Vizards over Hollows by TsukiNoKagura

Summary: Rukia is a commoner who had gotten into an elite school. Ichigo is the leader of the gang F4 who rules the school. Opposites should attract, right? Retelling of the KOREAN drama Boys Over Flowers. IchiRuki,HitsuHina,GrimmNel,UlquiHime

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Boys over Flowers. They each belong to different people/companies. And this is the original retelling of the Korean Drama, not Hana Yori Dango.

Chapter 1: Prologue

'KARAKURA HIGH' she stared speechlessly at the gold-plated letters by the gates. Taking in a deep breath, she swiped her ID card in front of the laser censor and walked in.

She was of middle-class birth, but Karakura high is a school built for the best of the best. You had to be rich, famous AND smart to get in. Rukia, however, got in by a swimming scholarship. This was completely unexpected. Maybe it has something to do with that incident a week ago…


She was delivering dry cleaning to a guy named Ishida Uryuu. Only to find the guy on the roof surrounded by people carrying weapons such as hockey sticks and meter rulers. When she pushed through the crowd of students she realised that Uryuu was standing on the brick fencing, with blood on his shirt, glasses broken and hair in a mess. He looked suicidal, and was about to jump.

'Oy!' Rukia called 'You ordered two blazers to be dry-cleaned! That would be 2400 yen thanks. Please pay ASAP!'

The crowd turned to stare at the commoner girl, and broke out laughing.

'Please send the bill to my house, I can't pay anymore…' Ishida said with his voice broken.

'1950 yen then!' Rukia offered 'Now that's a GREAT price!

More laughter, Uryuu only frowned 'can't you see I'm about to die?'

'Nineteen hundred yen!' the petite girl continued, as if nothing happened 'Now you can't get cheaper that 1900 yen! I need to deliver the next lot, please pay up!'

The bespectacled youth only smiled

'Girl, remember, if you ever get into this school, NEVER anger the F4…' looking at Rukia for the last time, he jumped.

'OY! STOP! WAIT! MY MONEY!' the girl's voice immediately raised to a high pitch. Dashing forward she grabbed the boy by his shoulders, she had just made it in time.

'Wow it is Wonder Woman!' the spectators cheered.

'You shouldn't help me…' Uryuu breathed 'I have pissed off F4's leader Ichigo, there's no point in living…'

'Huh? F4?' the girl asked dumbfolded.

She was all over the news after that, and was dubbed 'Wonder Girl.' The next day a group of men in black visited her in her apartment, they almost looked like the Mafia if it hadn't been their ID cards.

'WHAT? KARAKURA HIGH?!!!' she screamed 'SCHOLARSHIP?!'

'Yes Miss Kuchiki, I am well aware that you live alone with your friend after your brother headed overseas? I heard he is a worldwide business tycoon, Byakuya Kuchiki was it?' the leader of the men inquired.

'Oh yeah… him…' Rukia muttered. THE Byakuya Kuchiki wasn't her brother in blood. He was her brother-in-law; he married her sister Hisana after their parents died. She refused any help from that 'noble'. Her friend Momo and her run their own dry-cleaning store and live behind the shop. They take turns running it each week, meaning that they take turn missing out on school. Fortunately it opens every second weekday from 8am to 2pm so the girls don't fall behind on schoolwork.

It's not as if Byakuya cared about her anyway, if he did he would've at least contacted her.

'Well,' the man said, passing Rukia a parcel 'Here's your uniform, brochures, ID card and other accessories, they are complimentary and came with the scholarship. You will be attending this school starting next Monday so you better get ready this weekend.'

'Wow,' Momo Hinamori exclaimed as she came out from hiding in her room 'Now isn't that exciting?'

'I'm not going…' Rukia stated.

'But WHY?' Momo whined 'it'll be so great! There's gonna be so many hot guys there!'

'I said I'm not going, you can't make me.' Rukia said 'That school's full of snobs and bullies, no way in HELL I'm going to that place!'

'You're going and THAT'S FINAL!' Momo commanded 'who knows if you don't they'll ask for money back, we can't possibly afford all that crap! Besides it's all free so why not? We still had to pay for our school now!'

'But what about you Momo? I'm not gonna leave you alone!' Rukia cried.

'Don't worry about me 'the girl with purplish hair comforted 'I'm gonna be fine, Aizen sempai will take care of me!'

'How many times do I have to tell you he's suspicious?' the taller but still petite girl scolded 'who knows what his background is? All his friends are creepy too…'

'Hmph! So you're going or what?' the shorter girl pouted.

'If you say so!' with that Rukia hugged her best friend and roommate.

'Okay…' Rukia recited to herself 'relax and just stay away from the F4 group…'

She followed the given map in her little 'kit' and tried to find her locker. Where is number 015? She thought. She had finally found her way into the main lobby of the school with a grand staircase; so far so good…

Now which way to the girls' locker rooms?

Although it was her first day, Rukia must admit that Karakura high is not a school at all. All chairs were cushioned, all desks made from the finest lumber and even the canteen is some luxurious buffet.

She stared at the paintings hanging from the walls; they were all by famous artists. They even had one painted by Leonardo Da Vinci himself!

When she was about to walk on, she was ambushed by crowds of students running down the staircase.

'F4! They're here! THEY'RE HERE!' Fangirls screamed and more people poured in the lobby. They formed a walkway and rolled out a red carpet. Then the students of Karakura High stood on either sides of that walkway.

Oh no! Rukia panicked 'It's them! I better get out of here…

Her thoughts were interrupted when the sound of footsteps approaching can be heard, and the whole reason she can hear them is that the crowd suddenly went silent and a needle dropping could also be heard.

Four figures entered the building; they were four handsome males, the leader being a bloke with bright orange hair. Following him was a guy with piercing green eyes, a tall lad with unruly teal coloured hair and a short youth with gravity-defying white hair and somehow sends chills into the room.

'Why is Grimmjow wearing that ugly vest again? I thought I told him to throw it away?' Rukia heard a soft yet demanding voice near her.

'Who's that?' Rukia asked the green-haired girl who spoke before.

'Um… Grimmjow Jeagerjaques of the legendary F4?' the girl raised one of her perfectly trimmed eyebrow.

'Who exactly are the F4?' Rukia asked, more confused. 'And why aren't they wearing school uniform?'

'Ahh!' the girl suddenly exclaimed 'You must be that new transfer student! I'm Neliel Tu Oderchvank, best friend of Grimmjow, that blueberry over there.' She pointed at the said male. 'You may call me Nel, my name is too confusing. We're in the same school year so you don't have to use those boring honorifics. Why don't you go with the flow for now and I'll take you to the computer rooms at morning break.'

Rukia stood speechless, she could only nod.

'Hey Rukia-chan!' Nel greeted her in front of the apparently empty room 'Let's go inside, Grimmjow booked this until next period!'

Said girl followed her new acquaintance into the high-technological room. Nel turned on the projector.

'We shall start with the midget, Toushiro Hitsugaya ' the green head said, and an image of the said guy appeared 'he is a skilled ice sculptor; following his dad's career' another image of his masterpieces appeared 'He is pretty cold, but extremely good with girls; can't believe such a midget could be the Don Juan of F4.' She scowled but lit up as an image of Grimmjow appeared on the screen.

'Next is Grimmjow Jeagerjaques' Neliel informed 'Casanova of the group, his family's background originated from underground, but now they're rich as hell so they quit their former Mafia connections and started to do Real Estate. Grimmjow excels in all sports; don't be fooled by his punk appearance, he is a real sweetie' the girl blushed as she quickly changed slides.

'Ahh' she exclaimed 'Ulquiorra Schiffer, adopted son of the school's principal Yamamoto. His parents died in a car accident and his only grandfather went missing' Nel shook her head 'he is a skilled violinist, never talks or show any emotion. And he is even more cold now because Orihime rejected him for Ichigo, which leads us to the final member' the green-haired girl pressed the 'next' button on her remote control.

'Ichigo Kurosaki' she started 'Leader of F4, his family is the head of the Kurosaki corporations. They even own whole of the Gotei corp. which is the company that built this school. They convinced Gotei for a merge by marrying Ichigo's sister Yuzu to Gotei's future heir Jinta. Very sneaky but smart move, now they're so powerful that they are basically the government!' suddenly Neliel looked at Rukia, who was surprised by this sudden movement

'Never ever cross Ichigo' Nel said, looking into Rukia's eyes 'if you wanted to live, stay out of his path.'

'It's alright' Rukia responded, thinking about Ishida 'I don't think I'll ever mess with any of them, I learnt this the hard way' she smiled weakly at Nel.

'Good,' said girl replied 'now, do you want to join me and my friends for lunch?'

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