Sasuke clenched his fists at the memory.



(Breakfast in the Uchiha household..)

Sasuke rubbed his eyes sleepily, stepping into the dining room.

Itachi saw his little brother walk in. "Good morning, Sasuke-chan!" He smiled.

Sasuke sat on the chair beside Itachi. "Good morning Itachi, Kaa-san, Tou-san."

"Good morning, dear," Mikoto said kindly. Fugaku just grunted.

"So, Sasuke, how was your sleep?"

The little boy yawned. "It was fine while it lasted," he complained. Itachi laughed.

Mikoto sauntered to the table. "Who wants breakfast?"

Sasuke's eyes brightened at the voice of his mother. "Me, Kaa-san!"

Mikoto giggled, Fugaku gave a small smile, and Itachi ruffled his brother's spiky hair.

She put the plates in front of her boys and watched them eat.

Sasuke noticed that his mother wasn't eating. "Kaa-san, why aren't you eating?"

Mikoto smiled at her younger son's thoughfulness. "Don't worry, I'll eat later; I still have to attend to you three."

Itachi finished his food before Sasuke did. He was about to ask his brother a question when he felt something in his stomach.

"BUUUURP!" A blast of fire shot out of Itachi's mouth, scorching Sasuke. Fugaku's eyes widened in shock and Mikoto gasped.

"Sorry bro..."

Sasuke started to cry. "Kaa-san!"

Mikoto stood up and rushed to Sasuke. "Where does it hurt, Sasuke?"

Sasuke sobbed. "My cheek hurts, Kaa-san!" Mikoto tried to touch the burn, but Sasuke's hand gently pushed her hand back. "Please don't touch it...it hurts."

Mikoto hugged her favorite son. "Shh, Sasuke, it'll be alright."

Fugaku glared at Itachi. "Outside, now."

Itachi followed his father mutely, awaiting his punishment.

Once outside, Fugaku spoke. "Last week, you burned down your room in your sleep. Now, you burn your brother. What is with you?"

Itachi remained silent, loathing his father at the moment.

"Don't do that again, or you will answer to me." Sometimes, Sasuke was the favorite of Fugaku.

"Yes, Tou-san."

"Go back inside." Itachi complied.

Inside, he saw his mother bandaging Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke saw him and whimpered. Mikoto turned around.

"Itachi, come here."

He went to his mother's side. 'Oh man, not her...'

"Apologize to Sasuke."

He sighed and knelt in front of Sasuke. Afraid of what his brother might do, he cowered into his mother's arms.

"Look, I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise."

"...promise?" Sasuke asked timidly.

"I promise. A shinobi does not go back on his word, does he?"

Sasuke smiled and hugged his brother. Itachi patted his back.

Mikoto sat there, gazing at her sons lovingly.


...I swear, I am going to kill you.

"Yo, Sasuke. You zoned out for a minute there."


"We're going to Ichiraku's. Wanna come? Kakashi-sensei's treating us." Naruto winked mischievously.

"Uh, sure."


Yay! :D

Sasuke and Itachi are so kawaii! :3