his arm." The dirty blonde jumped down from the wall, landing on me.

"Why do you keep laying on me?" I asked.

He laughed. "You just get in my way."

The man that Hayner described came around the corner with a sword out. Hayner had said he was running, but the man was walking now. His weapon was like a sword and gun mixed together with the hilt of the sword being a gun handle. Like Hayner said, the man had a black half jacket and black pants. He had four belts on – two brown and two black – and had three smaller ones on his left arm.

"Riku? Kairi? And even Roxas?" The man asked. "What are you guys doing here?"

Kairi giggled for a second. "We came to see the sights and ask you guys something."

The silver haired teen nodded. "Sora is missing. Well, he has been for a few years now."

The man stared at us for a minute. "He's not missing anymore. He's back at out place. Yuffie is taking care of him."

My face lit up. "He's okay?"

The man nodded. "He lost his memory though. Doesn't remember a thing about us." He put his sword in a holder on his back. "Come with me."

We nodded and followed the man.

"Who is he?" I asked Riku. "I don't remember him."

Riku snickered. "Maybe you and Sora do have a lot in common. He loses his memory about them and so do you." The older teen slowed down so that the man was out of earshot. "That's Leon; he's a friend of Sora's. They met in Reverse Town when Destiny Island was destroyed."

I sighed. Yet another person's name to remember. "Anyone else I should know about" I caught Riku's shoulder before he got too far ahead.

He looked back to me. "Maybe a few. Yuffie is really hyper and about the same height as you, Cid is the older man with blonde hair and a kind of bad attitude if you talk bad about his stuff, and Merlin is the really old wizard with the white beard."

Hayner shivered. "Wizard?" He'd come back to listen about the people he had to know as well. "If we make him mad…will he turn us into frogs?"

"Nah." Riku continued ahead. "Maybe a cockroach, but not a frog," he joked. At least I hope it was a joke.

We came to a house that was only a few minutes away from where we'd fought the Heartless. Leon opened the door and showed us in.

"Yuffie, I found some people you might want to greet." The man put his sword against a table and sat in a chair next to it, grabbing both the sword and a soft towel in order to polish it.

A girl with black hair came into the room, flicking her ponytail over her shoulder as she walked. "Who is it?" she asked without looking to us.

"Look for yourself." Leon pointed to us with the towel.

Yuffie glanced to us and noticed Riku first. "Hey!" she exclaimed excitedly. "First we find Sora yesterday, and now you guys show up? Awesome!" She raced over and hugged Riku and then Kairi. Before hugging me, she paused. "Do you remember me?"

I gulped. "Um… Yuffie?" I knew the name, but not her. "And no, I don't."

She hugged me anyway. "It's still nice to see you again, Roxas."

I hugged her back for a second before she let go and glared at Hayner. "Who's that?"

Hayner glared right back at her. "I'm Roxas's friend," he growled.

"Is that so?" Yuffie pulled at a strand of his wavy hair. "Who styled you hair? Looks like crap."

"Ouch! Let go!"

Riku laughed. "He's Hayner from Twilight Town. Roxas and this guy became friends after Sora vanished and he lost his memory."

Yuffie released his hair. "So Roxas has no memory either?" She sighed. "Does he know Sora at least?"

Kairi nodded. "He knew him, but not that he and Sora were together."

"Aww!" Yuffie hugged me again, making sure my arms were against my sides. "The little uke didn't remember his seme?" She laughed. "Just kidding, but you two were really cute together whenever you came here."

"Hollow Bastion sure had changed since last we've been here," Riku put in. "It's a lot… cleaner."

Leon glanced at him. "It's not called Hollow Bastion anymore. Since the Heartless left – before they came back again – we've changed the name back to Radiant Garden." He went back to polishing his sword. "If Hollow Bastion feels better to you, then you can keep calling it that."

Riku shook his head. "It it's not called that, then we won't use it."

Kairi grinned. "Yea, and Radiant Garden is such a pretty name."

I felt a shiver run up my spine. "Where's Sora?"

Yuffie looked at me with surprise. "He's sleeping in the other room. I had Cid look at him." She frown. "He was really scratched up when we found him; he even has a broken wrist."

Kairi gasped. "Do you know how he got it?"

"Probably from fighting Heartless? I'm not sure, but it is his right hand." Yuffie sighed. "He's still as sweet as ever though." She turned and walked into another room.

We followed quickly, but Hayner stayed to talk with Leon.

As soon as I saw Sora, my heart sped up. He was real. The picture I'd drawn really looked like him. Sure, the brunette was covered in scratches and a few bruises, but he was real! I wasn't crazy and just having weird dreams! Sora was alive and breathing!

I crossed the room in a few bounds and fell to the side of the couch he was sleeping on. He almost seamed peaceful in his sleep. Even with the bandages on his right wrist and a few Band-Aids on his face and arms, he still looked sweet.

Reaching out and placing my hand on his, I smiled to myself. I usually touched Sora in my dreams, but this was real. It was first contact for my refreshed mind. I was meeting him for the first time again. Seeing him for the first time again. Touching him for the first time.

His relaxed hand clenched into a fist and made him flinch. It was obvious now that he wasn't having a very pleasant dream.

I moved a little closer to the head of the couch and gingerly touched his cheek. He moved away at first, but stopped. It was as if he thought I was going to hurt him.

"Sora?" I whispered. "Can you hear me?"

Riku sat on the arm of the couch and Kairi on my other side. Both were worried about the brunette.

Sora's eyes flickered open. For a moment, he didn't say anything. After blinking a few more times, the brunette sat up, looking at me. "Roxas?"

I smiled. "Hey…"

He smiled back. "Finally!" Sora fell back against the pillow. "A nice dream."

Riku and Kairi laughed. "This isn't a dream."

Sora glanced back to Riku. "It better not be another nightmare since you're in it."

Kairi and I snickered.

"No silly," she said. "You're awake. We're really here."

He smiled for a moment. "So… I'm finally awake?" Sora suddenly hugged me with his face buried in my chest. After taking a few deep breaths, he sighed. "Yep, I'm awake." He sat up. "I can touch you and you don't disappear, and you smell good."

I felt a blush burn into my cheeks. "T-thanks?"

"You're welcome!" Sora hugged me again, but with his chin on my shoulder. "I've missed you."

The blush deepened. "Same here…Sora." I hugged him back. If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up.

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