Title: For the Love of Earth

Rated: G

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"" : means speaking

'': means thinking

"Serena where are you?" Luna asked from inside her room.

"Here I am Luna. I am out on the balcony." Serena called back.

"Oh so here is where you've been for the past few hours." Luna stated, when she had come out onto the balcony and jumped up on the railing.

"Yes" Serena sighed as she started to pet Luna.

"What have you been doing out here for all those hours?" questioned Queen Selenity who had overheard the conversation between Luna and her daughter when she had entered Serena's room.

"Oh hello Mother. I've just been looking at the Earth."


"Yes, it looks so beautiful tonight." Serena commented as she went back to gazing at the blue-green planet in the sky.

"It does doesn't it?" Queen Selenity admitted as she started to gaze at the Earth too.

"Mother, may I please go to Earth?" Just for a few hours or even just for an hour?" Serena pleaded.

"Now Serena we've been over this before. It's not safe for us on Earth right now. With all the war between the between us. Maybe when the peace treaty that I am trying to make between the Earth and us goes through. Then we'll be able to visit Earth." explained Queen Selenity thoroughly.

"Yes Mother." Serena sadly gave in, with her eyes still plastered on Earth.

"Oh Serena, dear don't be sad. You'll be able to go to Earth one day. I promise." Queen Selenity said as she gave her a hug.

"Okay Mother." Serena replied smiling.

"That's my dear, Serena. Now lets go to dinner. We don't want to keep everyone waiting."

"Yes Mother. Come on Luna." Serena breathed as she picked up Luna and started following he mother.

"Don't be sad, Serena. Your mother is right. One day you will be able to visit Earth. Maybe not soon, but once things are finally peaceful between the Moon and Earth then you'll visit Earth. I know of it." Luna informed her.

"I know Luna, I know." Serena grinned as she gave, her dear friend Luna, a hug.

'I can't wait until the peace treaty is in affect. I want to go to Earth NOW!' Serena yelled inside her mind as she keep on following her mother to the dining room.

During dinner Queen Selenity was busy discussing the peace treaty with other members of the royal court. But all Serena could think about was Earth, as usually.

"Hey Serena what are you thinking about?" Lita questioned Serena softly after she had noticed the faraway look in her eyes.

"I was just thinking about the Earth." Serena whispered back.

"Again!" Raye exclaimed. Soon all the heads at the table were turned towards their direction.

"Shh...yes again." Serena shot back with a firm look set on her face.

"Lately it seems like that's all you've been thinking about." Amy added.

"Well I can't help it, the Earth is just so mesmerizing."

"That's true, but shouldn't you be thinking about a prince to marry?" queried Mina.

"Oh Mina, please don't remind me." Serena moaned. "I don't want to think about it right now." Serena whined as she turned back to he dinner.

"All right" chimed Mina, while all four of them went back to eating their dinners too.

During desert Queen Selenity announced to everyone that a suitor for Serena was coming to the Moon in a couple of days. "Serenity, Prince Bedwiken from a far away planet is coming to the Moon in a couple of days."

"Is he another suitor for me, Mother?"

"Yes Serenity, he is."

"Mother, that' suitor number thirty-nine." Serena pointed out as she looked up at her mother. "When will all of these suitors stop coming?"

"Serenity, dear, you know that the only reason for all of these suitors is so you can find someone who you would like to marry. You're reaching your 18th birthday and by then you need to have a fiancée." Queen Selenity reminded her daughter.

"I know Mother, but almost all of the suitors who visit us only want to marry me for more power and power towards the silver crystal. I want to marry someone who will love me for me and not for my power!" Serena protested. She then went right back to eating her desert.

"I know how you feel," Queen Selenity said, patting Serena's hand. "but don't worry you will find right man for you soon."

"I hope so Mother." Serena responded as she got up to leave. "Excuse me, Mother, everyone. I am going to got o bed now."

"Goodnight dear"

"Goodnight Mother"

Serena headed to her room and got herself ready for bed. She then walked out onto her balcony and gazed at the Earth again, wishing she could visit it. 'I want to visit Earth so much. I can't wait until that peace treaty has gone through. That might take years and I can't wait that long.' Serena told herself. Then an idea popped into her mind. 'I know what I can do. I can got to Earth tomorrow night when everyone is fast asleep. I will just stay there for an hour and I'll be back home before anyone has even awaken.' Serena explained to herself merrily.

"It will work!" Serena proclaimed out loud unaware of he guardian's presences.

"What will work?" Amy inquired from behind Serena.

"Oh hi guys." Serena greeted them. "I was just thinking out loud."

"About what?" Lita asked

"Oh it was a nothing interesting." Serena giggled uneasily under her guardian's questioning stares. "Foolish really."


"Well we just came here to see if you were all right." Mina indicated to Serena.

"I am perfectly fine you guys." Serena reassured her friends as she went back to gazing up at Earth.

"That's good, Serena." Lita smiled. They all gave her a hug and then headed their rooms to get some sleep. "Night Serena." they all yawned.

"Goodnight guys."

Serena stayed outside for a little while longer until Luna called her inside to go to bed. "Serena lets got to bed. It's getting late and you have a big day tomorrow." Luna informed Serena as she walked out onto the balcony and into Serena's arms.

"Okay Luna lets go to bed." Serena agreed as she went back inside her room.

Serena then climbed into bed and turned out her lamp. She soon fell fast asleep with Luna silently sleeping beside her on a pillow. All through the night all Serena dreamt of was Earth.

The next morning Serena was awakened by Luna who was lightly shaking her.

"Good morning Luna." Serena yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Good morning Serena." Luna greeted back as she jumped off of Serena's bed. "Now start getting ready for breakfast."

"Okay Luna." Serena obeyed. She jumped out of bed and headed straight towards her closet to get ready.

She decided to wear a beige sleeveless dress, with golden rings embroidered on the top and bottom of the dress. She then went to her dresser to fix her hair. Once she was all ready she headed out of the door, with Luna trailing behind her, and towards the dining room.

When they reached the dining hall Serena and Luna sat themselves at the table and started eating their breakfasts. During the middle of breakfast Queen Selenity talked about the process of the peace treaty with Earth, but all Serena could think about was her secret visit to Earth that night.

'Oh I can't wait until tonight when I get to go to Earth.' Serena thought cheerfully. All of a sudden she was snapped out of her thoughts by Queen Selenity. "Serenity did you hear me?"

"Oh sorry, Mother." Serena apologized as she looked up at her mother. "What were you saying?"

"I was just telling you that by the way things are going with this peace treaty you will be able to got to Earth in a few months." Queen Selenity told her daughter happily.

"That's great." Serena smiled as she started to eat her breakfast again.

Once they were all done eating Serena went back to her room to get ready for her trip that night.

"Well I think I'll bring a cloak incase it is cold over there, another pair of shoes incase I need a more comfortable pair, and my communicator just to be on the safe side." Serena told herself as she packed up all her items into a white knapsack. "Well that seems like all I need." Serena said out loud once she had finished packing her stuff.

She then heard a small knock on the door . She quickly hid her knapsack under her bed before she acknowledged the person behind her door. "Come in"

"Hi Serena"

"Hi guys." Serena beamed as she noticed that it was her guardians that were behind her door.

"Serena we were going to go horse back riding. Do you want to come?" Amy asked.

"Sure I'd love to." Serena squealed as she followed them out of her room and to the stables.

When they reached the stables they all started to mount their horses. "Hello Rose Petals." Serena cooed to her horse while she lightly rubbed its side. She then mounted her horse and called to her friends. "You guys ready?"

"Yeah we're ready." Mina answered.

"Okay lets go." Serena called back to them as she galloped away form the stables and towards an open valley.

"Oh you guys it's always so peaceful here." Amy commented.

"I agree" Lita sighed

"I have an idea. Why don't we dismount and rest here for a little while?" Serena asked them enthusiastically.

"Sounds good to me." Mina cried as she began to dismount her horse.

"I agree." Amy added while the rest of them began to get off of their horses.

They spent the rest of their afternoon just lying around under a big willow tree. Amy spent her time reading a physics book, Lita looked new recipes, Mina and Raye picked flowers, and Serena stared at the Earth.

"Serena are you looking at the Earth again?" Raye questioned her.

"Yes" Serena sighed as she averted he eyes towards Raye. "The Earth always looks so peaceful. It helps me forget about my problems whenever I look up at it."

"It does. Doesn't it?" Mina broke in as she looked up at the Earth too. "Well come on Serena it's time to head back to the palace. Raye told Serena as she got up and headed to her horse.

"All right, I'm coming." Serena called back as she also got up and went to her own horse.

When they reached the palace they put their horses in the stable, then they went inside to get ready for dinner.

After they were all ready for dinner they went downstairs to the dining hall. "Hello, Mother." Serena greeted her mother once they had entered the dining room.

"Hello Serenity, girls." Queen Selenity responded as they took their seats at the table.

All during dinner Serena remained quite while everyone around her talked to one another. When she was finally done with her dinner she excused herself from the table and headed to her room, "Excuse me, Mother I am going to go to bed now."

"All right, dear." Queen Selenity replied while she watched her daughter get up from the table. "Are you feeling alright? It's a bit early to being going to bed."

"I feel fine, Mother. Just a bit tired from today's horse ride."

"Okay dear, sleep well."

"I will. Goodnight Mother." Serena smiled. She then left the dining room with Luna following her.

"Goodnight" Queen Selenity called back as she watched Serena leave the dining room with Luna right behind her.

Half way towards her room Serena noticed that Luna was following her. "Oh Luna!" Serena exclaimed. "Have you been following me all the way from the dining room?" Serena questioned her feline friend as she picked her up and continued walking.

"Yes Serena, I have."


"Well I am a bit tired myself, so when you said you were going to bed I decided to go with you."

"Oh okay."

When they reached Serena's room they went inside and got ready for bed. Serena wanted to get a few hours of sleep before she left for Earth.

"Goodnight Luna," Serena yawned as she climbed into bed.

"Goodnight Serena." Luna whispered back while she curled up beside her on a pillow.

After a few hours of sleep Serena woke up and crawled carefully out of bed so she wouldn't wake up Luna. She then headed to her closet to change. When she was all done Serena got her knapsack from under her bed and headed towards the teleportation room cautiously so no guards would see her.

When she finally reached the transportation room she remembered that she needed to hide her crescent moon on her forehead, so if anyone on Earth saw her they wouldn't know she was from the Moon. 'Oh I better hide my crescent moon.' Serena told herself. She then focused all her energy into hiding the crescent moon on her forehead. 'There now I am all ready to go.' Serena told herself as she stepped into the transporter and set her destination and what time she would be teleporting back.

'There now I am all set.' Serena thought while she pushed the teleport button the machine.

It took about ten minutes for Serena to finally arrive on Earth. When she finally did land on Earth she noticed that she was in the middle of a forest. 'Hmm...this must be a forest. I read about forest in a book once.' Serena informed herself as she observed her surroundings. 'I better mark this place so I can find it when it's time to teleport back or I won't be able to get back home.' Serena reminded herself. She then went to find two twigs and she place them on her teleport spot in the form of an X.

When Serena was done marking her teleport place she went to find the opening of the forest. It took her about fifteen minutes to fine the opening, but she soon found herself in a beautiful garden filled with more flowers then she had every dreamt of.

"Oh these flowers are simply gorgeous." Serena whispered as she inhaled the sweet scents that were all around her. She soon found her strolling around the garden as she lost track of time. After a little while she noticed what time it was. "Oh my goodness! I am only have twelve minutes to get back to my teleport spot." Serena exclaimed. She then began to run towards the forest. All of a sudden she heard something that sent shivers done her spine.


"What's that sound?" Serena asked herself nervously. She soon saw ten, big, four legged animals running towards her with teeth as sharp as knives.

Serena started screaming as she began to run for her life. Her screams were so loud that they caught the attention of two other people who were also in the forest.

"Kunzite did you hear that?"

"Hear what Darien?"

"That scream. It sounded like a girl."

"No, I didn't."

They then heard a desperate cry for help coming from somewhere in the forest. "Somebody please help me!"

"Do you think the hunting dogs are chasing that girl?" Kunzite questioned.

"Maybe" Darien muttered. "Lets go see." Darien declared as they began to gallop towards his dogs.

Right before Serena reached her teleport spot she tripped over a tree root, fell and bumped her head on the ground. Before she lost consciousness she heard the shrill growls of the beasts that were chasing her and two unfamiliar male voices that sounded like they were trying to all away the beasts. Then her world went black.

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