T/n I was bored and I haven't really written a proper frontier fic without OCs, I'm just giving it a go really. (Note: I'm not a Kouzumi or Kozumi or any Frontier Yaoi fan!) May conclude humor that can kill, but only when the three are on! (Takuya, Kouji and Kouichi.)



Two years passed since Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, Junpei, Izumi and Tomoki returned from the digital world, the last two years had passed with not much event in them.

Takuya: He is now more immature and goes to the same middle school as Kouji and Junpei.

Kouji: Is no longer much of a lone wolf but more of a troublemaker.

Kouichi: Stays in touch with Kouji in so many ways, he is not a depressed little boy any more but a little crazy, he goes to the same middle school as Izumi.

Junpei: Not what he used to he has lost a lot of weight and has gotten over his crush on Izumi, he is in the year above Takuya and Kouji.

Izumi: She has started taking karate, and enjoys science.

Tomoki: Tomoki has changed a lot he doesn't go to Middle school yet but soon will be he is the mature one now.

Takuya, Kouji and Junpei's school: At their middle school they have to wear a uniform, the uniform is a white shirt, black tie, black trousers and a blue blazer.

Kouichi and Izumi's school: They can wear whatever they want.

Tomoki's school: They just have to dress reasonably.

The message!

Takuya and Kouji were hanging out by the 'Mushroom tree' waiting for Junpei. "Kouji why do we call the Mushroom tree, the Mushroom tree?" Takuya asked with a hint of boredom in his voice. Kouji looked up from playing with his tie and answered sarcastically. "Oh I don't know maybe because it looks like a big mushroom!" At that moment Junpei ran out of the art lab and sprinted as fast as his legs would carry him to the Mushroom tree.

"Dude why were you in the art lab?" Kouji questioned. Junpei looked at him frowning. "Why should I tell you?" Takuya burst out laughing, when he saw Kouji stick his tongue out like a little kid. "Kouji you looked ridonkulus!" Takuya sighed wiping away a tear. "Takuya I don't think ridonkulus is a word." Junpei chuckled.

Kouji undid his tie and strapped it around his head. "Why d'ya have to go ruin the fun Jun?" Kouji moaned folding his arms. "What! Jun?!" Junpei stammered. Kouji took his blazer of and chucked it to the floor. "Yep that's you!" Kouji announced. "Man Kouji what the heck are you doing?" Takuya said wide eyed. "I'm planning some fun." Kouji gave them an evil grin. "We should have guessed," Groaned Junpei. Kouji pulled a leaf from the Mushroom tree and sniffed it. "Ok……Oh I just remembered I need to go to the art lab again……Like now!" Junpei panicked. Kouji carried on doing random stuff while Takuya gave Junpei a 'You don't really do you?' look.

"Hmmm interesting," Kouji muttered poking at a slug. Junpei turned green. "Bye!" Junpei ran of to the sick room. "Kouji can you stop poking at that damn slug!" Takuya yelled. Kouji looked at him with an evil glint in his eyes. "But when I poke it green goo comes from its body and covers the bark in sticky muck." Kouji suddenly picked up the slug and chucked it at Takuya; it hit him in the face then went down his shirt. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH KOUJI YOU BASTERD!" Takuya screamed. Kouji had collapsed to the floor laughing his head of.

"AAAAAAAAHH IT'S GONE DOWN MY PANTS!" Kouji started laughing so hard his face was going red. "TAKUYA I'VE WET MY SELF!" Kouji squealed. Takuya shook his leg and the slug came out. "What you say?" Takuya asked with annoyance in his voice. "I SIAD I'VE PEED MY SELF!" Kouji shouted into his ear. Takuya burst into a laughing fit then looked down at Kouji's trousers were a clear wet patch was. "Damn Kouji it's really clear." Kouji started rubbing the wet patch against the Mushroom tree. "KOUJI! You look like your humping the tree!" Kouji carried on until the wet patch had turned brown. "Shit now I look like I've done a number two." Takuya was rolling on the floor clutching his sides. "KOUJI HELP I'M PEEING!" Kouji smiled looking quiet satisfied.

"Kouji it's dripping down my leg!" Kouji just snickered to himself trying not to wet himself anymore. "Kouji what are we going to do?" at that moment Junpei came out the main building and started walking towards them. "Hey………0_o!" Junpei was staring at the wet patches and brown stain. "I'm so glad I left, you do know you look like you've had an accident." Takuya and Kouji sweat dropped. "Well you see we did have a few accidents, and I think one of those napkins you play with would be useful right now!" Takuya said nervously. "ARE YOU SAYING THAT KOUJI DID A NUMBER TWO AND YOU PEED?" They started blushing a little. "Well actually I tried to dry the wet bit out by rubbing it on the tree." Kouji confessed. "Yeah he looked like he was humping it!" Junpei looked very disturbed.

"Hello it's your phone; I'm in your pocket! HELLO! Someone wants to speak to you! Hello it's me your phone just pick me up all ready!" Came the sound of Kouji's ringtone. "Damn were did I put my blazer." Kouji was running about in circles looking for his blazer. "Dude, Kouji it's in the middle of the circle you're running around in!" Takuya pointed out. Kouji grabbed his blazer and took his phone out his pocket. "Gotcha!" He pressed the receive button and Ophanimon's voice started talking. "Hello again." She greeted. Takuya and Junpei ran over to Kouji and listened as well. "You must return to the digital world immediately, the legendary warriors are needed now more than ever!" Kouji, Takuya and Junpei frowned at this. "You must get to the underground station by 4:35." Everyone's head turned to the big clock hanging from the main building. "Shit it's already four!" Kouji cursed. "Wait that means we have to ditch school!" Junpei stammered. "Hey me and Kouji have done it before."


"I hate history!" Takuya moaned. He and Kouji were on there way to the History room in the main building. "Hey I have an idea let's ditch school!" Kouji suggested. Takuya looked at him unsurely. "I thought you liked history…….because the teacher has never caught you sleeping." Kouji was already heading for the doors, Takuya quickly caught up with him. "Well I usually don't mind history but I didn't do my homework." Kouji confessed. "What if we're caught?" Takuya asked worried. "Takuya my buddy, stop worrying!" They were now out the school gates. "I think I preferred you ignoring me when we first met."

End Flashback!

"Takuya if I remember correctly you were scared for the rest of the day," Kouji chuckled. Junpei looked up at the clock '4:05' "We should get going if we want to ditch." He sighed. "HEY WAIT A SECOND, SCHOOL ENDED HALF AN HOUR AGO!" Takuya yelled. Kouji realized this too. "How stupid are we? Anyway I'm going to change into my S-P-A-R-E trousers." Kouji exclaimed. "WHAT?! You have spare?!" Takuya growled. Kouji ran of into the gym changing rooms. "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" Takuya shouted. "You know Takuya you could just wear your winter track trousers." Junpei suggested. Takuya's eyes brightened up, and then he ran into the changing rooms after Kouji. When they came out Takuya looked stupid and Kouji was laughing at him.

"Well at least don't look like I've peed anymore." Takuya moaned trying to look cheery. "We have to run now!" Junpei shouted at them. "Ok, Ok." Kouji frowned. They all started running to the station. "Kouji take the tie of your head and wear your blazer!" Came the voice of their principle. Kouji stiffened then turned around; a small smile appeared on his face. "NANANANANA I'M NOT IN SCHOOL SO YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Kouji sang jumping around like a lunatic sticking his tongue out again, he stopped jumping then ran of as fast as he could. "MINAMOTO KOUJI GET BACK HERE THIS INSTINCE!" Takuya and Junpei couldn't help laughing at the scared look on Kouji's face as they were sprinting. "NO MAM YOU'RE A BITCH!" Kouji shouted. He picked up the pace and didn't slow down till they were in the station panting like dogs. "KOUJI!" Takuya and Junpei shouted angrily.


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