Harry had been protesting all the way here, but as always no one was listening, that he did not need medical care. So he had taken a bit of a spill, it was expected when you were learning to be an animagus and your form was a hawk, human bodies were not made for wings when the rest of your body was still human. Harry had graduated from Hogwarts a year ago and was in accelerated auror training, studying to be an officer and work at the academy. He had been studying to be an animagus though for two years, first with his godfathers at school and now at the academy. The war had ended in sixth year with a battle in Hogsmeade, where Harry had finally destroyed the Dark Lord, and last year he had completed school and graduated second top student. He was living with his godfathers in Grimmauld Place, and was about to finish his first year to become an auror, like Sirius and James had been as well. Sirius he had found out shortly before the final battle ha not been killed in the ministry, he had been in bad shape though in the hospital and they had not old him till they knew he would live.

Harry lay there on the exam table, wishing the healer would hurry up and come, if he was going to be forced to be here, for he wanted to get back to work. He had a date with Ginny and she would be worried if he did not collect her on time. Ginny had graduated from Hogwarts a few weeks ago, and was signing with the Harpies, and the whole world expected them to be engaged by he end of the year, there were votes in the newspaper over when it would happen. Harry cared about her deeply, and they had been dating for nearly three years now, but he cold not seem to be able to picture himself married to her.

He was surprised when the door opened and a healer came in, not by the fact that it was a healer in training for that was common with minor cases, but who the healer was. He had not seen him since they had graduated and had thought he would have been running Malfoy Industries, since his parents died in battle.

He looked at Draco. "Malfoy. I would have thought you would be off conquering the world of Malfoy Industries. Never took you for the healer type."

Draco looked up. "An auror I see just like I thought Potter. But how soon you forget I was stripped of my family fortune and title, the son of traitors and all."

Harry had nearly forgotten, other then his trust fund which had been left to him by his grandfather, Draco had lost it all. Lucius was killed and Narcissa was given the kiss as traitors and had their titles and money stripped away from them. The Malfoy title was gone and the money had been given to victims, but the dowry of Narcissa had been returned to the Black family, mainly Harry's beloved godfather who Harry was the heir of.

Harry watched as Draco started running a diagnostic on him. "I remember now, you were living with Snape after that. I would have thought potions master."

Draco looked up from his chart. "I considered, Severus would have trained me. But after all of the horror my parents inflicted, I wanted to do some good."

Draco had been villainized in the paper, the son of the two worst followers of Voldemort, most people had thought that he was a turn coat. He had changed his name to Snape, his godfather adopting him and offering him a home, but there ad been no escaping the reputation. He could have gone abroad and tried to start a new life, but he had become a healer because he wanted to repair some of the damage his parents had done, and for that he had remained here in the UK where they inflicted it. He was able to keep the townhouse, the only property which Lucius had signed over to his son's name before the war ended, the manor gone and destroyed from what he knew.

Draco handed him a bottle. "Use this on your arms Potter and make sure next time you are trying to turn into a hawk, not to be such a bird brain, and use some mats."

Harry took the bottle from him. "Thanks Malfoy, I think that is the best compliment you have ever given me."

Though they had not been enemies after the war, Draco had stood by his side in the final battle and actually helped kill his own father, they had never been friends. Draco had forgotten a long time ago what it was like to have friends, most of his had turned on him, for they had parents who had been Death Eaters. What he would not have given to be the Golden Boy, the hero of the wizarding world, and have a little fan club.

Draco watched as he put on his robe. "I read in the papers that you are proposing tonight to your girlfriend. Congratulations I guess."

Harry snickered at that. "We both know well enough Malfoy that you can't believe everything you read in the rags. But I assume I will propose soon enough"

There seemed to be a sadness in Harry's voice for a moment and there was something about the way he talked about proposing, that Draco thought Harry sounded like he was facing execution or something. He had to admit he had no idea what harry had ever seen in the obnoxious little red head, even if he himself had not been gay, and wondered if it had more to do with being a part of that family, hen actual interest.

He called to Harry as he was leaving the room. "Maybe we could have a drink some time, if you're ever in Diagon. Talk about old times, or drown our sorrows."

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