Prompt: #21, Pride (written for skins50)
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A/N: I've had a couple of lines of this on my computer for forever, and I finally decided to just finish it. It's easy for me to come up with dialogue, but I'm kind of poor on capturing actions so please forgive me if this is a bit stiff. Also, this was posted a while back on my LJ under the title "Pride's A Bitch." Hope you enjoy! Un-beta'd

"Well I wish I had friends who were so kind to fuck me whenever I asked," the blonde delivered bitterly, causing the redhead to recoil slightly away from her.

"Maybe I thought he deserved a first time worth remembering," she yelled back, before a stark realization fluttered through her. She really hadn't meant to say that out loud. She could see the hurt flood into the other girl's eyes, and a gnawing guilt washed throughout her.

"I didn't mean to say that, I just…" she trailed off.

"No, I'm glad you said it. At least now I know how you actually feel," the blonde stated, a cold edge held in her voice, the iciness in her tone sending a shiver down Emily's spine. Naomi was right at least—it was how she felt—and as she thought on it more, a rise heat of anger began to cloud her mind more and more.

"Oh, come off it! Like you have some grand reason to be angry?! Naomi, you barely talked to me for a week after that night! And when you finally did, I didn't judge, and I didn't try to make you feel guilty about it. I just accepted it, because that's what I do! I let anyone treat me however the hell it suits them, because it's just who I am. But JJ, JJ cared. He didn't treat me like his doormat, and he didn't try to use me for anything. He was a friend, and if I had had half a brain, I'd be in love with him, not you. But I'm not. I'm so hung up on loving someone who could clearly give a damn about me and I'm sick of it!" Emily exhaled. And for the second time in the conversation, she realized that she had said more than she meant. She'd just admitted to Naomi that she loved her, and the girl looked nothing short of sick over it.

"Y-you… you lo-love me," the taller girl stuttered out.

"Yeah. I love you," the other girl spoke softly. "But that doesn't really matter much, does it," Emily asked, before turning away and disappearing into the dark. And all Naomi could do is stand there with her bitter pride, as the girl who had stolen her heart left her behind.