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"Wakey wakey sexy booty!" Kouichi called into Kouji's ear.

"WTF?" Kouji groaned waking up.


"0_0 are you paranoid or just retarded?"

"No silly I'm in LOOOOOOVE!"

"T_T with who?"

"Youuu my dear brother!"

"Yup your retarded…. And gay…"

"OH I COULD JUST!" Kouichi tried to kiss Kouji, but Kouji struggled away and started running like mad.

"Oh come back my love!" Kouichi cried.

"NOOOO!" Kouji screamed.

Suddenly Kouichi stopped and looked around stupidly.

"Kouji why are you running from me?" Kouichi asked.

"Thank god that phase is over!" Kouji came back.

Every1 else

"Do you think Kouji survived the Kouichi stamp peed?" Tomoki asked.

"Most likely nope!" Takuya replied.

"Wonder why he didn't move when he was obviously going to die if he stayed." Junpei sighed.

"He probably stayed hoping his brother wouldn't kill him." Izumi pondered.

"Or maybe he was enchanted by Kouichi's beauty!" Bokomon giggled.

"0_o???" Everyone looked at Bokomon.

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