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Chapter 15: Misguided Accusations

Bella's POV

I'm such an idiot. Why in the world would I think that Edward Cullen would want me. Oh I don't know maybe because of the hot kisses, and the long talks, and the way he looks at me, oh and not to mention I was his wife. But that didn't matter because obviously he didn't want me. It was just a game to him. He stayed on track and I didn't. I had to be the one who thought that there would be something more than just this fucking business deal.

I was wrong.

It felt as though thousands of needles were poking me in my heart when I heard those first words. "I can't." He couldn't make love to me. Okay I could understand that. making love was something more intimate , something that you put your whole heart into but he wouldn't even have sex with me. He said it himself. "I can't have sex with you." That was even worse. Not only did he not want to make love to me he didn't even want to have sex with me.

I felt disgusted at myself, at how I told him I wanted him, that I was ready. I was embarrassed as well. What kind of girl wants to lose her virginity on top of the kitchen table. Yeah it would have been hot but was that really what I wanted. I realized that if it would have gone further I wouldn't have regretted it. I would have been there with the guy I wanted to give my virginity to. I wanted it. Damn it I wanted it so bad, and it was snatched away from me.

I glanced over at Edward, keeping my face free of any emotion except content, though that was the last thing I was feeling. I glanced at his hands and noticed how tightly they gripped the wheel. He must have been highly pissed about the break in. I know I would…well…I was to a point. To have someone come into your home uninvited, and not only that take what wasn't there, yeah I was pissed.

"Everything will be okay Edward." I said not knowing that my meaning could have a double meaning.

He nodded his head stiffly and he continued to drive.

It was already past noon when we finally reached his apartment complex. As he parked we noticed, Carlisle's Mercedes, Emmett's Jeep, and Jaspers vintage Mustang.

"Seems like Alice called everyone else also." Edward said as we unloaded his car.

I nodded my head and we made our way inside. After saying a brief hello to the attendant we made our way to the elevator to take us to the forty-second floor. I glanced over at Edward who seemed to stand ridged. Even with his red face he looked so hot, so sexy. I imagined him dropping his suitcase, pressing the stop button and pushing me against the wall. I could feel his hands on my thigh, and his hot breath on my neck. I could feel his hardness pressing into me. I could feel his lips makes their way down to my breast where he would take my harden nipple in his mouth.


My eyes widen as I looked up at him. He was standing in front of the elevator doors, waiting for me to past. I pressed my lips together, as I walked past him. God did my panties just get soaked right now. Shaking my head as we finally reached the door I told myself this was not the time to daydream about Edward. We had more important things to worry about.

Oh my God. We had more important things to worry about.

Edward opened the door and our mouths dropped at the site of his once beautiful loft. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes and I heard Edward drop the luggage in stunned silence.

My eyes swept over everything that once was that was now completely destroyed. The couch, that poor couch was slashed to pieces, as well as the rug and curtains. Priceless glass figures, vases, and various other things Esme had decorated Edwards apartment with laid smashed on the floor. The large flat screen was toppled though it didn't look broken. The lights bulbs in the lamps and the ceiling were smashed to bit. But that wasn't the worse. The black spray-painted writing on the walls was what did it in. It was on the walls, and floor.

He's mine! Stay away from him! Bitch! Slut! Gold-digger!

It was everywhere, very legible, obviously whoever did it wanted me to see it well and clear.

"Well whoever did it didn't want Bella anywhere near Edward." Carlisle's voice reached me.

I looked up to see the six of them walk into the living room from the hallway. They all stared at us and we stared back.

"What in the hell happened!" Edward said in a deep calming breath. I could tell that he was furious.

"Son, we--" Carlisle started but Edward interrupted him by stepping forward, the glass crunching under his feet.

"Who in--what--how--" He sighed deeply looking at the wall, his face becoming even more red than it already was. His hands touched the black spray paint and he shook his head.

"I'm guessing the whole house is like this." He said smoothly.

"Yes, we just checked out your bedroom and--"

Edward's eyes snapped to mine and mine widen. Damnit! They figured it out. They figured out that I wasn't sleeping with Edward. That my possession weren't with his. Yeah, I had a few things hanging up but that wasn't nearly enough to convince them that nothing was wrong. Edward seemed to be coming to the same conclusion as myself. I saw him swallow deeply before looking back at his family.

"And what?" He said urging his father on.

"and it's horrible." Carlisle finished.

I frowned and started to make my way back to Edwards'our' bedroom. All up and down the wall the words continued. Bitch, slut, trash. It kept going.

"Don't look at it" Edward said from behind me. I jumped a bit and nodded my head before walking into his bedroom.

The gasp that filled the living room earlier was nothing compared the to small scream that I let out as I walked into his bedroom. It was absolutely horrible. His once big, beautiful bed was slashed into pieces as well as the pillows. Cotton and feathers littered the floor. This room also had the same slurs against me as the living room and hallway. The dresser drawers were open and clothes were thrown everywhere.

I turned to see Edward make it's way towards the closet. I walked over to the dresser and bent down as a torn piece of paper caught my eye. Our marriage certificate. Ripped in two. I looked around on the floor but did not see other half.

"None of my clothes are ruined." Edward spoke, and I made my way towards him.

He was right. None of his clothes were ruined. The only problem was…well the little clothes I did have in there, well they weren't there.

"Where are my clothes?" I thought aloud.

"That's another thing." We both looked up to see Jasper standing in the doorway, a grim expression on his face. "All of your stuff Bella it's…well, here…" he jerked his head for us to follow, and led us to my bedroom. I glanced up at Edward who held his breath.

Jasper opened the door.

Holy Hell. It seemed like everything that belonged to me was totally trashed and destroyed.

"Why--why would--who--"

"I think whoever it was Bella." Carlisle said coming up behind us, "Didn't want your things close to Edwards. I guess they thought by throwing all of your things in here they accomplished that. Not to mention destroying everything."

Was it wrong that I was completely relieved that the Cullen's thought that this was the burglar fault. I didn't care. I was relieved. Though that did give way to another worry that whoever broke into the house knew that I probably wasn't sleeping with Edward. Or they thought we were having problems or something. I would worry about that later though.

I walked through my room and shook my head. Everything, everything I owned was destroyed. My school books, my clothes and shoes, my hair supplies, even my laptop. I could smell my shampoo, condition, and body wash in the room and knew I was right as I picked up a black flat shoe and it was dripping with goo. I felt tears come to my eyes.

Who hated me this much that they wanted to destroy my life. Destroy what I had. Destroy Edward's beautiful home. Who wanted me away from him? I felt myself fall to the floor, tears streaming down my face. I didn't care if the Cullen's watched me with pity. These were my belongings. The only thing I had from Forks. It was destroyed. Everything.

"Bella, it'll be okay." Edward said repeating my earlier statement. He bent down and drew me into his arms. At this moment I didn't care about the fucking deal, or arrangement or anything we had. I wrapped my arms around him and cried.

A few minutes later I pulled away and looked up at the Cullen's who were now blocking the doorway. "I'm sorry everyone."

"Don't be dear." Esme said with a small smile. "you have every right to be said and upset."

"And I'll take you shopping Bella." Alice voice rung out. "We can get you new clothes and shoes, and everything."

I couldn't help but to chuckle at that. Alice would have a blast replacing the stuff that could be replaced.

"Edward can you think of anyone who would want to do this to you and Bella."

He shook his head. "The only other person who has a key is Alice. I can't think of anyone in the apartment complex that would do it. I hardly talk to anyone here."

"What about some of the girls you've dated." Alice said, looking at me with a 'I'm sorry' smile. "Some of them have got to be jealous of Bella. That you've finally married."

Edward shook his head again. "No, I mean, yeah I'm sure there are some, but how would they break in. Most of the girls I dated were complete airheads."

Carlisle sighed. "Well there isn't any evidence of who was here. I sent Emmett to call the police, he went outside the apartment."

Edward nodded and helped me up. We all went into the living room and stood around talking about who could have done it. I was glad that Edwards arms were still around me. I glanced up at him and noticed that he was looking strongly at the walls. His eyes were narrowed as though he was thinking hard. The next words out of his mouth made me tense as I turned my eyes on her.

"Rosalie." he said looking at her.

Rosalie was standing there with her arms crossed looking as though this was the most boring thing in the world to her. I couldn't believe she had absolutely no emotion at all. If not for me, she should at least be somewhat sorry and horrified at what happened to her brother-in-law.

"What?" she snapped back, glancing at me with a glare before looking at Edward.

"Edward you can't imagine that Rose would do something--"Esme started.

"Why not. She hasn't liked Bella from the beginning. Called her all types of names, and I particularly remember gold-digger being one. " Edward spat out.

"You think I did this!" Rosalie sounded shocked. "I would never--"

"Oh yeah right Rose. You hate Bella. Because she finally took the spotlight off of you. You so focused on how you want our family to look like you thought that Bella would mess that up. Especially by me marrying her so fast.''

"Hey what's going on?" Emmett said coming back into the room.

"Your fucking brother thinks that I was the one that did this." Rosalie screamed. I had to fight the urge to cover my ears.

Emmett looked up at Edward as though he was crazy. "Seriously dude? You know Rose--"

"The only thing I know Emmett is that Rose hates Bella. Who else could it be. It wasn't like she didn't have access. " Edward turned back on Rose. "What did you do Rose, wait until Alice left her keys somewhere, steal them, come over here, fuck my house up, and leave."

"Edward!" Esme called out.

"Shut the fuck up Edward!" Emmett said taking a step towards him. "She would never do anything like that and it's fucked up that you would think so."

"It's fucked up that she would do something like this." Edward looked over at Alice who had her arms wrapped around Jasper tightly. "Did you lose your keys anytime this weekend?" he asked her.

Alice eyes widen as she looked at everyone who was looking at her. She sighed and bit her lip, her eyes going to the corner as she thought. I watched as she suddenly looked up at Jasper who nodded his head slightly.

"Yeah…I, I lost them at mom and dad's house, but I mean I found them…later on." she said hesitantly.

"Where?" Edward demanded.

Alice sighed. "In the couch. In the couch cushions."

Edward laughed humorlessly. "When in the hell have you ever lost your keys in the couch cushions, Alice. Never. Your too neat to do something like that. You always put your keys in your purse. Always."

The room was quiet for a few seconds everyone in their own thoughts before Emmett spoke up.

"This is fucked up! Rose did not vandalize Edward and Bella's apartment. There is no way in hell."

"Yeah fucking right." Edward replied with a shake of his head.

Emmett seemed to have enough because he stepped closer to Edward getting ready to punch him, but Carlisle got in the way.

"Now just hold on! There will be no fighting in this situation. This is uncalled for! Now, Edward I don't think Rose would do something like this, believe me, and Emmett ,Edwards just upset his whole home has been destroyed. We just need to wait until the police--"

"Yeah wait until the police gets here so they can fucking take her ass to jail." Edward bit out.

"Fuck you!" Rose called. "If I wanted to get Bella out of our lives it would have been a lot better than spraying some god dammed spray paint on the wall calling her a whore. I called that shit to her face."

"You fucking bitch--" Edward started.

"Edward." I said finally speaking up.

"Fuck this! You want to blame my wife? Fuck you Edward. I thought you had more sense than that. Just Fuck you!"

He grabbed Rosalie's arms and headed towards the door. I sighed heavily and looked up at Edward who was glaring at the two. Rose stopped right before being led out and looked back at us. "I guess I was right. She has destroyed our family." she bit out before she continued to follow Emmett.


Pretty soon after Emmett and Rosalie left the police officers finally showed up. They took statements from everyone and stated that they would start a full on investigation, they suggested that Edward and I don't stay in the apartment until they had everything under control. I had a feeling that they wouldn't find the person who did this.

As much as I could understand Edwards reasoning, I knew it wasn't Rosalie. Like she said she had already called her those names to her face. She had told Edward this but obviously he didn't listen to her.

I couldn't help but to think on Rosalie's last words. Had I destroyed their family. I could hardly believe that Emmett and Edward had ever gotten into an argument this big before. This was something that could tear them apart. Holidays and Birthdays probably would never be the same, Sunday dinners would always have tension in the room. God this was all my fault.

I sighed heavily and brought my hands up to my face. "God this is all my--"

"Its not your fault Bella." Alice said coming over to give me a hug. "Nothing is your fault. Don't blame yourself."

I smiled tightly at her, and promised myself that I would get Edward and Emmett to make up. I would continue to feel guilty if I didn't at least try.

After the police left Esme offered her home to us, but Edward refused the offer saying that we'd stay in a hotel. I gave Esme a regretful smile, but decided not to argue with Edward. After saying goodbye we made our way, with Edwards clothes and nothing of mine expect my suitcase that I had took with on our little 'honeymoon', to The Peninsula, a hotel that was extremely luxurious. I definitely argued with Edward on this but compromised that as long as he didn't get the most expensive room we could stay there. I mean we would be living there for a while and I didn't want him spending up all his money.

I had to admit that it was absolutely beautiful. It was absolutely huge also. I could tell that it was a five star hotel as soon as we pulled up and valet took over Edward car. I couldn't help but to gasp in wonder as we entered it's majestic doors. Everything was so classy, yet contemporary. I could tell that no guest went untreated here. Edward made his business transaction as I watched as people came and went from the hotel. Most of them looking filthy wealthy and snooty. After receiving the key and making sure no one else had one, we made our way to the elevator and on our floor, Edward refused having the bell boy take out luggage for us. I agreed with him silently. I didn't want someone else carrying my stuff.

"Wow." I breathed out as we entered our new home for now.

I took in the spacious and luxurious room and dropped my bag on the floor. As much as it sucked that we would have to live in a hotel at the moment I wanted to take in my surrounding. I quickly searched the room finding oversized closets, that even if I still had my clothes, they wouldn't fill it up. A flat screen television, with a blue-ray player, I found out that the light switches had thee levels of mood lightening and Edward laugh as I played with them. I was pretty sure that we had internet access also. The windows were large and showed a wonderful view of Michigan Avenue. The bed was huge also. Not as big as Edward but it looked comfortable with it's white and gold trimmed bedding. The bathroom…oh God the bathroom. It was a girls best friend. A jacuzzi tube, as well as a separate shower. You could even closer the curtain switch a touch of a button! It was really nice.

"How much was this room Edward?" I asked as I sat on a white couch that was in the sitting room.

"Does it matter? It's not the most expensive one and that was what we agreed on right?"

I smiled and nodded my head. We both quiet for a while looking at each other.

"Today had be so emotionally draining." I said softly.

He nodded his head. "I'm sorry. Whoever did this. We'll get them Bella. They had no right…. No right at all."

I smiled softly at him. "Don't be sorry Edward. It wasn't your fault." I sighed deeply. "Do you think the police will catch whoever did it?"

He shook his head. "Sadly no. I'm sure the police have bigger problems on their hands than who broke into my apartment."

I was about to say something else when I realized that he was right. As much as they said they were going to investigate, once again I worried that they wouldn't catch who did it. I yawned loudly, the events of the day finally getting to me. I looked over at the bed and pressed my lips together.

One bed. He had only gotten one bed. Why? He had made it so clear this morning that he wanted nothing to do with me. Why get one bed. I glanced over at him to find him watching me and I couldn't help but to blush. Damn blushes. He was looking at me so intently, as if he knew what I was thinking.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I want to sleep with you." He said simply.

I shook my head. "It makes no sense. You wanted nothing to do with me this morning…"

He laughed and shook his head. "Are you fucking serious. Did you not feel how hard I was. Of course I wanted you Bella."

"No." I shook my head. "No you said you didn't want me. You said--"

"You know sometimes if you shut that sweet perfect little mouth of your's, you would have heard the whole statement." He stood up and made his way over to me. I pressed my lips together tightly not wanting to say anything. The whole statement? But I had heard it loud and clear… he said he didn't want me.

My breath caught as he knelt down in front of me and took my hands. His fingers traveled over them softly. "I was going to say. I didn't want to have sex with you….on the kitchen table."

I gave him a doubtful look and he shook his head. He was silent for a few seconds and seemed to be struggling with himself. "I care about you Bella. A lot. You deserve more than me fucking you on the kitchen table. You deserve to made--" He cut off and looked at the ground, fire in his eyes. "This weekend was wonderful. We got to know each other. We decided to let our…" he sighed. "guards down, and we want to be with each other right?"

I stared at him. Of course I wanted to be with him. This weekend proved I wanted to be with Edward Cullen. I thought about the time we kissed in the closet and when I was drunk, and while we were fishing. I thought about the times I felt so comfortable around him. I thought about how it felt so good to get everything off my chest when I talked to him.

"Yes." I whispered.

"Then please don't just let it go. We've worked hard to get to this point haven't we?"

I bit my lip. God he had no idea. Damn feelings always got in the way. "Yes."

"So don't let a little misunderstanding throw that away. I want to date you, take you to the movies, and dinner. "He sighed heavily and adjusted the weight on his foot before continuing. "Look we… I think that you are so beautiful, and I'm glad that I asked you to be my wife. I don't think I'd want anyone else. We have good times together right, I mean yeah you can be a little assuming, stubborn, prideful, talkative, bossy--"

"Okay I get it!" I snapped hearing all the negative things about myself. I wasn't all those things, was I?

"But" He continued. "you're also sweet, and kind, and appreciative, beautiful, you're just a good person all around. Like I said before I want to date you, I do. You deserve to have the best and I want to give it to you."

I took a deep breath and looked at the green eyed man kneeling before me. I had agreed once before that I wanted to be with him, what was stopping me now. Nothing had changed, you know besides the fact that I assumed he didn't want me. And he was right, now that I think about it I wouldn't want my first time to be on the kitchen table. That was kinda disgusting.

I wanted to be with Edward, even though I felt a little 'naughty' by doing so. But why should I? I was his wife wasn't I? I was a woman who had sexual feelings like any other woman. "I'm sorry." I said with a sigh. "I guess I just assumed things that--I just--we had just--I thought-- I want to date you also Edward, and I'll try not to be bossy, or talkative, stubborn--"

His mouth on mine cut off the rest of my sentence and I sighed in pleasure as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I was sure tonight I wouldn't assume anything. I didn't want to.

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