"She gave me flowers, I accepted it, that was it." Hitsugaya answered coolly as he dipped his brush in his ink bowl. Karin crossed her arms against her chest as she stared at those horrific flowers in a narrow vase on his desk. Daises, roses, baby breaths, she hated them all.

Just one afternoon of going to the Shinigami Academy, Hitsugaya returned with a bouquet of flowers in hand with a card signed, Love Your Love Bug.

Karin scowled at the flowers. On the card has lipstick prints all over it and he dared still carry them. Hitsugaya looked up at her face and noticed her cheeks slowly turning red. She really was flaming at a petty gift. He sighed.

"What are you so mad about?" Hitsugaya asked her as Karin huffed. Karin snapped her eyes to his face, his eyes on his paper. Her fingers twitched at the very temptation to ring the flowers and scrunch them up so badly.

"On the note had lipstick kiss marks." Karin tried to suppress her frustrated tone. Hitsugaya slide his freshly written report to the side of the table.

"What else does it look like?" Hitsugaya retorted as he began writing again. Karin leaned against the back of the couch. Now she felt like ringing his neck and the flowers. Both would have felt good in her hands.

"I know what that looks like." Karin barked. She pushed herself off the couch and walked toward his desk. She picked up the card and the anger of having thought of him touching that lipstick card shot through her.

"By accepting this," Karin waved the card in front of Hitsugaya, "and those flowers, you like her, don't you?" Karin accused. Hitsugaya stopped writing and carefully placed his brushes down. Karin held the card still in front of his face. He crossed his arms into his sleeves and leaned against his chair.

"They are flowers. They're pretty. That's it." Hitsugaya answered her monotonously. Karin raised an eyebrow at him. The last time she gave him a stalk of rose, he just took and said thank you. That was all she got. What he did with it afterward, she had no idea. The next day she asked him where he had placed it and he simply replied to her that he accidentally got it squashed so he threw it away. No apology whatsoever.

"Then the card?" Karin fumed.

Hitsugaya rolled his eyes.

"It came with the bouquet." Hitsugaya replied her coolly. The card crumpled up in Karin's grip as she thought of how he treasured the bouquet more than her stalk of rose that she gave him. Hitsugaya just watched her drop the crumpled card on the floor and stomped out of the office without saying anything else.

Hitsugaya sighed as he watched her stomp out. What was wrong with her? They only had dated a month and now she was getting upset over a stupid bouquet of flowers. Surely she could not be jealous?

Hitsugaya got up from his chair and got to the front of the table and picked up the crumpled card. He almost felt sorry for the piece of paper for getting 'killed' in Karin's hands. She, at times, could be pretty hard to handle. Like right now.

"Taicho?" Matsumoto walked in. Hitsugaya looked at her and moved to the side of the table and threw the card into the waste paper basket. He took his seat and looked up at Matsumoto that now stood in front of his desk.

"Did something happen between you and Karin?" Matsumoto asked.

"She's just being silly." Hitsugaya simply replied and looked at the flowers that sat on his desk.

Matsumoto looked at the flowers and placed her fingers over her lips. She giggled. Hitsugaya raised an eyebrow at her.

"What is so funny?" Hitsugaya asked her. Matsumoto shook her head and placed her hand back down at her side.

"No I was just laughing at how she could have gotten upset over those flowers that were given to you by a girl at the Academy. I mean, you didn't even get upset when a guy wrote a little love letter to her." Matsumoto chuckled. Hitsugaya felt his inside snap.

"What letter?" Hitsugaya said as he leaned forward with a slightly shocked expression. Matsumoto stopped chuckling and looked at her Taicho in confusion.

"You…you didn't know?" Matsumoto wondered. Hitsugaya, realizing his not so usual composure, leaned back.

"No." He answered and diverted his eyes away from Matsumoto. Karin never mentioned anything about it…why didn't she tell me? He wondered. A tinge of irritation rose in him. As of right now, he could feel his fists, hidden in opposite sleeves clench together.

"Oh… it is a petty thing. You don't care about that stuff. It is no big deal, right?" Matsumoto fanned sheepishly at Hitsugaya. He looked up at her with his suddenly deadly looking eyes. Matsumoto immediately stopped fanning her hand at him.

"Yeah, it is no big deal." Hitsugaya answered her coldly. Matsumoto looked at her Taicho. Just as she was about to say something else, he suddenly got up from his seat and headed toward the sword stand.

"Ah, Taicho? Where are you going?" Matsumoto asked him worriedly. Hitsugaya adjusted his sword behind him. He ran his fingers through his white hair and sighed.

"I'm going for a walk."

Without another glance, Hitsugaya left the office. Matsumoto sighed to herself and scratched her head.

I hope I didn't cause too much trouble…

"You know Karin, you were being ridiculous about it." Ichigo reprimanded her. A soft breeze blew against the two as both brother and sister sat on top of a hill and watched the sun set in the horizon. The orange sky lit like warm fire and it almost matched Ichigo's hair. Karin sighed and let her chin rest on her propped up knees.

"Not all guys accept flowers from other girls just because they like the girl. Toushirou most probably took it because it was only nice of him to do so." Ichigo answered Karin.

Karin scowled. She refused to budge. Ichigo sighed at his stubborn baby sister. She had come looking for him at his office and he was free at the time. Knowing she needed some place to be alone from people, he brought her to a spot he discovered while roaming the hilly sides at the north a few months back. Ichigo leaned on his elbows with his head tilted to the sky. Karin shifted her eyes toward her brother as the wind brushed against them lightly.

"But he knew well enough she liked him, like more than like." Karin grumbled. Ichigo tilted his head back down at Karin and shook his head.

"He knew but have you ever thought how embarrassed she would be if he rejected it?" Ichigo said warmly.

"He should have," Karin said coldly. Ichigo sighed and pushed himself up to a sitting position.

"That's not fair to the girl Karin." Ichigo reprimanded her again. "If you gave flowers to a person you admire a lot and he just rejected it, how would you feel?"

Karin rolled her eyes, "hurt."

That was what she had felt when he told her about the stalk of rose she had given him. He did accept it but he ended up having it thrown away without apologizing about it.

"And embarrassed…" Karin mumbled. Her hard eyes softened up at the very thought of imagining how the girl might have felt.

Ichigo smiled at her baby sister. "He was only being nice and you don't see that side of him very often, do you?"

Karin looked at her brother and frowned again. "He was nice to her. He is hardly nice to anyone unless he likes them."

Ichigo turned toward the orangey red sky and ran his fingers through his hair. As far as he had known, Hitsugaya was bit of an arrogant bastard at times but he had shown his nice side a number of times. He had supported Ichigo on missions when no one else wanted to, he was concerned from his safety though he never showed it outright, Hitsugaya was a nice person, just difficult to see.

"You're not exactly a nice person all the time Karin-chan. You can be rude, loud-mouthed and arrogant," Ichigo said without looking at Karin.

Karin looked away from her brother. Now he was telling her off. All she wanted was for him to support her and not piss her off further.

"But you show your nice side to others who are nice to you. That does not mean you like them right?" Ichigo said simply as he looked at Karin's back of her head. Karin stayed silent for a moment. Now she felt guilty for have beginning to get mad at her brother.

I am such an idiot… Karin thought of herself. Ichigo was right.

Suddenly a pair of arm wrapped around her shoulders. Karin lifted her head to see her brother smiling at her with his orange flaring against the deep orange red sky.

"It's okay to have been jealous. All you can do now is apologize about it…and be sincere about it." Ichigo advised her.

And I have to do the one thing I am not so good at…

I thought I should this little short story. It came to me through an inspiration of a relationship I sorta know of. Not mine though hahaha.

Just a little something to show that in any relationship, we all need someone to talk us through our relationship problems. We all cannot work it out ourselves sometimes. We need a little help along the way and a few words to keep us reminded that there is a reason why our love one chose us to be with.