The Re-Education of Tommy Weasley

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Chapter 1


Lor Volymort


A small brown haired, blue eyed boy shifted nervously in his seat. Part of him was commanding himself to remain still and look proud, but he couldn't help but squirm with anxiety. He was waiting, waiting for his new parents to come and begin the long punishment that awaited him. Scowling to himself, he couldn't believe that he had fallen so far. He, the Lord Voldemort was reduced to such a state. In the body of a four-year-old, he could do nothing but bide his time. He still couldn't believe that his plot for rebirth and ridding himself of the Potter brat had failed so spectacularly...

Everything seemed to fall into place, as predicted, the Potter brat was transported to the grave yard by way of the portkey cup. He hadn't expected another boy to appear with him, but that didn't matter, that was easily enough fixed.

It was as he made the command to Wormtail to kill the boy that all hell broke loose. Aurors appeared everywhere. He had just enough time to be surprised before a multitude of stunners were sent his way, and blackness overcame him.

The months that followed were some of the longest and most painful. Somehow they had discovered his horcruxes and had devised a way to re-integrate them into his body. With each piece, his body became more human and older, he didn't know how they had done it but they had revived him but instead of into the adult wizard he should have been they had made him a mere infant, however as more and more peaces of his soul found him he got older.

Soon he out grew his infantile body, and became more child like. The end result left him a child no older than four years old. There had been much debate of what his fate should be. Many advocated to execute him, there were many that disagreed, death would be too good for the dark wizard. It was Dumbledore of all people that suggested an entirely different approach, something he had heard other Magical communities in other parts of the world had used, with a great success rate, to rehabilitate their more violent offenders, and it was Dumbledore's belief that the boy could be rehabilitated. Dumbledore knew that many would oppose the idea that the former dark lord be given a second chance so it was in great secrecy a plan was devised, one which only Dumbledore and a few other key people such as the minister of magic (Kingsly Shacklebolt as Fudge had been found to have his hands in death eaters pockets and was now in a nice dark dank cell in Azkaban for the dementors to play with) the family who would be taking him, the members of the order and of course Harry Potter.

Like the criminals in the rejuve programs of other magical communities, Voldemort (now Tommy) would live out a childhood full of loving punishment. It was decided that he had to pay his debt to society, and so a regime of punishment was devised. The boy would have to submit to corporal punishment at regular intervals until he reached the physical age of eleven. Afterward he would be regressed again to the age of four, where he might look forward to a more normal childhood, if he showed signs of remorse and progress.

His magic would be bound and he would only be allowed to age past eleven when he passed the test under Veritaserum showing that he had rehabilitated and genuinely regretted his actions. After all, there was no denying that Voldemort was a powerful wizard, and if he could be made into a good upstanding citizen it would be a boon to their society. If he failed the test, he would have to live out another cycle of being raised strictly.

So here he was, waiting. Waiting for the family that would be taking him in. Part of the point of the entire thing was to show him a proper family. And so he was being adopted into a Light family, who would teach him morals, and raise him to be a caring individual. Tommy's scowl deepened as he realized that Dumbledore had a huge part in deciding that bit.

He couldn't help but kick his feet, a part of him berated himself for such a childish action, but he couldn't help it, he was bored. The ministry had seen fit to cast spells and give him potions to make him emotionally more like a child, he kept all his memories, but emotionally he would react like the child he resembled. They believed it would make him more malleable and thus more open to change.

The door to his Azkaban cell opened and jolted the boy out of his thoughts.

Tommy was a little blinded by the sudden influx of light, but when his eyes adjusted, he instantly recognized the new occupant of the room.

"Blood twador!" He hissed in a childishly high voice that made him cringe, as there before him stood Arthur Weasley.

Before Arthur could think let alone react he had a small bundle of very angry four year old megalomaniac on him hitting and punching and clawing. Oh, if they had not bound his magic the poor man's hair would probably be on fire as well.

It was with much effort that Arthur was able to pry the boy off of him. Bending down so that one knee was raised the threw the boy over it, and landed five hard swats. "That's enough! You already have a spanking coming when you get home, but if you want I can give you one right now. It's your choice." He said with a firm voice.

During the months while they waited for Tommy to be ready to come home Dumbledore himself had given Arthur and Molly many, many lessons on what would have to be done with little Tommy going over rules that the little boy would have to follow as well as the punishments they as parents had to give whether they liked it or not.

The Weasleys had raised seven children and that didn't happen without a firm hand and a certain amount of corporal punishment but it was not something they did for every offense or even very often, aside from the twins there were not an overly abundant amount of spankings given out in their household and it was hard for Arthur and Molly to accept that they would be expected to be much harder on Tommy then they had been on their own children, despite the fact that he was Voldemort he was still a four year old boy and it was hard to reconcile the need for all the spanking of such a little boy.

But they had eventually accepted what they had to do, it was better then the alternative for if the Weasleys didn't take them (as they were the only family Dumbledore thought had any shot at making this work) the four year old would be kissed and sent through the veil and so they had accepted the circumstances as well as what they had to do.

So even though Arthur was not normally as strict as he was being at the moment with Tommy, he had had three months to come to terms with how he would have to react to the boy, three months to learn how to be more strict and harsh.

Tommy couldn't help but yipe, even if his pain tolerance had not been regressed along with his body, Lord Voldemort was not used to receiving pain, he was used to dishing it out, this was not the side of things he wished to be on however, he was smart enough to know that at the moment they had the upper hand so with an angry almost animalistic noise that came from some place deep in his throat Tommy stilled.

Arthur gave a satisfied nod, and then let the boy up. He took a moment to take a good look at the child.

Tommy was a rather adorable child with thick, long (just past his ears), straight dark brown hair that curled up ever so slightly at the ends giving it a wavy look. He had large bright blue eyes and porcelain white skin, he was probably one of the most adorable four year olds you would ever seen and if you did not know he was once Lord Voldamort you might be tempted to pinch his cheeks, it was really a shame such an ugly soul resided in such a beautiful package. Arthur and Molly only hoped that what ever was wrong with Tommy's soul could be mended, no one knew for sure if this would work but Dumbledore seemed so very positive that it would and so as others were often want to do they believed the man and followed along with his ideas.

"Alright Tommy, let's get you home." Arthur said and holding the boy's hand, he led him to the floo. Grabbing a pinch of floo powder, he said "The Borrow!" and stepped into the fire dragging the child along with him.

"MY NAME IS VOLYMOR!!" the little boy screamed as the landed in the Burrow. He stomped his little feet as soon as he touched down and crossed his arms over his chest as soon as Arthur let go his hand.

"No," Arthur said calmly, but firmly. "Your name is now Thomas Weasley, but we'll call you Tommy for short. Now, I do not appreciate being yelled at young man! If you don't want to find yourself over my knee sooner rather than later, I suggest you stop this tantrum at once!"

"LOR VOLYMOR!!! Dast my name!!" He insisted his blue eyes flashing dangerously as he balled up his little fists, he concentrated and concentrated but he couldn't get his magic to do anything, he could still feel it there but it felt as if someone had tied rope around it very, very tightly, trapping it making it unusable and this frustrated the child to no end.

"That's it!" Arthur said, as he plucked the boy up and sat down on the couch. Throwing him over his lap, he didn't wait for the Tommy to recover before he landed a hard swat the the boy's upturned bottom.

Tommy yelped and thrashed trying to get away, this wasn't right, no one got to do this to Lord Voldemort!!

Arthur quickly peppered the small bottom with stinging swats, rapidly reddening the boy's bum.

Tommy yelped and struggled but he was tiny and ultimately helpless and soon he found tears stinging his eyes as Arthur's hand stung his bottom he tried to blink them back but he just succeeded in sending them down his cheeks.

When Arthur notice Tommy's tears, he immediately stopped. Righting the boy, he straightened his clothes which were rumpled from being tossed across the man's lap.

"I'll not tolerate temper tantrums, young man!" Looking at the sniffling boy, his eyes softened. "Okay, Tommy, I'll show you you're room." Arthur took the sniffling boy by his hand and led him up to the stairs the the room that had been magically created.

Tommy's eyes sparked with something dangerous as he was led to his room one hand going back to rub at the sting in his bum.

Opening the door, Tommy was dismayed to find it decorated to be suited for the young child he resembled. It was painted light blue and had teddy bears running along the top edge of the wall, his bed was a small child's bed with a comforter that matched his walls, a light blue with little teddy bears all around it and the sheets and pillow cases matched not to mention that in the far corner of the room there was a toy chest also baby blue with a large teddy bear on the lid.

Arthur looked down at his charge. "Your Mummy will be here in a moment to give you your first spanking, wait quietly on the bed."

Tommy looked up at Arthur with a mixture of anger and apprehension and... first spanking? Hadn't Arthur taken him over his lap twice already?

But not wanting to make things worse as he did have some sense of self-preservation even if his emotions had been regressed, he sat on the bed glaring at the door icily as he left he waited for Molly.

Minutes after Arthur left, Molly entered the room. Standing with her hands on her hips she said "You've been a very naughty boy, Tommy! Killing and torturing people! Starting a war! Very naughty!"

Molly walked over to the bed and picked the child up, seating herself, she placed Tommy over her lap. "You are going to get a good sound spanking now, with many more to come to make up for what you've done!" And with that, Molly pulled the boy's pants and briefs down baring his bottom.

Tommy struggled, his bum still sore from the swats he had received already.

"Nooo nooo you can`t" He screamed.

Molly brought her hand down sharply. "I most certainly can, and will! You were a very naughty boy and the very least you deserve good spanking!"

Not having his adult emotions Tommy was handling the spanking as any four year old would, he yipped and wriggled as his already sore bum was swatted.

Molly set into a steady rhythm, quickly covering the small bottom with stinging swats.

"OWWWWWW Stopp dattttttt!" He wailed tears welling in his eyes and streaming down his cheeks.

Molly ignored the crying boy and set to making his bottom a lovely shade of red. "You do not get to decide when you spanking ends, young man!" She said while she continued to rain down sharp swats to the upturned bottom.

Tommy started to sob as his bum was heated to an unbearable level and he wriggled about fruitlessly.

Molly continued on until Tommy's bottom was a bright red. Satisfied, she landed ten more swats to the sit spot and then began to rub Tommy's back.

Tommy choked a bit on his sobs and wriggled to be let go of.

Molly knew that she should hug the boy, but she couldn't bring herself to. All she could think about was what her brothers would think of her taking in their murderer. And so she lifted the boy up and laid him on the bed face down.

"You can rest until dinner." And then she left.

Tommy's breath was labored and harsh as a lonely, miserable sort of sadness set over him at having his arse busted harshly and then being tossed aside and left alone, but then the sadness, as it was often want to do, turned to anger.

Gnashing his teeth together he waited till Molly left him alone before heading to the toy chest. He dug through it, tossing hand-me-down toys haphazardly all over the place till he came across what it was he was looking for. Taking out the box of crayons he retrieved a blood red one and stood on his bed and with all the motor skills he possessed he wrote in huge letters "LORD VOLDEMORT" he then took a green crayon and drew to the best of his ability the dark mark. The skull and snake were sloppy at best but they were passable and there was no mistaking what it was he had drawn even if it was done so in a childish manner.

It took him nearly all the time he had been given till dinner to accomplish this task as it was a rather daunting one for such a small boy with regressed motor skills but he had done it. He stared at the wall rather pleased with himself crayon still in hand.

It was after Tommy finished that Molly walked into the room. "Tommy, dinner is rea- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Tommy couldn't help the fact that he jumped when the woman yelled at him, it was those damn spells they had put on him, he couldn't help but become scared when someone yelled and he hated that.

He stared wide eyed up at Molly clenching the green crayon in his hand.

"I'm waiting for an answer, young man!" Molly leveled the boy with a stern glare.

"I am da Lor Volymor!! I do what I wana!!! You foul blood twador, mudblood luffer!!" He exclaimed, though it was hard to sound menacing when you couldn't pronounce the word right.

"Not anymore you're not!" Molly aimed her wand at the boy's mouth and then said an incantation. Suddenly, Tommy's mouth was filled with bitter soap suds as the spell washed out his mouth. "I won't tolerate such language, Thomas Weasley! And you are most definitely not to draw on the walls little boy! Especially not that foul mark!"

Reaching out she grabbed the little hand. "After dinner you are going to scrub that wall clean! And you are going to get an extra hard spanking from your Daddy tonight." She said as she led to protesting boy to the kitchen.

Tommy gagged and whimpered as his eyes filled with tears from the bitter taste, dragging his feet as he was led to dinner.

"No, no, no! I won', I won', I wan it to `tay!!!" He practically wailed.

Molly stopped and whirled the boy around, landing one hard smack to his little bottom before turning Tommy back to face her. "That is enough of that! You are going to sit down and eat dinner, if you're good you can have dessert. But afterwards you WILL be scrubbing that wall, young man!" She said while vigorously waving her finger at the boy.

Tommy yipped and to his horror further tears were welling in his eyes, he was really only a little boy and the swats earlier at the ministry coupled with the swats when they got back to the Burrow had left his bottom rather sore and Molly's added swat didn't help the state of his little bum. He let out an involuntary whimper as the thought that this was going to be much worse then he had originally anticipated dawned on him.

Molly then picked up the boy and set him down on the hard kitchen chair, and none too gently too. Once the boy was seated, she brought out a plate of food.

Tommy let out a little indignant yowl as he was plopped hard on his sore bum right on the hard wood chair unshed tears shining in his angry blue eyes.

To his disgust all the food was pre-cut into small bite sized pieces, and there was only enough food for a child of his size. Arthur joined the two and they began to eat.

He glared at his plate, he was hungry, they had not been generous with food in Azkaban and he was probably a good 15 pounds underweight, but he was also stubborn and thus he refused to eat.

It was Arthur that noticed Tommy's refusal to eat. "I want you to finish all the food on that plate, I'll not have you sulking and wasting good food." Arthur's hard look softened slightly. "Besides, I'm sure you're hungry, you don't want to stay hungry do you?"

Tommy's frown intensified, some where in his child like brain that logic made sense and he picked up his fork awkwardly, this didn't work quite like he remembered it to and so with great effort he stabbed his food viciously and began to eat.

Arthur gave a satisfied nod, and turned back to his meal. The rest of the meal passed quietly, there was a certain tension in the air as the two Weasley parents tried to ignore the fact that they were having dinner with the former dark lord. After dinner was finished, as promised, Molly allowed Tommy a small cup of pudding.

Tommy ate his pudding slowly as a definite pout was playing on his face, he wondering if Molly was going to tell Arthur what he had done to his walls, he knew it shouldn't but the thought of that made his stomach clench, he knew he was to receive regular spankings and some how the thought of the next one being worse because of his drawing on the walls made him feel apprehensive, he hated not being in control it was a feeling he had not had in over 50 years.

Molly waited until Tommy was finished with his pudding before taking him by the hand and leading him up the stairs and to his room. With a wave of her wand a bucket of soapy water was produced as well as a brush. "Start scrubbing, if you finish before bath time, I'll try to convince Arthur to be lenient when he comes to spank you."

Tommy gulped and took the items his self preservation kicking in to override his defiance of the moment, he was at their mercy there was no getting out of it at least not at the moment and not listening would only succeed in making it so he would never sit comfortably again so he took the offered items and began to scrub the walls. This was a tremendous effort for a small child as the crayon did not come off easily and he had to scrub with all his strength, there was no way he would get it done before bath time and he felt a knot of dread make its way into his belly as he exhausted himself with the scrubbing.

Arthur stepped into the room where Tommy was furiously scrubbing at the wall. With a sigh he cast a spell that cleaned the wall instantly. "That's enough Tommy, it's time for your bath."

Tommy looked wide eyed at Arthur and whimpered, he bit on his bottom lip to hold back further scared noises and he looked from the wall to the man, he had to bite down hard on his bottom lip to stop from defending that he had really tried to get it done.

Arthur walked over and took the boy's hand, leading him up to the bathroom.

Seating himself on the toilet seat cover, he proceeded to strip the boy. He then lifted Tommy and set him down in the water, where he started to scrub him clean.

To exhausted from all the scrubbing to protest as he was lead to the bathroom and striped he allowed the man to plop him in the tub the warm water aggravating his pink bum cheeks causing him to squirm in the tub not to mention he didn't much fancy being washed like this.

"Don't splash." Arthur said sternly as he washed the boy.

Growling slightly, Tommy tried to pull away from the damned wash cloth, he wasn't meaning to splash but the fact that that was annoying Arthur was simply an added perk.

Getting annoyed with the squirming child, Arthur angled the boy away so that he could land on sharp swat to the wet bottom.

Tommy struggled to get away sensing what the man was going to do and not wanting it to happen. He tried to slide to the far side of the tub to get his bottom out of harms way.

Tommy didn't manage to get far enough because Arthur landed one stinging swat to the exposed bottom.

Tommy couldn't help it he cried out loudly and tossed his hand back to cover his wet and now stinging bottom.

"OWWYYY!!" Tommy crinkled his nose as the noise escaped his mouth, damned, but he sounded like a baby.

"That is enough! Now, unless you want two spankings before bed, I suggest that you settle down." Arthur said sternly.

Gulping, Tommy settled his little hand rubbing the sting from his bum as best he could before settling into the tub and stilling, he may want to kill his new "parents" but he wasn't stupid enough not to listen to them when they made threats like that.

After Arthur had decided the boy was clean enough, he lifted him out of the tub and dried him off with a towel. Arthur then dressed Tommy in pajamas and led him back to his room.

He then seated himself on the desk chair which he had pulled out before pulling the boy over his lap.

Tommy squirmed, he didn't want to be smacked and his childish emotions took over as he tried to squirm away.

"Noooo!!" He cried.

In one swift motion Arthur pulled down the boy's pajama pants effectively baring the tiny bottom. He brought his hand down with a sharp SMACK!

Yelping Tommy wriggled about.

"No!! Noooo!!" he wailed helplessly, he didn't like this, he didn't like it at all and thus his childlike emotions took over.

"I tried an' cleaned the walls all off." He defended as he kicked his legs in a vain attempt to get away.

Arthur paused. "Tommy, you would have been spanked tonight regardless of whatever misbehavior you did. As it stands, your punishment is going to be a little more severe because you drew on the walls. But..." Arthur paused a bit to think. "But I know how hard you tried to clean them and get them done before your bath like you were told, that is why I'm not using the slipper for the entire punishment, you'll get ten swats with the slipper after your spanking."

With that said, Arthur brought his hand down at a furious pace. Quickly peppering the small bottom with sharp, stinging swats.

Tommy whimpered and squirmed the swats wringing yelps out of the little boy and tears pushed their way down his cheeks unbidden and unwanted.

"You are being punished for your crimes against society." Arthur lectured while he continued to lay hard swats to the small upturned cheeks.

"What you did was WRONG! No one has more right to live then anyone else and it is most definitely not up to you to decide who lives and dies." His hand was coming down hard on the small, weeping boy's bottom and Arthur had to steel himself to continue, if he didn't do this right then there was no point to doing it at all.

"You did some very very bad things, the worst things that any person can do, Tommy, You took other peoples lives, started a war that caused many more to die, but we all feel you are not beyond redemption, you are a very powerful wizard and very, very bright, and we want to teach you to use those powers for good instead of evil, we want you to learn to love and therefore be loved in return, we all believe you can do this or you would not be here right now. It will take a long time for people to get over what you have done, and even then they may not be able to forgive you but we will all try and move on as long as you can prove yourself, show that you have changed." Arthur explained as he swatted the rather red rear.

Tommy sobbed, he couldn't help it, he blamed the spells the ministry had put on him to make him feel like he was actually a four year old, it was working damn it and the spanks, they hurt so bad, he couldn't help it, it wasn't his fault!!

"Sttoopppppppp!" He wailed, he had meant to make it a demand but it came out more as a choked plea.

"You are not in charge here, little boy! It is not your decision when your punishment ends." Arthur lifted his leg and targeted the next series of swats to the boy's sit spot. Bringing his hand down sharply on where Tommy would feel it the most when he sat down for the next day.

Tommy howled and sobbed tossing his tiny, pudgy hand back to cover as much of his burning bottom as he could.

"OOWWWYYYYYY No more!!" He exclaimed.

Arthur simply gathered the boy's hand and pinned it to the small of his back. He then landed four hard swats to the child's thighs. "You will not interfere with your punishment!"

Tommy kicked his legs, the spanks to his vulnerable little thighs really hurt and his sobs intensified.

Arthur paused and waited for Tommy's sobs to slow a little. He felt vaguely nauseous at how hard he had, had to spank the boy. Logically he knew this was Voldamort and a hard spanking was the least he deserved but he was also just a four year old little boy, he had never spanked any of his children this hard at any age let alone when they were only four and part of him could not reconcile with it.

He also knew that he didn't really have a choice in these spankings or how hard to make them, Dumbledore had told him how it had to be, even going as far as to transfigure a pillow into a rather life like little boy and demonstrate how one of the spankings were supposed to be, but not having a choice in the matter didn't make it any easier.

Heaving a great sigh he took out his wand and conjured a slipper. He tapped it lightly to the boy's flaming bottom.

"Nooo!!! Nooo!!! No moreeeeee." Tommy cried, his bottom was on fire and the man wanted to spank him with the slipper? And they called him evil??!!

"Tommy, this is for drawing on the walls, we do not do that here!" Arthur said as he landed the first terrific SMACK!

With a loud sob, Tommy bucked so hard he nearly fell off of Arthur's lap. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He howled he was not going to beg there was no way!!! Ordering him to stop yes that was the only way to go.

Arthur steadied his hold on the boy and steeled himself to continue on. He landed the last nine on Tommy's tender little sit spot. The slipper curved and wrapped itself around the entire under curve of the tiny tush that it spanked, it left no inch of the sit spot untouched and by the time the last one landed in the same exact spot the skin was an angry scarlet color that made Arthur feel as if he was going to sick up, he could not help but feel as if this crossed the line into abuse, he had to remind himself that this little sobbing little boy over his lap was Lord Voldemort, in order to keep his dinner down.

Tommy screamed and sobbed, he had to stop he just had to, he would never sit again "Pleaseeee!!" He wailed out finally, broken. It had been a very hard spanking especially for one so young. The slipper hitting the same spot over and over again especially that particular spot was too much and he couldn't help the 'please' that had escaped his mouth, no one could have, he assured himself. It cushioned the blow to his ego if only just a little bit.

When Arthur finished he banished the slipper. He then began rubbing the sobbing boy's back. "Shhh... It's all over now." He said gently.

Tommy was angry, angry at himself for having so little control over his reactions, his emotions, his tears, angry over his situation, angry at the world for not seeing things the way he saw them and for condemning him for seeing things differently, angry at Arthur for walloping his arse so bloody hard and angry that being so young it had hurt so very bad, so much more then it should have. So very angry just so very, very angry and so he did what any four year old would do and sobbed. He sobbed in pain and anguish, the physical pain of his bum that would no longer be able to be used as it was intended because he would never be able to sit again, the pain at knowing this was just the beginning the first day of at least six months of daily spankings, and though he had never liked to admit he was weak, without his magic he was indeed weak and that revelation settling in on him like a lead weight in his stomach.

He took a deep breath and tried to stop his sobs, he had, had to play roles before, like back at Hogwarts when he had to play a concerned student when the nuisance Murtle had killed because he had let the basilisk out of the chambers, he had been given an award then for his heroics, though it really should have been an Oscar. Sure Dumbledore had seen through him but he was hoping not to have the meddling old fool hanging around too much and these people would be much easier to fool he was sure, so all he had to do was attempt to play the role of the normal four year old... He could do that, he was a smart man... boy... toddler, what ever he was.

He could read people well enough and he knew that his new 'parents' would react rather well to a normal four year old boy and he could have them wrapped around his little finger almost effortlessly.

With that thought in mind he felt much more in control, he knew enough from his time in the orphanage how children were supposed to react and he had tried for a long time to mimic them and it had worked at letting him blend in till he was about six and his first bout of accidental magic went off at that point his cover had been blown, however that would not be a problem now and he was sure he could pull it off.

The plotting oddly enough calmed him and he was able to at least get his sobs under control though his bum still hurt so bad so he could not make the tears stop however now that he had a course of action it made the pain a bit easier to take.

With a sigh, Arthur righted the boy on his lap and pulled him into a stiff embrace. He really didn't want to, but the point of the whole thing was to offer a loving family environment as well as loving discipline. Albus had made it clear that Tommy wasn't only to be harshly disciplined, but needed to be loved. Well, Arthur would have to work on the last part, when he thought of Tommy, all he could remember were the atrocities that he had committed. He looked down at the small crying boy, and he could not reconcile the two conflicting images of the innocent looking four year old, and the evil dark lord. The boy's tears moved him in a way it would any father, he started to relax into the embrace before remembering that this was Voldemort.

Tommy stiffened in the mans arms, not only was he not used to conferring human contact but he could feel how forced and ingenuine it was and that made it all worse. Why was the man hugging him when it was so apparent he didn't want to be? Part of him felt hurt even if he couldn't understand why, it wasn't any different then what he had experienced when he was a child the first time, no one wanted to hug him then either, and Lord Voldemort didn't need anyone to hug him, right? He blamed the feelings on the potions Dumbledore had fed him to make him feel and act more child like.

Arthur realised that the moment had become awkward for both of them and so he stood the boy up, and helped him with his clothes.

Tommy was still crying quietly and trying to hide it but his clothing coming back over his burning bum made him whimper. Both little hands balled into fists and came up to rub at red rimmed wet eyes as he stood there unsure what to do now and hating that uncertainty, it had been so long since he had been the one taking the orders instead of giving them.

"Let's get you into bed." Arthur said with gentleness that surprised himself. He kept forgetting that this was the dark Lord Voldemort, to his eyes he could only see the four year old Tommy at this moment.

He led the boy over to the bed and after the boy was situated on his stomach, he tucked him in.

"Good night, Tommy." Arthur said as he dimmed the lights and closed the door.

Tommy snuggled down into the bed, it was comfortable and he was so tired, tired and so very sore but he didn't want to sleep, his mind was racing to much to sleep, but at the same time he wanted this man to leave and so he closed his eyes and faked slumber.

When Arthur left the room thinking the boy out for the night, Tommy opened his eyes. He let out a loud sniffle and rubbed at his sore bottom in a futile attempt to alleviate some of the sting there. Rubbing his eyes again to clear them of the infuriating tears, his eyes came to settle on something, not so far away on the floor. He had not cleaned up the toys he had tossed about when looking for the crayons and there settled a few inches away from the bed was a stuffed kneasle, grumbling again about those damn emotional regression spells Tommy threw the blankets back from his small body and slid from the bed and as quietly as he could he padded over to were the stuffed toy lay and grabbed it up before scurrying back to the bed and crawling back in, plush kneasle held tightly in his arms.

Snuggling back down into the bed, the stuffed toy, held tightly to his chest, making him feel not quiet so alone and miserable, he fell asleep.