A pair of grey eyes lazily opens. In the background, a slow song plays. On her side, Karin slid her hand out of under the covers and placed her hand on her pillow. For a while, she remained like that, awake but not really thinking. Her eyes slowly roamed about the room and finally landed on the window where the sunlight softly streamed through. The whole room looked nothing like hers. And since when did her room feel strangely warm and comfortable with the approach of winter? Instead of panicking, Karin remained calm and unmoved by the fact she was possibly in someone's room.

"Hey there lazy," came a soothing soft voice. Before Karin could turn around, someone shifted next to her and a hand slid onto her waist beneath the covers. A pair of lips touched her ear.

"It's ten-thirty am," Hitsugaya whispered as he pulled Karin closer to his chest.

Karin smiled as he intertwined his fingers with hers. Her heart started to float like a cloud in the sky.

"Good morning," Karin said as she tilted her head to try and get a good look at her lover. Hitsugaya snuggled his face in her hair and inhaled her fragrance. Karin giggled as he kissed her ear.

"Shouldn't I get to work?" Karin yawned.

Hitsugaya shook his head and yawned. "No. Today both of us are off," he answered her.

"No, today is your day off. My off day is tomorrow. I have to be at work," Karin corrected him. Hitsugaya smiled. Their walk home last night was one of the best walks he had ever had in a long time. It only felt sad when he arrived at her door to drop her off. However, Karin did not let go of his arm even when he said that she should make sure to keep herself warm in bed.

They ended up back at his house.

"Toushirou?" Karin said as she waited for him to reply.

"You really want to let today go to waste?" He whispered in her ear.

"I definitely won't want to but I have to report to work," Karin giggled as Hitsugaya started to plant small kisses along the back of her neck.

"Today is an exception." He stopped to answer her before returning to planting more kisses. Karin closed her eyes and indulged in his display of affection. His lips were soft and smooth as he made contact with her neck. Her heart pulled at her to stay but her mind kept telling her she had work.

"I'm sorry baby, but you don't want others to think you're treating me differently just because I'm your girlfriend," Karin laughed softly as Hitsugaya kissed up her ear and started to nibble her earlobe.

"They already know I treat you differently. It comes with the relationship." Hitsugaya said as he brushed her hair aside and kissed back down to her neck to the front. Karin giggled as his messy white hair fell over her face and tickled her cheeks.

"That feels nice," Karin complimented. It was true though. Though he still treated her fairly, like the rest of the squad, his small gestures did show the differences. There was no denial there. He was right.

Hitsugaya smirked as he let go of her hand under the covers and reached for her face. He cupped her cheek and slowly pushed her to face upward. Karin changed her position as Hitsugaya gently motioned her to lay straight. As she lay straight, Hitsugaya slowly made his way up her neck, on her chin and finally landed his lips onto hers. With his hand at the side of her face slowly caressing her cheeks, he gently suckled on her lips; while he enjoyed hearing her soft moans of pleasure. Now his naked upper body lay onto of her.

"I'm the Captain and I say your off day is today," Hitsugaya pulled away from her lips and looked into her eyes with great want for her company.

Karin pulled her hands out from under the cover and placed on his hand that cupped her face. Slowly she slid her hand up to his shoulder.

"I guess if my Captain says so, I have no choice but to comply," Karin smiled as she slid her hands up his neck and let her fingers comb through his soft white messy hair.

Hitsugaya grinned. "That's a good girl," he said before he delivered a hungry kiss to her lips. Karin giggled at his use of authority. It was romantic in a sense.

For a good two minutes, Karin let herself be handled by Hitsugaya however he wanted. She just lay there and caressed his back with both hands as he combed through her hair with his fingers and lusciously nibbled and kissed her lips. It was not rough but also not too gentle. It was passionate and kind, intoxicating and warm all around. With a soft song playing through the background, the two slowly got themselves tangled up in each other's arms and legs.

Hitsugaya found himself lying the other side of Karin, on his side, once more with his legs intertwined with Karin's slender ones. The blanket had been pushed one side to reveal Hitsugaya in just a pair of dark blue sweatpants, while Karin in one of Hitsugaya's long sleeve shirts that acted covered her all the way down past her bottom by a few inches. Hitsugaya slowly slid his hands downward, past her waist onto her legs. As he kept her lips busy, he caressed her thigh gently. Karin shivered slightly at his touch. However she kept her lips in contact with his as her hands toyed with his hair. With each second, he slowly slid his hands up a few inches, hoping he would be given permission to do what he have wanted to do in a long time.

Karin moaned in pleasure of his soft and smooth hands. Taking it as a go sign, Hitsugaya continued his way up her strong and slender legs before he finally felt her soft cotton underwear. Karin giggled before she pressed her lips back firmly on his lips. With a small celebration going on at the back of his head, Hitsugaya smiled as he toyed with her tongue and caressed her bottom lightly.

"I…love...you…Karin," Hitsugaya spoke softly in-between each parting of their kiss. Karin parted from his lips and panted lightly.

"I love you too, Toushirou," Karin smiled as she licked his lips lightly. Then she felt his hand, under his shirt that she was wearing, move up her bottom and caress her lower back. His hands, though have fought many battles with his sword, they have never ceased to feel soft and loving.

"Some people wait for a lifetime to feel like this," Hitsugaya breathed onto her lips. Karin cupped the side of his face and caressed his cheek with her thumb.

"Then don't keep me waiting any longer," Karin pulled his head closer to her till their lips reunited again.

An old woman stood near the edge of the hill and looked out into the sky. She smiled as she felt her heart rejoice in the happiness.

"And the world looks a little brighter everyday," she smiled.

An old man approached her from behind with a walking stick. He lovingly puts his arm around the woman's shoulders and kisses her cheek.

"Let's get some rest," He smiled. The two of them turn to look at the sky and with a gentle breeze, the couple shimmers away like golden dusts. As graceful as the wind, the golden dusts swam in circles and swirls above the treetop before diving in a whirl into its midst.

The imperfection of love is what makes everyday a little more beautiful.

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