Summary: After the incident at prom, Ashley went to Europe and never returned. For the first time in ten years, Ashley plans to return to Los Angeles. But on her plane ride home, the plane crashes and when Ashley awakes, she realizes that she's back in her old room in LA and looking more like 17 than 27. She has the chance to change her future by changing her past, but will she take her second chance at happiness or relive it all the same way again?

Disclaimer: I do not own SoN, Tom Lynch does.

Rating: T for now (I'll give warning if it changes)

This story was kind of inspired after I watched 17 Again and 13 Going on 30. R & R please!

You Gotta Go There to Come Back

Chapter 1 – A Second Chance

Ashley's POV

The last thing I remember was everyone panicking when the plane's engine blew and then the red warning lights came on in the plane and the air masks dropped down. And now I'm waking up in my room back in my mother's house, not realizing how much time had passed or how I had gotten here. I look around, but everything seems in place when I left it 10 years ago. How is that possible? I scratch my head and get out of bed reluctantly, thinking my body will be sore but it's surprisingly not. I slowly walk into the bathroom and take a long relaxing shower only to be yelled at by a screaming Kyla.

"Ashley! What are you doing in there? We're going to be late for school!" Kyla yelled, knocking on the bathroom door. Wait? Kyla... what the hell is she doing here? And school? What the hell...

I step out of the shower, Kyla is still knocking and yelling at me frantically. "One second Kyla!" I yell back just to shut her up. I wipe away the steam on the mirror to take a look at myself before I face Kyla.

What the hell? Why do I look like I am 17?

"Ashley what are you doing? Come on!" Kyla barged into the washroom and saw Ashley looking at herself in the mirror with a confused look. "Why are you staring at yourself like that?"

"I look like I am 17... why do I look like I am 17?"

"Uh... maybe because you are? Are you on something Ashley? You're acting really weird." Kyla asked while raising one of her eyebrows and crossing her arms in front of her.

"What? No, I'm 27 and I just came back from Europe."

"Europe? Ashley what are you talking about? You never went to Europe, you've been here in LA your whole life." Kyla said getting even more confused and worried at the state of her sister's sanity.

"No, I left for Europe after the shooting at prom and I never came back until now, ten years later." What is Kyla talking about? Of course I left for Europe, I talked to her all the time when I was over there.

"Ash... prom is still three months away. It's only March. Are you sure you're okay?" Kyla asked taking a step closer and putting her hand on Ashley's forearm.

"March? What year is it?" WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? How is it March? Last time I checked it was May and I was flying back for summer.

"It's 2007 Ash... What year did you think it was?" Kyla replied as she looked at Ashley giving her a blank stare.

2007?!?!? This cannot be happening... what the hell happened to the ten years I spent in Europe? "It's 2007...? And March...?"

"Yeah... are you sure you're okay? You have this look on your face that's like... I can't even describe it. We have to get going, we're going to be late for school." Kyla said while tugging on Ashley's arm.

I followed Kyla out of the room, even more confused than ever. How was it possible that I imagined ten years of my life? Was it just one big dream? Wait... seven months till prom, that's why Kyla said right? That means the drive-by shooting hasn't happened, and Clay hasn't died, and Aiden hasn't confessed he loves me and.... Spencer. Spencer... oh god, I have a second chance with Spencer, to make things right.

Now in my car and driving to school with Kyla in the passenger seat, I couldn't help but have this massive smile on my face. Ten years without staring into beautiful blue eyes, running my fingers through that soft blonde hair and tasting those luscious lips. Spencer Carlin, the girl who turned my whole world upside down, the girl of my dreams.

As I drive into the parking lot I see her standing by my usual spot. Some people say you only fall in love once, but seeing her again after ten years and being just as beautiful, if not more, than I remembered, made me fall all over again.

Man this is weird... but no matter what has happened to me, I have Spencer back and that's all that matters. As I get out of my car, my brain is no longer in charge of my body, my feet are doing all the work and without me even realizing it I'm running into her arms and kissing passionately.

I have missed these lips.

"Well good morning... what was that for?" Spencer pulled back from the kiss, grinning but slightly surprised at Ashley's affectionate manner so early in the morning.

"I'm just happy to see my girlfriend." Man it feels good to say that... girlfriend. Spencer Carlin, my girlfriend.

I know I'm smiling like a buffoon, but I really can't help it. Like I said, my brain is no longer in control... and you have no idea what kind of power this girl has over me. It's almost pathetic.

"Well I'm happy to see you too." Spencer responded giving Ashley a light kiss on the cheek and looping her arm around Ashley's while they walked to their lockers.

"Hey Spence..." I turned to her and looked into her blue eyes and can only think about how much I've missed them. Man they are so beautiful.

"What's wrong Ash?" Spencer responds, seeing through my sorrowful eyes. She could always read me.

"Nothing... I just love you." Again with the giant grin, my face is probably going to get sore by the end of the day, but it's so worth it.

"Awe Ash, you're such a softy you know that." Spencer stuck her tongue out at the girl and gave her another kiss, "I love you too."

Four words I will never get tired of hearing from those succulent lips.

"I've just missed you that's all." Oh shit, should I have said that?

"Missed me? I saw you last night babe."


Cover it up, quickly!

"Well I can't miss in you in between then and now?"


Spencer hits Ashley in the shoulder lightly and laughs, "Come on you big softy, we're going to be late for class."

"Walk me?"

"Ash, we have first period together."

Shit. I have to start remembering this stuff.

"Well you can walk me then!"


The day went by fast, and luckily I had a copy of my class schedule in my purse so I ended up in the right classrooms, in most of which I just spent the entire class pinching myself thinking this wasn't actually happening. This whole thing was just so surreal, I couldn't believe it. In the times I wasn't pinching myself, I couldn't help daze off and think about her. How even though the last ten years in Europe were life changing and magical, not one day of it compared to a second of having her back in my life. I cannot, I repeat... CANNOT screw this up again.

Making my way back to my locker after my last class, there she was.


After ten years, she still managed to make my heart stop. I know I'm repeating myself, but god she's so beautiful.

"So are you coming over...?" Ashley whispers into Spencer's ear while creeping up on her and putting her arms around Spencer's waist.

"I can't, family night... it's this new thing my dad is trying. He thinks we don't spend enough time together as a family. I think he wants us to watch a movie and play some games. Sorry..." Spencer responded turning around and pouting while putting her arms around Ashley's neck.

"That's alright, but when am I going to get my Spencer time?" I've missed it.

"I'll call you before I go to bed okay?" Spencer kissed Ashley and turned around to close her locker.

As she turned, Ashley got a whiff of her hair. Lavender... oh how I've missed that alluring scent.

"Can I at least drive you home?"

"Of course!" Spencer smiled and threw her bag over her shoulder.

As I drove Spencer home, all I could think about was Aiden. And not in that way by any means, but how I was going to resolve that issue with him because clearly it was going to happen again this time around. And if I could resolve it now, that means it won't happen at prom and I won't lose her. I know I'm thinking way too hard about it because Spencer is giving me weird stares, but it's just too important for me to stop.

"Are you sure you're okay Ash? You've been acting really weird today..." Spencer asked while reaching over and covers Ashley's free hand that is over top of the gear lever.

"I'm just out of it... my head's a bit jumbled. Sorry." I hate lying to her.

"Anything I can do? I don't like you looking all distraught. And you thinking that hard is never a good sign." Spencer started caressing Ashley's hand she was still holding.

Ashley had pulled up in front of Spencer's house by this time.

"Nah, it's good. I'm just going to go home and sleep it off. Go and have a good time with your family and call me after, okay?"

Spencer kissed Ashley one more time lightly before getting out of the car and entering her house. Ashley watched the girl slowly vanish into her house and put her car into drive and drove away.


I knew it was horrible thing lying to Spencer like that, but I had no choice... what was I going to tell her? One minute I was spending ten years away from her in Europe and the next I wake up and I'm back to being 17? Yeah... because that would go over so well.

I ended up going home like I said, but I didn't end up going to sleep. I was too afraid that if I did, I would wake up and I'd be on that plane again or in Europe and none of this would be real. So I laid there in gigantic bed, looking up at my ceiling and just staring.

"Hey Ashley, have you seen my..." Kyla barges into the room and stops as she sees Ashley lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just..."

Kyla interrupts before Ashley can finish, "...cause you have been acting really weird today. Like this morning you acted like you had just woken up from a really bad dream and now I come in here and you're staring up at the ceiling in deep thought, and still acting just as weird."

This is getting harder and harder to explain. People are going to ask more and more questions, I've got to stop acting so anxious and weird around them. At least until I figure all of this out...

"Yeah sorry about this morning Ky, I have no idea where my head was at. Blame it on the morning..."

Please believe me... please believe me.

"You never have been a morning person. Well I came in to ask if you've seen my hair dryer. I've got a date with Aiden tonight."

Ugh... Aiden, right there are together still. I guess I can't talk to him tonight about his 'feelings' then.

"Uh no I haven't, but have you checked my bathroom? It's probably in there if it's not in yours."

"Oh yeah! Good idea, okay thanks!" Kyla yelled as she ran towards my bathroom, finding her hair dryer and running back to her room.

As there I was again, left alone to figure all of this out. I was planning on talking to Aiden tonight but that was obviously out the window after Kyla came in and said they had a date. Going to the clubs was definitely ruled out because let's face it, those never lead to anything good. It was times like this I wish I had more friends back in high school, but then again, I hated most of the people. So it came down to me and my music, something I could always do when life was too much for me and I just wanted to shut it out.


It was just past ten thirty when Kyla and Aiden made their way back into the house, it seemed a bit early for them, but I let it go thinking maybe one of them was just tired or something. I had moved myself down into the living room seeing as my bedroom ceiling wasn't giving me much inspiration to write.

"Hey Ash, good to see you NOT staring at your ceiling, I was worried about you for a second." Kyla said while coming down and sitting on the couch beside her. Aiden followed but sat on the loveseat across from them.

"Yeah I thought it would be best if I didn't lay around like a slug. How was your night?" They clearly weren't going to leave me alone so I might as well put down my music and try and act like I'm listening.

"It was alright, Aiden was tired so we decided to come back early and just chill here."

Kyla stirred a bit, and Ashley clearly noticed but decided to ignore it.

"Well I don't know how good of company I will be..."

Both Kyla Aiden laughed, clearly agreeing with Ashley. "Yeah we know, we were going to watch a movie, you want to join us?" Aiden asked giving Ashley a small smile.

No, not really. "Uh... su-" Ashley gets cut off by her cell phone ringing, and subtly smiles when she looks at the caller ID.

Thank you, Spencer.

"That's probably Spencer, I should get it, but rein check on the movie." Ashley replies and gets up and walks to her room while answering her cell, and making her way to her bed.

"Hey beautiful, how was family night?"

"Without one very sexy sarcastic girl..." I forgot how much this girl can kill me...

"Mrs. C wasn't there?"

Spencer laughed softly in the phone, "Ew Ash, you do realize how wrong that is..."

"Spencer, you know how much I've told you your mom is a MILF... you just have to accept it." Haha I love making her squirm over me calling her mom hot.

"Yes, and every time you tell me that, I tell you not to remind me."

"Don't worry I prefer the younger Carlin."

"You better, I don't know if my heart could take it if you were just using me to get to my mother."

"Awe, you know I would never break your heart, Spence. But seriously, I want to hear about your family night. Besides not having me there, how did it go?"

"Besides Glen being the usual ass he is, it was really good. My mom is really trying you know, I really wish you were there to see it."

"That's amazing, Spence. It's really good your mom is trying. That makes one of ours..."

"I'm sorry Ash, but I may know something that might make you feel better."

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" Hmm what is this girl up to.

"Well, Kyla and Aiden are fast asleep on the couch downstairs and your mom's car isn't in the driveway which by my calculations means..."

All of a sudden Spencer knocks on Ashley's bedroom door and walks in, shutting her cell phone.

"... we're all alone upstairs."

I LOVE this girl.

"Spencer! You snuck out?" I love this girl.

"I told you I missed you." I LOVE this girl.

Spencer closed Ashley's door and locked it before moving over to the bed and pushing Ashley back onto it and jumping on and straddling her.

And I DEFINITELY missed this.

"Well if this is the mood I put you in when I talk about your mom being a MILF, I definitely have to do it more often..." Ashley says while leaning forward and pushing a stray piece of hair behind Spencer's ear.

"Shut up Ash!" Spencer yells while pushing Ashley back down and holding Ashley's hands down above her head.

"Definitely should more often." Ashley joked before freeing her hands from Spencer's grip and throwing Spencer on her back. "But either way, I think I should take advantage of this opportunity don't you think..."